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  1. Only real payoff is seeing the monstrosity assembled, and though that will surely earn the Dutch writer-director a cult reputation on the genre circuit, "going there" does not a movie make.
  2. Juggles three separate time periods -- and is completely formulaic in each one.
  3. A consistently silly, occasionally funny but mostly forced account of how a mild-mannered teacher from Connecticut unwittingly triggered the Bay of Pigs fiasco.
  4. A preposterously bad, grade-Z adventure yarn.
  5. A clunky and cheesy disaster.
  6. Some of the filmmaker's keen intelligence remains on display, but only in fractured and often obscure form, and pic overall gives the impression of a giant expurgation of negative feelings about things in general rather than a carefully articulated brief on recognizable subjects.
  7. Opting for dutiful, reverent beatification over flesh-and-blood characterizations (or insights), the film is merely a clunky primer on how poor storytelling can make even the grandest of figures seem small.
  8. If romance-seeking audiences know what’s best for them, they’ll put some space between themselves and this movie.
  9. An odd case of filmmaking with a crystal-clear subject but no guiding dramatic premise.
  10. At once annoyingly hyper and underwhelmingly dull.
  11. A risible slab of Detroit gothic that marks an altogether inauspicious writing-directing debut for Ryan Gosling.
  12. Even a premise this stupidly contrived stands a fair chance of working if there are a few decent yuks to be had, but absent any such inspiration, We’re the Millers falls back on the sort of lazy but desperate, sexually fixated non sequiturs that have become de rigueur in studio comedies, jabbing repeatedly at the human groin in hopes of eventually hitting something funny.
  13. Much like a botched souffle that fails to rise, Simply Irresistible is a bland confection that remains doggedly earthbound while attempting flights of romantic fantasy.
  14. This is the sort of numbskull non-entertainment that considers it worthwhile to fly in a martial-arts superstar like Jet Li and have him sit around firing a machine gun, pausing every so often to deliver the most awkward line readings of his career.
  15. Amateurish, half-hearted romantic comedy-cum-heist film twists itself into unconvincing knots to pull off a guilt-free bank robbery.
  16. A terminally lame puberty comedy.
  17. [A] ponderously paced, needlessly convoluted and altogether unexceptional thriller.
  18. It’s certainly likely to be among the worst movies in wide release this year, but it’s far from the most hateable, and that should count for something.
  19. A few minutes of good snowboarding footage -- all in the first reel, alas -- after which it's strictly downhill, bunny-slope style.
  20. This risibly long-winded drama is perhaps above all a profound cultural insult, milking the lush green scenery of Japan’s famous Aokigahara forest for all it’s worth, while giving co-lead Ken Watanabe little to do other than moan in agony, mutter cryptically, and generally try to act as though McConaughey’s every word isn’t boring him (pardon the expression) to death.
  21. Amel’s script is agonizingly airless and contrived
  22. In outer space, no one can hear you scream -- of boredom.
    • 51 Metascore
    • 20 Critic Score
    Like a standup comic pouring 'flopsweat', this ill-conceived comedy about an infant whose thoughts are given voice by actor Bruce Willis palpitates with desperation.
  23. Seldom has a pic been more appropriately titled than Disaster Movie, yet another frantically unfunny free-form farce.
  24. A new low for found-footage films, Lucky Bastard uses a porno shoot as the stage for a thriller with little mystery and lots of pointless moralizing.
  25. It's a timely, noble undertaking ill-served by a dry, history-textbook style that is at once too much and not enough.
  26. Rates a notch below the KISS-centric "Detroit Rock City" and a couple above Jerry Springer's "Ringmaster" -- in other words, closer to stupid-fun than stupid-toxic.
  27. Emerges as a formulaic thriller that plays more like direct-to-video fare than a megaplex-worthy feature.
  28. Loosely plotted and wildly uneven farce.
  29. This small-scale, chamber piece, which boasts good acting from Moore, Skarsgard and Fichtner, has a strong built-in appeal for women but may experience harder times in going beyond the specialized arthouse circuits due to the narrowly-scoped, undernourished script.

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