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7407 movie reviews
  1. We may enjoy watching the spectacles, but we don't much care for, or even have a feeling for, the guy in the cockpit.
  2. It's hardly the best film in the world but you can have fun with it.
  3. Despite the quirky trappings, Something Wild is often as tame as its star couple.
  4. Most revelatory here is Malli, who defies the stereotype of submission and subservience and emerges as a woman of self-possession and substance. (The earthily beautiful Bat-Sheva Rand infuses the character with a generous dollop of her own zaftig sensuality.)
  5. This ensemble comedy has its inventively funny moments. But ultimately, it gets a little too cute for its own good.
  6. May not rock the joint. But then, it isn't trying to.
  7. This movie should have blown us out of the water. Instead we catch ourselves occasionally thinking the unpardonable thought: "OK, sink already."
  8. Not about good storytelling, but it knows to turn up the volume, cut to dizzying closeups of driver's eyes as they negotiate dangerous bends and indulge its audience in the soul slaps, fanny grabs and head nods that govern this racing lifestyle.
  9. Make no mistake: The War Tapes is not an overtly political film. It appears to grind no partisan ax nor score either red or blue points. Whether viewers support the war or not -- or find themselves somewhere in the mushy middle -- this documentary won't fit comfortably into the pigeonholes of their preconceptions.
  10. The only thing wrong with Bowling for Columbine is Moore himself.
  11. The central story, in which Helms has to make up his mind whether to attend his sister's funeral, is too limited a conflict to hang a movie on. Ultimately, audiences will have to satisfy themselves with the collective presence of these actors and the movie's obviously good-hearted intentions.
  12. Entertaining for so long it's a downer to sit through the dumbed-down finale.
  13. What we have here is a genuine outlaw work of art.
  14. It's no worse than any number of other cookie-cutter slasher flicks geared for the slightly post-pubescent market.
  15. It's effectively frightening. It's just not the kind of frightening that stays with you very long, unless of course someone decides to make the same movie . . . yet again.
  16. Works far better as journalism than as drama. One weakness is that poor Linklater has to keep bringing in guest explainers, who lay out one policy or another but have nothing whatsoever to do with the story.
  17. It's a cult movie in search of a cult. It'll probably find one. It certainly looks and feels like no other movie ever made.
  18. No, it's not great. No, it's not a disaster.
  19. There's actually a lot going on in this little movie, and first-time feature director Stephen Daldry, turning his talents from the theater, handles all of it deftly.
    • 61 Metascore
    • 60 Critic Score
    It drags a bit and suffers from not enough Rudy.
  20. Though Empire of the Sun is a profoundly perplexing, frustrating object, there are things in it to marvel at and enjoy.
  21. The movie ends not with a bang but a wimp.
    • 52 Metascore
    • 60 Critic Score
    The characters have an equally realistic appearance that's rarely seen in Hollywood productions these days
  22. Cheri looks terrific, if a bit gauzy at times, and Frears, who directed Pfeiffer in that other Frenchified frolic, "Dangerous Liaisons," is never at rest. Still, the movie bogs down by going nowhere other than inside its characters, who are intensely passionate but of an era more curious than emotionally relevant.
  23. Though we were wooed by Diesel -- notwithstanding that rug -- we were less enamored with the film's scraggly script. Find Me Guilty is a courtroom drama (much of the dialogue is culled from court transcripts) without a whole lot of drama going on.
  24. The suspense and technical wizardry are the only reason to watch Jurassic Park. In a summer movie, that's more than enough, of course. But screenwriter Michael Crichton, adapting his popular novel with David Koepp, slashes almost everything that made the book an entertaining read.
  25. I liked, too, some late plot reversals, sorely needed after the numbingly simple straight-ahead plunge of the first hour of the movie. Things aren't quite what they seem and the twists are neatly done.
  26. A Prairie Home Companion tries to embrace the spirit of that longtime radio series but suffocates the very qualities that make the original show so special in the first place.
  27. Director Kevin Rodney Sullivan, a television veteran making his feature film debut, has fluffed up this undemanding material much as one would a pillow. But pillows have their place and so do girlfriend movies.
  28. Behind the lens Murray has an uneven touch (or perhaps his co-director does), and "Quick Change" is given to slow moments and miscalculations. But in front of the camera, he is as wonderfully acerbic as ever, equal parts anger and hurt feelings as he grapples with the rot of the Apple, the roar of subway, the smell of the crowds.

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