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  1. Sometimes thrilling, but rarely inspired, it is thoroughly-almost perfectly-adequate.
  2. The movie is pretty unabashed about the all-but-corny sentiment: Each of us has something to give.
  3. As a rule, the drawn and computer-animated imagery is top notch and seamlessly integrated, but the central characters' tawny complexions and the often chiaroscuro lighting sometimes obscure all but the whites of their eyes and their pearl-perfect teeth.
  4. Even the most ardent fans of the natural-born Bond are more apt to be shaken than stirred by the 68-year-old's implausible feats in this inert romantic adventure.
  5. Meet Joe Black is Hopkins's movie and, despite the film's unnecessary length, his quiet and dignified performance almost carries the ball across the finish line.
  6. The movie -- adapted from James Patterson's novel by David Klass -- operates on the crime-movie equivalent of automatic pilot. It takes off, flies and lands without much creative intervention.
    • 75 Metascore
    • 60 Critic Score
    Unfortunately, a good deal of Touch the Music"is devoted to vacuous interviews with Glennie, who seems positively incapable of saying anything substantial. Nor is most of the music very good.
  7. Fellowes has brought intelligence and control to the eternally vexing question of whether the right thing is always the good thing.
  8. The movie isn't mindless; it just has a mind that's a bit junky and muddled. And to their credit, Arnold and his collaborators haven't played it safe. Last Action Hero is a stretch. Unfortunately, it's a stretch that proves the star wasn't that elastic to begin with.
  9. It's like a "Saturday Night Live" sketch on a $60 million budget.
  10. It's the Weather Channel on steroids.
  11. Short is a professional choreographer, and his dancing seems unstuck in time. How he can break his movements down to such small elements, keep them so precise and in such rigorous rhythm, yet keep the whole thing on track and moving forward with Nureyev's beauty and discipline is something to see.
  12. It's a pleasant movie, written with care for the characters. But as the film's title suggests, scriptwriter Mark Andrus has made too obvious and clunky a metaphor of George's house.
  13. Awake is a pleasing if negligible diversion.
  14. Its greatest asset...Flora Montgomery, a flash of blond, Irish fire who makes Trudy well worth Brendan's trouble.
  15. The central story itself is not distinctive, and though Lee certainly churns up a lot of dust, he never captures the mythic quality that made Price's original seem so much bigger than its almost generic cast of players.
  16. Burton has evoked the surface of Ed Wood's life, but in a story about a man who loves angora and frilly panties, he has barely unbuttoned Wood's uniform.
  17. A heartfelt but eccentric, pseudo-documentary tribute to his sister Maria.
  18. A subplot involving Griffith and first boyfriend Alec Baldwin becomes the-subplot-that-wouldn't-go-bust, and comic scenes sometimes go bankrupt because they just hold their stock too long. Light entertainment like this should zip along like those financial quote boards.
  19. It's handsome, well-populated and offers beautiful scenery and settings. But "House of Flying Daggers" it ain't; maybe "House of Fallen Arches"?
  20. The movie is a mess from start to finish. But then again, this jerky, haphazard approach is part of the movie's goofy charm.
  21. What might have been a fascinating, intimate portrait turns into something much less compelling when Clark tries to impose a sex-and-action-packed narrative on the proceedings.
  22. The story line is little more than a shiny hat for holding the high-tech rabbits. Still, it's an enjoyable bit of smoke and mirrors, thanks to the decency and resourcefulness of its hero.
    • 58 Metascore
    • 60 Critic Score
    A mix of martial-arts and special-effects magic, the film serves its nonstop confrontations either straight up or with a twist (as when they involve Kombatants with special powers, like Sub-Zero, Reptile and Scorpion).
  23. It's more a brave movie than it is a good one, but at least Singleton has faced the unknown. And he deserves credit for the attempt.
    • 60 Metascore
    • 60 Critic Score
    Does 9 rival last year's "Wall E" as the best post-apocalyptic "cartoon"? The short answer is Nein. 9 is, however, a visual stunner.
  24. It seems almost disrespectful to weave in a provocative re-creation of the killings -- somehow a massacre of unarmed innocents that shocked the world should be more than just fodder for ginning up the tension at the end of a commercial movie.
  25. You have a movie in which sharks with triple-digit IQs hunt humans with double-digit IQs. It’s no contest.
  26. But for most audiences, this bittersweet family saga is going to feel like an ordeal.
  27. It's hardly a muckraking piece but more a celebration of racing at the high end and the extremely prosperous folks who play it.

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