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  1. It's a movie by a true believer in anti-globalization, and it may win a few converts, but not among devotees of convincing, capable cinema.
  2. The result is cutesy but harsh, a hybrid of saucer-eyed anime and square-jawed angularity that brings to mind an edgier "Pokemon."
  3. I literally did not count a single laugh in the whole aimless schlep, except for the hucksters who made it, on their way to the bank.
  4. Tirelessly modish, hyper-glossy, super-superficial. It's also cacophonous. And, for all of its drum-beating for brain power, dumb.
  5. It just isn't a Meg Ryan movie unless she's got male.
  6. So solemnly paced and deliberately performed that it seems to solidify before your very eyes.
  7. There's no question the movie's entertaining. But the blatantly schematic depictions of black and white, liberal and hawk, and other tiresome dichotomies turn A Time to Kill into the moral equivalent of a cockfight.
  8. It seems such a waste to go onto the actual streets of Lower Manhattan and shoot a movie this stupid. Think of the money, the logistics, the interruptions in the city's life -- all that trouble for what? For this? For shame.
  9. You are likely to encounter more surprises on the way to the bathroom each morning than you do in this film.
  10. Just another thriller, utterly disposable.
  11. Kari may eventually go far, but for now he's one of the less interesting inhabitants of international art cinema's disaffected-youth ghetto.
  12. It's hard to know which is more annoying: The fact that writer-director Reverge Anselmo makes Dori's schizophrenic look like little more than a cute, sexually available lush or that he makes Mark's Marine act like a jarhead with nothing inside except fireflies.
  13. Best news: over in 87 minutes.
  14. Amusing premise, not-so-amusing execution.
  15. Humorless, charmless and flat.
  16. An aggressively stupid entry in the family-adventure genre from Jerry Bruckheimer.
  17. It's laughably stupid, only fitfully scary and relatively harmless summer fun – if you're 12 years old, in which case you probably aren't supposed to be going to movies like this anyway.
  18. Though Cedric, for all his nimble portliness, is no Gleason, there's plenty of talent to be found here. Too bad it's left to fend for itself against a raging mechanical bull of a script.
  19. Penn, who also wrote the script, burdens the story with so many self-indulgent side developments that he loses emotional drive and Freddy's desperate obsession gets lost in the shuffle.
  20. But when mechanical plots are a drama's main engine, we look for something else to divert us, preferably good comedy. That's in short supply, unfortunately. And it's no fun to sit through the movie's retread Woody Allenisms.
  21. Fractured, tentative, oh-so-artsy and very much in the style of Wong's previous Hong Kong-set boy-meets-girl movies. But this time, the effect is contrived: a star-driven pseudo-indie affair that will please neither celebrity worshipers nor cineastes.
  22. Although Ryan is cannily cast against type, she doesn't bring much more than muttery incoherence and nudity to the role.
    • 39 Metascore
    • 30 Critic Score
    Clumsily written and numbly performed comedy of yammers.
  23. The question is why the time, talent and treasure of such energetic and even gifted artists have been marshaled in such a disgusting and trivial genre exercise and what viewers are supposed to get out of it. Isn't life hard enough?
    • 47 Metascore
    • 30 Critic Score
    The movie's heart is in the right place, but good intentions can't overcome dialogue that alternates between melodramatic and cliched.
  24. A Mexican movie in which the outcome is never in doubt, the scenes are endless -- sorry, we meant poetic-- and the false beard on the central character's face looks as though it could use a little extra gum.
  25. Bland, workmanlike and instantly forgettable.
  26. About as funny as malaria.
  27. It continually crashes and burns on its own banality.
  28. Let's wait for a movie where they do get it all right: story, acting and dancing. It'll happen, just not this time.

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