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  1. If the underlying formula is as old as “Dark Shadows,” there’s still a need for more narrative momentum than the 13-episode series initially delivers.
  2. With a concept and general feeling this tired, when it comes to forging any lasting bonds, Family will likely discover water is thicker than blood.
  3. Instead of mining the opportunity to expand its view of a meaty topic, Newlyweds falls back on the sort of bad habits that can ruin a relationship (made-for-TV or otherwise), and far from being fabulous in its design, has instead recycled Bravo’s same old pattern.
  4. For anyone engaged in this discussion, merely capturing how the Constitution remains relevant can’t help but feel a trifle wishy-washy and simplistic.
  5. Lehman’s character is allowed to exhibit a bit of a personal life, but for the most part the series doesn’t stray far from its criminal motif. Nor do other members of the squad have enough material to register beyond a blip.
  6. Beyond the central duo’s initially sparsely connected threads and the splendid addition of Peter Sarsgaard as Ray Seward, a hollow-eyed Death Row inmate, much of the narrative meanders--so slow, bleak and dreary, it’s difficult to muster much interest as to when (inevitably) it’s all going to begin to intersect.
  7. Forgive TNT for returning to the ampersand well (following “Rizzoli & Isles” and “Franklin & Bash”), but creatively speaking, this is all fairly stale & mediocre.
    • 53 Metascore
    • 40 Critic Score
    Has a heart of gold, but ends up delivering no big laughs and leaving no lasting impressions. [6 Oct 2000, p.24]
  8. Any guilty-pleasure potential is spoiled by the unsettling aftertaste of a real person losing his life to make the movie possible.
    • 66 Metascore
    • 40 Critic Score
    Fahey could turn into an appealing lead if given more opportunity to loosen up. [1 Feb 1995]
  9. Ultimately, one needn’t be a purveyor of snark to view The Newsroom as a disappointment--too smart to be dismissed, but so abrasive as to feel like Media Lectures for Dummies.
  10. Unfortunately, Allison is such a passive heroine that it's hard to get too involved with her, and Arquette doesn't bring much life to the role. Moreover, the episodes made available are virtually devoid of supporting players or any workplace tension to augment her relatively staid (by TV standards, anyway) home life. [3 Jan 2005]
  11. As a director, Nigel Lythgoe works the judge's reaction shots, often forgetting wallflowers enjoy watching the dancers, not other wallflowers. [22 Jul 2005]
  12. There’s still a distinction to be drawn between “light” and “weightless,” which is roughly where this new show registers--in part because the Olivia-Jack relationship is the only aspect with any resonance.
  13. All told, the gags are as indistinguishable from a dozen other cable or Web shows as the generic look is.
  14. Visually uninspired and stiffly animated, the show indulges in lots of talk and little action.
  15. Funny in parts, overlong and out of steam in some taped bits and generally very inside in the humor department. Late night's a good spot for it, but the push for cult appeal in this six-seg series feels forced. [20 Feb 2003, p.10]
    • 47 Metascore
    • 40 Critic Score
    What you get for the most part is a "thirtysomething" minus the years, the wit, the plot complexities and the rapport between ensemble members. [8 July 1992]
  16. There’s precious little in the two-part premiere to suggest much room for growth, creatively or ratings-wise, in season two.
  17. As fertile as the mid-1980s are for comedy, however, the pilot is too often grating--with a little of Garlin, in particular, going a long way.
  18. For a show like this to work, ultimately, the characters have to take hold and be able to move viewers beyond the initial set-up. But if the pilot is any indication, these folks don’t fill the bill.
  19. It’s all so tired and warmed over that the show feels like it’s stuck in a rut almost from the get-go, which doesn’t bode well for it either commercially or creatively.
  20. While Wilson’s boisterous personality can’t help but occasionally charm, the material is relatively slight, and having now seen two stabs at establishing the central trio, one fears the idea bank isn’t nearly as deep as it should be.
  21. There’s too much talent involved to write off The Millers completely, but it’s one of those pilots only a mother--or at least, close friends and family--could genuinely love.
  22. The heavy-handed dialogue, courtesy of series creator Julie Plec and Michael Narducci, doesn’t deliver much bite.
  23. Tomorrow People simply feels too much like a knockoff of more familiar genetic superhumans.
  24. All told, the series--handsomely shot in Ireland--represents what amounts to a sleight-of-hand act--an attempt by CW to look like it’s trying something different while really just churning out more of the same, albeit with more splendid settings and ornate costumes.
  25. Urban is perfectly fine as this futuristic Dirty Harry, but Ealy never hits anything approximating a rhythm as his eager-to-please partner. Then again, neither is helped much by the tin-eared dialogue.
  26. While one might charitably chalk it up to a slightly British sensibility, like too many of pay cable’s current batch of half-hours, whatever humor graces these hallways is so dry it’s questionable whether “comedy” is the proper classification.
  27. There are a few amusing lines in the multiple episodes previewed.... Yet while the series ostensibly appears compatible with its lead-in “Archer,” there’s an art to being aggressively obnoxious, and other than pushing the boundaries of young-male-oriented animation, the similarity pretty well ends there.

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