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  1. A send-up of a communal project made of vague goals and empty postures that is ultimately indistinguishable from its target.
  2. Leopold's movie is superbly shot and restrained, but not economical; the brooding and introversions profitlessly pad out what might've been a leveling featurette.
  3. Boy
    The abundant charm of first-time actor James Rolleston, playing the 11-year-old of the title in Boy, doesn't quite save the aimless, nostalgia-woozy second feature from Taika Waititi (2007's Eagle vs. Shark).
  4. The Motel, Michael Kang's modest Sundance applause reaper, doesn't deserve to be shotgunned for the sins of 30 other movies. But the underwhelming syncopation of make-nice clichés is too familiar.
  5. The possible hereditary nature of suicide in general and of the seven known Hemingway suicides in particular is lazily poked at; decades of research go unmentioned and unexplored.
  6. The cast has spirit, but the dialogue and situations are phonier than the Yule log on TV.
  7. Since "The Thin Blue Line's" remarkable intervention, Morris's work has grown more public and more problematic--lofty yet snide, a form of know-it-all epistemological inquiry.
  8. [A] well-intentioned but terribly clunky film.
  9. With topical revenge fantasies already available (Dogville, the Kill Bills) and with Roy Scheider on hand as a gun-loving paterfamilias, The Punisher mismanages its greatest asset: an unusual embarrassment of camp riches.
  10. Earnest and misguided in equal measure, The Theory of Flightis ostensibly a bold and rare attempt at depicting disabled people as sexual beings, but the notion is couched in such spurious and schematic terms that the film never really stands a chance.
    • 45 Metascore
    • 40 Reviewed by
      Ed Park
    More fun to listen to than watch -- though this still leaves the problem of dialogue.
  11. Hardly works up a decent belly laugh before its characters are happily pairing off with whomever they desire most. The film is like skipping the orgasm and going straight for the cigarette.
    • 48 Metascore
    • 40 Critic Score
    Neither particularly romantic nor especially funny.
  12. It's a shame that, somewhere in his mystagogical handstanding, Fresnadillo forgot the real world.
  13. Par for the course in blowout CGI adaptations, a great deal of detail and bustle is gained at the expense of charm - for all the miracles these armies of animators can achieve, they have yet to successfully reproduce a humble artist's line.
  14. With some focus and critical perspective, The Source Family might have documented more than a spectacle of its time.
    • 59 Metascore
    • 40 Critic Score
    Perhaps Pearl Jam's arc too closely resembles Crowe's own, and he can't see what's so uniquely poignant about dimmed but enduring stars.
  15. Directors Jason Sussberg and David Alvarado present a study of two eccentrics without pushing too hard against their premise.
  16. Mostly, its unearned funnier-than-thou smugness plays like a DIY dorm-lounge homage.
  17. It should be mentioned that Garriott's father, Owen, was himself a Skylab astronaut, a fact of which much is made - but that only more obviously shows Man on a Mission for what it is: a puffed-up home movie.
  18. An overemphatic, would-be wacky, ultimately tedious sex farce.
  19. Undercut by uninspired direction, car-commercial art direction, and a lack of grit that makes the hidebound nature of the genre stand out like an episode of "Matlock" on HBO.
  20. Wang mistakes affectless storytelling and character conception for rigor, and as a result huge portions of Beijing Bicycle are dull and repetitive.
    • 66 Metascore
    • 40 Reviewed by
      Ed Park
    As hackneyed as they come, but the overall mood is less cynical than affectionate.
  21. A vanity project riding the waves of a socio-political moment, Two confirms just as many stereotypes as it attempts to dismantle.
  22. Saddled with an improbable plotline and an incoherent character, Garity demurs on the invitation to overact.
  23. At first, Hoffman appears to be juxtaposing the savoir faire and genuine deprivation of the Depression society with the spoiled, consumption-crazed world we have now, but then he merely lapses into a vague Occupy-ish indictment of the 1 percent and the collapse of community as a cultural foundation.
  24. What's more disappointing is how filthy Invincible is with missed opportunities for Herzog to be Herzog.
  25. Far better as a family drama than as a gangster picture, the film's muddled attempt at marrying the two distracts from its emotional center.
  26. Bad Milo! meets your expectations right where you left them.

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