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Average Movie review score: 58
Highest review score: 100 You Can Count on Me
Lowest review score: 0 Darkness Falls
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6,843 movie reviews
  1. A good-natured but failed experiment in meeting cute -- indie-movie style.
  2. Annoying.
  3. Though Hard Candy clearly believes pedophiles should be chopped into little pieces and buried in an unmarked grave, its only purpose is exploitative. Sure, it's a cautionary tale for all those sicko wolves out there, but it's nothing more than an unabashed lurk-and-dread fest.
  4. An unsurprising, undistinguished piece of post-summer, pre-holiday detritus.
    • 68 Metascore
    • 30 Critic Score
    Director Michael Winterbottom languidly unspools the story; nothing seems to lead to anything.
  5. One overly busy (not to mention shopworn) story, which regurgitates everything from H.G. Wells's "The Island of Dr. Moreau" to the herky-jerky monsters of Ray Harryhausen to James Bond to "The Mummy."
  6. It wants us to believe that being popular and getting the cutest guy in school really is the key to happiness. Like, how totally last century is that?
  7. A vulgar attempt to revamp the undead genre by introducing computer-generated splatter and a casketful of themes from genetic tinkering to conspiracy theories.
  8. Artistically, You, Me and Dupree is a mess. Technically, it's an abomination. Spiritually, it's a void. Commercially, it'll probably be a big hit.
  9. The movie wants to trade on atmosphere more than plot, but even the atmosphere rings false.
  10. It's uninspired and insipid all the way.
  11. Gator never emerges as anything but a blatant and outspoken -- and virulently brutal -- jerk.
  12. It's just a loud, derivative grade-Z horror film of no particular distinction.
  13. Martin Lawrence is all there is to National Security. And that's about two or three points out of a possible 10
  14. Offers little in the way of originality, real excitement or even genuinely transgressive behavior.
  15. The movie's chief crime against the planet, other than the sheer wastage of time, is the trivializing of the great Freeman. This actor has such dignity and depth and humanity, he almost makes the film watchable.
  16. Adolescents are too grown-up for this blasted nonsense.
    • 61 Metascore
    • 30 Critic Score
    Surprisingly mawkish teen film.
  17. It's as pretentious and wispy as its title.
  18. Between them, Clooney and Kidman would still need a third party to work up a personality. In fairness to both, they aren't given much to work with.
  19. Attal, who resembles a young Robert De Niro, seems as addled as a director as his character is as a husband, throwing all manner of distractions onto the screen in order to divert the audience.
  20. Aside from the obviously Australian flavor to everything -- which can be entertaining at times -- there's no X factor to justify the whole exercise.
  21. Despite its intelligent agenda, swollen heart and fabulously epic surface, amounts to a didactic banality: a white guy's politically correct lesson abroad.
  22. A bad, unimaginative story posing pretentiously as the very opposite.
  23. The filmmaker drowns his trademark edgy stew of smutty humor, stiff acting and dime-store insight into human nature with a gravy of glutinous bathos, making for a singularly unpalatable dish.
  24. A piece of holiday cheese that even Harry & David wouldn't touch.
  25. A picture-book French film that's pretty and trite, rather than edgy and moving.
  26. As a comic actor, Allen's palette is limited to varying degrees of beige. He is not only boring, he's obnoxious and narcissistic. Where's the ASPCA -- the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Audiences -- when you need 'em?
  27. As Primer progresses, it just gets murkier and the experience of it more drudgelike.
  28. Gilliam does two things well: mud and trees.

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