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8,550 movie reviews
  1. As generic in every aspect as Brian De Palma's original was inventive.
  2. Represents a passable follow-up to the venerable Peter Pan story and mercifully, at 72 minutes, is exactly half the length of the last attempt at same, Steven Spielberg's lamentable "Hook."
    • 63 Metascore
    • 40 Critic Score
    Wilder, usually a director of considerable flair and inventiveness (if not always impeccable taste), has not been able this time out to rise above a basically vulgar, as well as creatively delinquent, screenplay, and he has got at best only plodding help from two of his principals, Dean Martin and Kim Novak.
  3. Small but delightful tale about a dyed-in-the-wool spieler who develops a soft spot for a blind girl dumped in his care.
  4. Some viewers may feel as though, instead of watching a feature, they're paging through a book of rough sketches by a deranged Disney alumnus.
    • 86 Metascore
    • 40 Critic Score
    A major achievement in cinematography and special effects, 2001 lacks dramatic appeal and only conveys suspense after the halfway mark; Kubrick must receive all the praise - and take all the blame.
  5. Despite its intelligence and a great, funny concept for a movie, this "Picnic" never gets past the appetizers; pic lacks the development needed for a full-length feature and, following a hilarious opening sequence, it becomes tiresomely one-note.
  6. Has a quasi-verite, improvisational feel that appears truthful. But it doesn't lend much sympathy, or depth, to characters who never seem worth knowing.
  7. No mere crime drama, but rather the latest in the recent resurgence of independently financed, spiritually themed pics that seek to couch religious dogma within the shells of B-grade genre entertainment.
  8. A classically low-tech monster mash.
  9. Though intermittently engaging and decently acted, the movie suffers from a repetitive format, with too many shifts in time that prove disruptive.
  10. Ultimately a mess of diverse ingredients that sorely could have used a rigorous screening process to eliminate all the chaff.
  11. An unsatisfying supernatural thriller with an effectively unsettling build-up and a frustratingly muddled pay-off.
  12. Are We There Yet? traps the affable Ice Cube in a dismal kiddy slapstick saga that even his considerable charisma can do little to enhance.
  13. A routine haunted child psychothriller gussied up with A-list casting.
    • 24 Metascore
    • 40 Critic Score
    With its uneven mix of comedy, melodrama and action, pic will need all the help Shaq's name and a rap soundtrack can provide.
  14. An intriguingly racy premise -- plays out to listless, unsatisfying effect.
  15. Fiction writer and debuting helmer Mary Kuryla is clearly after a Big Statement on abuse and strength of character, but falls short by creating a self-destructive monster in lieu of a sympathetic protagonist.
  16. Meant to be an offbeat, darkly comic tale of a triangle of losers desperately clinging to their versions of the American dream, pic comes across as a charmless high-concept indie.
  17. There are a few bursts of sheer, irresistible idiocy -- along the lines of "Wayne's World" or even "Pee-wee's Big Adventure"-- but not enough to sustain the more arid stretches.
  18. Except for Eisenberg's superb comic timing and his ability to make the familiar seem interesting, the high school scenes play like "Scream" outtakes.
  19. Del Toro clearly knows his way around the camera, but the shadowy eeriness that saturates the early going slowly becomes monotonous and winds up being just dull, and even partially obscures the action in the long underground finale.
  20. A movie as lacking in personality as its amnesiac protagonist.
  21. If auds swallow this odoriferous exercise in calculated career repositioning, they'll swallow anything.
  22. An unquestionably sincere but dramatically stillborn outing by veteran John Boorman.
  23. This black comedy on the making of a documentary about mail-order wives finally breaks down under the weight of its twists and turns, but mostly maintains a creepy fascination with its scuzzy characters.
  24. But behind its slick veneer and the glibness of its preposterous premise and dark twists, there's a yawning absence of charm or substance in this London-set love triangle, as well as a lack of chemistry between its three leads.
  25. If only as much thought went into the script for this listless comedy as its marketing calculus.
  26. The live event was hopefully more engaging than this dull adaptation.
  27. Rude, heavily contrived, pretty funny, just remotely connected to real-world youth life.

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