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  1. The pseudo-progressivism inherent in Himmatwala, an action-comedy remake of the 1983 Bollywood action-drama of the same name, makes toxic camp of otherwise meaningless kitsch.
  2. Apparently fallen victim to the transparent damage-control tactics of studios in possession of perceived stinkers.
  3. Bloated loquaciousness, damp self-absorption, and defensive reflexiveness on display here.
  4. Grows increasingly slack and silly.
  5. The jerry-rigged result is a trite espionage thriller without the thrills but with a lingering measure of nausea.
    • 22 Metascore
    • 20 Critic Score
    The results are neither profound nor funny, but merely uncomfortable. A hubristic failure at risky humor, The Tiger and the Snow provides Benigni his own Michael Richards moment.
  6. Another mystery that gives up its secrets all too quickly, Till Human Voices Wake Us is named for a T.S. Eliot line -- and it proves a woefully evocative title for this snoozy supernatural pastoral.
  7. By the Gun is a gangster film wholly devoid of suspense, atmosphere, or grit.
  8. Coming off a memorable supporting turn in Starsky & Hutch, Snoop Dogg is sadly underutilized as the stoner pilot.
  9. The writer's most successful works--"The Three Burials of Melquiades Estrada" and "Amores Perros"--were bolstered by directors who brought genuine emotion to the screen, but The Burning Plain marks Arriaga's behind-the-camera debut, and his obviousness is staggering.
    • 1 Metascore
    • 20 Critic Score
    Not Cool is a cautionary tale of how being able to make videos that go viral does not necessarily make someone a filmmaker.
    • 35 Metascore
    • 20 Reviewed by
      Ed Park
    "X is to Y, as this shit is to boring."
  10. It might be asking too much for The Diabolical to fully live up to its cheesy-ominous title, but the sheer unadulterated inanity of these proceedings suggests that it'll soon be teleported to the far corners of the B-movie streaming-video abyss.
  11. Still, the vibrantly shot Lucky Star could have been a mildly entertaining bit of escapism, were it not for the fact that Sophie isn't naïve so much as infantile, a point driven home by her wardrobe.
  12. Incapable of energizing Mark Poirier's leaden script (based on his own novel), Christopher Neil directs with a mechanical blandness made more tedious still by a score of gentle guitar strumming so aggravatingly benign it might inspire you to partake in one of Wendy's climactic, cathartic primal screams.
    • 40 Metascore
    • 20 Critic Score
    Every alkie downward-spiral cliché from "The Lost Weekend" to "Leaving Las Vegas."
  13. The smash-and-crash chase scenes are numbingly dull.
  14. It's hard to despise a movie with the balls to posit that its Blair-look-alike PM has been brainwashed by a corrupt CIA operative, but Banks 2 is really pretty hateful.
  15. When Commitment isn't a perfectly forgettable action film, it's either an oil-thin melodrama or a charbroiled treat for meatheads.
  16. In its execution, the film becomes a cascading-failure scenario that proceeds from Soumah's intention to bait-and-switch the audience, coupled with a lot of suboptimal acting and amateurish editing choices.
  17. The film's clumsy script elicits groans, but it's the plot that infuriates.
  18. Despite more betrayal and loyalty than a Chris Carabba box set, there's no real good or evil here.
  19. That in such a miserable film I could still care whether his character lived or died is, perhaps, the greatest proof that Chow Yun Fat's a movie star.
  20. Indifferently written, passably acted, resourcefully shot in video with enlivening splashes of local color.
    • 41 Metascore
    • 20 Critic Score
    Holy Man's traipse through the wilds of consumerism and higher purpose must have seemed like a chance for the proverbial stretch, but not even Eddie can save this ill-conceived mess of a movie.
  21. Strangely, there's no thrust and parry to this potentially heavyweight mind game. The effect is more like a tennis match in which every feebly contested point ends with an unforced error.
  22. Professional obligations required that I endure it, but there's no reason why you should.
  23. The would-be cult classic Don't Ask Don't Tell may be a "refried film," but that's no excuse for stale jokes.
  24. Allen attempts to build a sense of mounting anxiety via the increasing suspicions of a tenacious insurance investigator, unexpected testimony from eyewitnesses, and Lena's squirrelly behavior, but pop star Jonas is incapable of making simple facial expressions, let alone evincing existential dread.
  25. it's overstuffed, undercooked, and needlessly complicated.

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