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      Ed Park
    Though The Sea (and the sea) wants to capture some elemental, unruly truths, it's ultimately an over-lacquered jidai-geki curio, something for the appendix of the next book on Kurosawa.
  1. The meeting itself is genial but sparkless, with an air of artifice.
  2. Swaddled in the posh vulgarity that passes for awards-season elegance, Memoirs is deluxe orientalist kitsch, a would-be cross between "Showgirls" and "Raise the Red Lantern," too dumb to cause offense though falling short of the oblivious abandon that could have vaulted it into high camp.
  3. The story is unnecessarily muddled and confusing in the telling, and the athletically gifted Yen is overshadowed by largely mediocre CGI effects. Revisit the original instead.
  4. Director Wayne Kramer (Running Scared, Crossing Over) makes plain his cartoon-comedy intentions early and often via comic-book-panel-style title cards. The presiding atmosphere of over-the-top zaniness, however, is of a broad, banal sort involving little people, rampant nudity, and quasi-religious nonsense.
  5. A clumsy graft of Chekhovian high dudgeon and harsh, Albee-esque psychological realism that probably worked better onstage.
    • 40 Metascore
    • 30 Critic Score
    Worthington wouldn't know how to behave if the film were a comedy; and poor Banks, after a promising, "Young Adult"–style introduction, isn't allowed to goose the script or push beyond the glass ceiling of her character.
  6. Vlahakis's tale should be compelling, but a weak script and mostly dull performances (one exception: Billy Zane . . . I know!) make A Green Story more monotonous than mythic.
    • 27 Metascore
    • 30 Critic Score
    You spend a lot of time wondering, "Better or worse than Glitter?" You think if the projectionist cranked the volume a little you could actually sort of get into this.
  7. A tediously childish exhibition.
  8. Really, any wit at all would have helped balance the playful but crass butt-seeking money shots.
    • 25 Metascore
    • 30 Critic Score
    A blockhead espionage thriller from director-for-hire John Singleton.
  9. Only a true fanatical follower of the "freak folk" musical scene with a high tolerance for artless verité camerawork will find much merit in Kevin Barker's extended home video.
  10. The enjoyable moments are limited to Alison Brie, funny as Sidney's publicist, and the final recasting of the movie as a backstage diva drama. As ever, the self-reflexive horror stuff is superficial, loveless, and constant-a ladled-on sauce to disguise what you're eating.
    • 33 Metascore
    • 30 Critic Score
    A bonkers tragicomedy that blandly mocks the red-state family-values charade.
  11. Beautifully shot and littered with disquieting character business, the film is hog-tied by its own bad Big Idea.
    • 51 Metascore
    • 30 Critic Score
    Writer-director Chris Kennedy delights in torturing his poor protagonist--what are the odds that a massive Aussie line dancers' convention would take place in the abandoned train yard right across the street from his jail?--but enduring this oddly humorless "comedy" is even harder on the audience.
  12. A sprawling mess of multiple romantic triangles in which all the angles are obtuse.
  13. A movie that's two-thirds flashback (and could have been called "Ex, Ex, Ex, Why?").
  14. Now and again some pungent writing leaks through to poke fun at the excruciating banality of guru wisdom. But mostly it’s dreary dick jokes and elephant poop, slack directing by Marco Schnabel, and, of all fatal errors, Mike Myers, shooting for cuddly.
  15. The scenario eventually becomes so coincidence-choked that the filmmakers have no choice but to play it for mild snickers.
  16. Cube is still adorable, but the potentially poppin' battle between the shop and big-box competitor Nappy Cuts gets obscured by sloppy chronology and flat, cartoonish politicos.
  17. Reeves is able to make such potentially silly material as this strangely compelling, but his hard work is ultimately a drop in an otherwise empty bucket.
  18. The incessant tumult drowns out any real message for the kids - or pleasure for their parents. It's a film so obnoxiously frantic that its most restrained element is a banjo-strumming elementary school teacher played by none other than '90s tween-mugging icon Jaleel "Urkel" White.
  19. A cinematic event. It's not every day, after all, that you get to see two great American traditions - guitar/bass/drums rock music and Tin Pan Alley musical theater - so thoroughly, mutually degraded.
  20. Like Amélie's scrubbed-up "City of Lights," Paris 36 is an antiseptic arthouse trifle, so eager to soothe that it only numbs.
  21. The film is a burdensome two hours.
  22. A decked-out mediocrity with a high-octane cast.
  23. The director knows how to apply textural gloss, but his portrait of sex-as-war is strictly sitcom.
  24. Maudlin and mirthless, it's a film misbegotten enough to almost make one hate Christmas.

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