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  1. Moore’s explanation for the idea, frankly, is better than the execution.
  2. The good elements of season three--and there are quite a few--may allow the show to rise above and/or excise the weak elements and return to top form by mid-season. We’ll just have to see.
  3. The Big C gets an "E" for admirable effort but still feels like a squandered opportunity. Given the chance to explore what truly matters in life, the show ultimately provides little more than a showcase for a terrific actress, while treating death like the next slightly zany frontier.
  4. Shepherded along by “Bones’” Hart Hanson, this is the sort of meat-and-potatoes drama that doesn’t feel distinctive enough to do much more than tread water on Fox, even with “American Idol’s” kick-start.
  5. While there are creepy moments--and the show continues to peel away the layers of what makes a monster while questioning whether its protagonist truly is one --Dexter remains well short of the operatic highs it reached in previous cat-and-mouse games between the protag and well-matched foes.
  6. As guilty pleasures go, this one certainly doesn’t lack for moments at which to hoot.
    • 70 Metascore
    • 50 Critic Score
    This first episode scores on most accounts ... But as show progresses, the first-meeting euphoria of the racially and morally diverse contingent gives way to the ubiquitous whining and bickering. [23 Jun 1994]
    • Variety
  7. Series creators Greg Daniels and Michael Schur provide the show with moments of dry wit, and Poehler certainly has acting oblivious down to a wide-eyed science. Yet there's no escaping that this feels like "Office Lite," thrown together as a vehicle for the star rather than out of any grand inspiration.
  8. The show doesn't feel authentic enough to be convincing, nor silly enough to rise to the level of worthwhile sitcom.
  9. It's just that we've seen this movie (or rather, reality-TV show) before, dozens of times, in more glamorous settings. And having each half-hour (two will air back to back) conclude with an auction doesn't really foster much suspense.
  10. The whole melting pot of European coppers swapping insults is a rather stale twist on an old formula. That’s not to say Lines is without its merits, starting with Fichtner.
  11. Cinema Verite harbors some merit, and is worth seeing if only for Lane. That said, it's a disappointingly shallow treatment considering the wealth of potential within the premise and period.
  12. Nothing here is especially hot, perhaps, but compared with the best period dramas currently on TV, it is pretty pallid.
  13. The series has assembled a promising cast, including Perrineau, Goldberg and Terry Kinney as the unit's snarling captain. In addition, there are vague hints at more sober storylines to come--if, thus far, little reason to emotionally invest in them.
  14. The new season’s highlights feel more scattershot, and the plot offers less urgency.
  15. After one episode of Grandfathered, it’s easy to feel like you’ve seen the first three seasons, especially if Jimmy is going to constantly be presented choices between bedding desirable women and looking after the moppet who has fallen into his lap.
  16. To their credit, the producers do keep things interesting, for the most part without resorting to the cheap tricks that have characterized the vastly overrated “American Horror Story.” Nevertheless, the premise becomes its own creative prison, fostering a hurry-up-and-wait attitude as the story metes out its examples of the things that make this duo, well, different.
  17. Despite clever and uncomfortable moments, Ladies falls short of the pay-TV plateau.
  18. Jones’ attempts to replicate the history of “The Basement Tapes” falls flat.... That’s too bad, since there’s a lot to savor here, even for those who can’t name more than a few of Dylan’s signature songs.
  19. It’s hard not to see Episodes as a pretty good metaphor for what show-within-the-show “Pucks” is: A TV series that starts with high hopes and the promise of doing something a little different and--despite the latitude, in this case, afforded by its premium venue--winds up just settling for more of the same.
  20. Aside from the fact spying and parenting don't mix, though, there's nothing fresh about Missing.
  21. Ultimately, though, the story boils down to its central love triangle, with the sides stretching out a little too long as viewers wait for Tietjens to return home and choose whether to pursue happiness and risk public humiliation, or remain in his shattered and unhappy marriage.
  22. While the story does capture a sense of the times--and provides intriguing glimpses into the Manhattan of 160 years ago--as constructed, this can't help but feel like "Deadwood" lite.
  23. Like all Hallmark movies, the premise is constructed in such a way that you can see every beat telegraphed (or in this case, pre-addressed) well in advance, which serves to both make viewers feel smart and wrap them in a warm blanket of familiarity.
  24. In part, the series feels handcuffed by its format, having chosen to work at being funny and still address the sense of loss the women face. So the narrative keeps playing off the disconnection between Frankie as the meditating Earth goddess and Grace as the buttoned-up WASP, with the familiar and emotional theme of two disparate people united through grief offset by predictable one-liners and showier interludes.
  25. Jon Harmon Feldman’s naughty script doesn’t develop much chemistry among the guys.
  26. The action, not surprisingly, picks up considerably on the third and final night, with the full-scale outbreak of hostilities. Yet while those sequences are mounted with scope and considerable grit (seeking to preserve a lot of dead presidents, the project was shot in Romania), the exaggerated sense of drama--including the aforementioned and repeated use of slow mo--grows a bit tedious
  27. Even if you’re skeptical about the carefully massaged drama, it’s hard not to admire a single show so meticulously accessorized with that many commercial points of entry.
  28. Finding Carter isn’t bad, necessarily, but nor does anything about it really cry out to be found.
  29. While The Taste certainly works hard to foster a sense of excitement and tickle the palate, this appetizer feels like just the latest half-baked competition idea that doesn't deliver.

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