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  1. It's a bit old-fashioned, which in today's TV universe makes it seem light and fresh--like the entrancing Ms. Applegate herself.
  2. If Welcome to the Captain can sustain its tone of tender quirkiness, it may find an appreciate audience stretching from those who loved "Arrested Development" to fans of "My Name Is Earl."
  3. A suspense story enriched by its psychological dimension and three quietly compelling performances.
  4. Jokes like that ["You gonna go all 'Twilight' on me?"] and the wisecracking Sally occasionally threaten to turn Being Human into a mild, campy thing. As we get to know the characters, however, and begin to identify with their sense of loss and isolation, humor helps make what is preposterous about their situation seem real.
  5. After the stage-setting of the first two episodes, however, Looking becomes less frenetic and begins building emotional resonance.
  6. [Schwimmer's] the great strength of the series, along with Mr. Sturgess, whose Dion is a commanding portrait of endless faith in his dream, to say nothing of endless resilience. ... [A] beguiling tale whose kitchen scenes and gourmet dish preparations provide the ultimate sizzle.
  7. Making, and enjoying, a commitment to watch Showtime's new dramedy The Big C requires a deliberate decision to ignore nagging questions. Such as: Why are so many of the TV and cinematic cancer stories of the past few decades about women? And in an era when more and more of us know someone with cancer, or have experienced it directly, does that mean that we are now ready to embrace the subject as entertainment? Dwell too long on those questions, and what is good about The Big C may pass you by.
  8. The suspense is ripping, the combat violent, in its own peculiarly satisfying way.
  9. The script by Sarah Treem, the show’s co-creator with Hagai Levi, can be murky. Then again, Noah and Alison are telling their stories to a detective, apparently in the aftermath of a major event or crime. It will be a jaded viewer indeed who can resist coming back for more after the first episode ends.
  10. A spectacularly entertaining enterprise.
  11. It’s hard, after this encounter with the Muppets, to imagine any confidences from them, private or public, one wouldn’t want to hear more of.
  12. With its sharp writing and a uniformly fine cast, this show about lives in pieces is impressively, entertainingly whole.
  13. All the Durrells seem to find themselves in Corfu. Viewers will find them irresistible.
  14. Wry, smart, culturally immediate, it takes great delight, on the one hand, in skewering that vaunted sociological/real-estate phenomenon one might call Insufferable Brooklyn. On the other, it consistently mines laughs and melancholy out of a smattering of sympathetic characters drawn from the ranks of the self-absorbed, the newly arrived, the mendacious and the medicated.
  15. White Collar takes off in its own refreshing directions, with enough wit and sparkle to make the time fly by.
  16. As the series proceeds, the scheming, criminality and even bloodshed that swirl around many of these objects and their acquisition becomes a mounting weight atop Graham and Roxanna in particular. Seeing the bad karma pile on is what makes The Art of More difficult to stop watching.
  17. For their part, Messrs. Levitan and Lloyd set their ambitious sights on a rare kind of comedy, and they have, it appears, found the gold.
  18. An often engrossing attempt to explore the way needful alliances between Indians and settlers may have had a transforming, even enlightening, effect on some of the English.
  19. If the first hour is any guide, though, there will be enough action and interplay and people to feel safe around, or suspect, to keep it constantly entertaining.... So far, paying attention to all that is exciting.
  20. After only one episode on preview, it is not clear how well or long this premise can work and still be so engaging. But so far, the new series works well in every way.
  21. Ms. Fisher’s often naked honesty on the page and in person, made her beloved to her many fans, as the flow of tributes proved last week. Her mother, conversely, represented an old-style “show must go on” tenacity that got her through the Fisher-Taylor scandal with poise and class, and perhaps made her beloved to another kind of fan. Both camps will find much to move them in Bright Lights, especially the profound bond between its subjects and the obstacles that were overcome to make it last.
  22. Some viewers may be dismayed to see so much more of Brody's sulky daughter, Dana (Morgan Saylor), or put off by another Carrie meltdown. But those are minor annoyances. Overall, the new Homeland looks to be back on track in marvelous ways.
  23. Despite its fantastic nature, the story is an onion with a thousand layers, each one a satisfying mystery of its own.
  24. Of all the new shows I've watched, it's also the one I'm most eager to see again.
  25. A stellar Toby Huss portrays the hard-driving Bosworth, a commanding presence. There are more than a few of these in Halt and Catch Fire, a drama set in Texas, filmed in Georgia--and from the available evidence an immensely seductive enterprise.
  26. The casting is effective. William Miller gives Oliver the requisite vulnerability and steeliness.
  27. Five Came Back aspires to the grandness of a ’40s Hollywood production, with its star lineup, Ms. Streep’s narration, the kind of period animation that adorned Capra’s epic “Why We Fight” and Thomas Newman’s heroic music--which is a bit, shall we say, insistent. But overall, the series is much like its story: mythic, adventurous, romantic. And real.
  28. Director Rhys Thomas shows admirable restraint in not applying too much period embellishment, or letting Comrade Detective become a one-joke show. It works as drama, as well as comedy, and it seems as if putting it together might have been fun. The finished product certainly is.
  29. It is sharp comedy enriched by a cast led by Allison Janney as Bonnie, the mother in question, and Anna Faris as Christy, her daughter.
  30. The Path delivers a sharp and persuasive commentary on the needs fulfilled by faiths of this kind, on the unyielding determination of the believers to continue believing.

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