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7457 movie reviews
  1. For all the movie’s grandiose annihilation, there also is action so absurd and emotion so saccharine that the likelihood of involuntary laughter is high.
  2. Although “G.I. Joe” is merely a movie based on Hasbro toys, the action -- the real point of all this -- feels just as lifeless.
  3. By the Sea is dazzlingly gorgeous, as are its stars. But peeling back layer upon layer of exquisite ennui reveals nothing but emptiness, sprinkled with stilted sentiments.
  4. It’s a mushy and unsuspenseful melodrama.
  5. The plot is paint by numbers, which puts pressure on the comedy to deliver. But it doesn’t.
  6. Intriguingly, Jinn makes a plea for understanding and cooperation between Muslims, Jews and Christians. Disappointingly, writer-director Ajmal Zaheer Ahmad does all too good a job burying that message within a blustering supernatural thriller.
  7. Although The Other Woman nibbles around the edges of revealing truths about relationships, it leaves most of that potential behind, instead pursuing easy, exhausted cliches about zip-less marriages, upper class suburban drudgery, cynical careerism and dumb-but-sweet blondes.
  8. Every Asian character is either a ruthless murderer or anonymous collateral damage. A lot of locals have to die, the film suggests, in order for one white family to survive.
  9. The “Insidious” franchise, after three attempts to exorcise its real demons, still can’t seem to shake what really haunts it: the ghost of B-movies past.
  10. The depiction of an always energetic and often furious Breitbart may please the man’s followers. But Marcus makes little effort to illuminate Breitbart’s character or motivation, so this high-pitched portrait ends up a little flat.
  11. There’s no doubt that Aniston deserves more roles like this one but, with luck, in less maudlin, more surprising movies.
  12. The Hateful Eight never lives up to its intriguing opening minutes and provocative premise, its wide-screen canvas wasted on a talky, claustrophobic chamber piece that descends, in due Tarantino fashion, into a mean-spirited slough of bloodshed and mayhem.
  13. The Christian-themed Where Hope Grows wears its heart on its sleeve, hawking its message of salvation through faith to anyone who’s in the market for cheesy uplift and saccharine sentiment. It’s a soft sell, to be sure, but it’s salesmanship all the same.
    • 48 Metascore
    • 37 Critic Score
    Intermittently diverting as it may be, the movie bears all the earmarks of a cobbled-together, made-by-committee product, poorly aimed at its tween-and-younger target audience in look, tone, music and story.
  14. Baby Boom is an '80s fable based on a beer ad philosophy.
  15. Cute without being especially clever, Warm Bodies is almost as pallid and as brain-dead as its zombie antihero.
  16. There ought to be no lack of firepower in telling this shameful tale. Too often, however, Bitter Harvest is guilty of overkill.
  17. At times, Unfriended really clicks — but ultimately, it’s a drag.
  18. Monster Hunt has visual appeal to spare, but the allure ends there.
  19. Reiner assembles a square meal of rom-com pleasure points, but it’s bland, by-the-numbers and not particularly memorable.
  20. Writer Alan Sharp gets so caught up in the legend and the lush language that he doesn't seem to know he's written "Death Wish" in kilts.
  21. A second-rate romantic comedy.
  22. The only impressive thing about it is the monotony and thoroughness with which it replicates cliches from older, better movies and hammers them into pop alloy to an up-with-me beat beat beat of its musical score.
  23. A grisly, often cynical piece of work whose joyless, aggressive spirit is made even less appealing by its soulless visual style.
  24. Never did sex, drugs and rock 'n' roll seem more shopworn and routine.
  25. Put another movie on the barbie, mate; maybe it'll be better.
  26. It's a soap opera posing as moral outrage.
  27. Seems to avoid any kind of edgy, precedent-making attitude, some point of view that feels charged, divisive and consequently alive.
  28. With no real comedy to enjoy, it's torture to watch Diesel undergo a predictable change from emotionless soldier to loving family man. Makes you want to spit out your pacifier in disgust.
  29. It sinks so deep and fast, you don't even see bubbles on the surface.

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