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6,604 movie reviews
  1. Nothing is real, but at the same time, nothing is fake. Nothing is, period. You don't believe a second of it for a second, so banal and predictable is it.
  2. It's empty of ideas, which is fine, but it's also empty of heat.
  3. Lacks the spirit of the previous two, and makes all those jokes about hos and even more unmentionable subjects seem like mere splashing around in the muck.
  4. Cinematic sleeping pill.
  5. As monotonous as Muzak, and when it comes to the plot, both bewildering and trite.
  6. Even the Richard Rich-directed animation -- except for some nice but gratuitous computer-generated walking statues and dramatic ocean waves -- is not appreciably better than Saturday morning cartoons.
  7. The movie that Disney uses to explore this premise drips with so much corporate good-neighbor syrup, you might want to wear something waterproof. And Penn's performance is, at best, ripe for discussion.
  8. The movie is less than nothing special. The movie veers between pretentiousness (oh, the plight of the instant, start-up Artist) and vacuousness.
  9. We're supposed to adore Gibson's sang-froid and his toughness, but everything, a few good lines aside, is so witless and monotonous it becomes numbing.
  10. A mousy little nothing of a picture.
  11. Heaven forbid a Hollywood romantic movie have any narrative surprises.
  12. If you're looking for some good family interspecies entertainment, take the little ones to see "Stuart Little 2" again; in the meantime, you might want to crawl into your cave and sleep through this one.
  13. What saddened me, however, wasn't the silliness but recognizing the great Swedish actress Lena Olin under a lot of "Elvira, Mistress of the Dark" makeup. What a waste.
  14. Here's the best thing about Stealing Harvard: A dog bites Green in the crotch for a really long time. Priceless.
  15. Something between an indiscretion and an atrocity.
  16. It's too long, it's too dull, it's too lame.
  17. The film would be insufferable if it weren't for the total sincerity and commitment of its players.
  18. A rambling disappointment.
  19. This movie, written in crayon by James Kearns, is too dumb to come up with a way of defeating the system by using its own rules.
  20. Tries to combine humor with ghostly horror but excels at neither.
  21. In the end the movie goes nowhere a hundred movies haven't already been and tells us nothing we don't already know. It does so with so much violent energy, however, it's like four brutal years at film school crammed into an hour and a half.
    • 30 Metascore
    • 20 Critic Score
    A lightweight skating story/road-trip film, is apparently the best it can do, which is to say, not good at all.
  22. The movie covers too much ground with too little detail. It manages to be convoluted, complicated, incomprehensible and maddeningly thin all at the same time.
  23. When a burning rat is the funniest thing in your movie, I think you're in big trouble, even in Miami.
  24. Evolution is bad. How bad? Who cares? Do you ask how hot the fire is before running out of a burning building? No, you just run for safety.
  25. Feels patently inauthentic.
  26. Pfarrer's screenplay feels older than the Martian hills.
  27. Here are some of Summer School's favorite things: idiocy, illiteracy, irresponsibility, drunkenness, dumbness and debauchery. Piqued? [24 July 1987]
  28. A brain and a heart, two things that, along with a good story, believable characters and anything resembling style or flair, Pumpkin is fatally missing.
  29. A front-end collision of a romance.

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