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7453 movie reviews
  1. There's a sense of mystery in this purply palette and one of majesty in the landscapes, but the drama of the drawings is never really echoed by the skimpy and predictable story.
  2. The new Dutch film Black Book manages to turn World War II into a large piece of cheese. A lurid, pulpy, slightly perverse potboiler, the movie suffers mainly from its utter lack of seriousness.
  3. May be ambitious in its genre-defying abandon, sideswiping science fiction, satire, film noir and melodrama along the way, but it's also exasperatingly convoluted, self-amused and politically sophomoric.
  4. An inert, sloppily written melodrama as grim and featureless as its frozen Midwestern setting.
    • 36 Metascore
    • 30 Critic Score
    Once again, John Rambo guns amok in the name of American democracy, but he packs less dramatic firepower than last time. Rambo III, a poorly paced, much less involving show of guns and machismo, makes you miss "Rambo II" (okay, "Rambo: First Blood Part II").
  5. What's troubling about "My Mother" is not the way the sisters respond to the news, but the way that Paris and Fejerman have opted to make lighthearted comic fodder out of the daughters' responses.
  6. Hardly out of the driveway before director Penny Marshall loses control.
  7. About as persuasively ethnic as an episode of "Friends."
  8. These dramatic shortfalls make us merely worried that two human beings are in danger, but not two compelling souls. There's your missing ingredient, the human X-factor.
  9. There were moments when I thought Gone in 60 Seconds might be a passably entertaining movie. I figure those moments, strung end-to-end, would total 30 or 40 seconds.
  10. There's nothing wrong with Uptown Girls that not seeing it won't fix.
  11. At once listless and overheated, giddy and utterly zipless, the current incarnation lacks not just the savoir-faire of its stylish predecessor but also the sex appeal.
  12. Elf
    The first and possibly the last Will Ferrell star vehicle. It's a clumsy, tedious ride that wears out its welcome as it wears out the seat of your pants and the circulation in your lower limbs.
  13. In the end, Gerry is beyond the simple question of pleasure. Seeing it may be no fun at all, but then discomfort is part of the price one pays in learning.
    • 30 Metascore
    • 30 Critic Score
    Doesn't just play like a cheap "Batman" knockoff, it plays like a cheap "Batman" knockoff that knows it's a cheap "Batman" knockoff -- and wants to be sure everybody knows it knows.
  14. Though it's allegedly a comedy, there is nothing funny about this tasteless, shallow and mean-spirited slam.
  15. There are some very funny passing lines, but the movie's too uneven to enjoy.
  16. Instead of gold-medal-winning, last-minute heroics, the movie weirdly becomes about the scandal of arbitrary gymnastics judges. Is it a movie or an episode of "Real Sports"? It veers into fresh territory but not dramatically satisfying territory.
  17. Audiences who have avoided the multiplex these last few years because of the garbage peddled there are the only ones for whom this overly familiar "Walk" will be memorable.
  18. Ghost suffers most from a distinct lack of anything, well, cinematic.
  19. Feels like a manufactured Asian "Chocolat," which drives the label 'art house movie' even further into mainstream banality.
  20. As long as it stayed mainstream dirty it was okay, but when it got into perversions the American Psychiatric Society hasn't even named yet, it left me behind.
  21. This movie is about the worst thing Chan has done in the United States.
  22. There is something disturbing about yet another iteration of what's become one of the movies' creepiest conventions, in which the developmentally disabled are portrayed with almost supernatural powers to humble, teach and ultimately redeem their mentally "superior" (read: morally inferior) friends, family and acquaintances.
  23. Friends, Washingtonians, countrymen, I come not to praise Gladiator but to bury it.
  24. Why sit through a lesser imitation, when you could just rent "Heathers" and those other movies for a far more enjoyable time? Drop-dead bitchery? Been there, done that.
  25. Falls flat at every turn.
  26. Even by Disney's formulaic standards -- is about as cut and dried as the phone book.
  27. As the film's boo! moments get spookier and more frequent, Godsend gets more and more inane.
  28. The movie drains Cole and Linda Porter of blood and fills them with embalming fluid.

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