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6,843 movie reviews
  1. In his screen version, Schumacher does a flamboyant job of staging the book without showing the slightest interest in what it's about. Granted, Grisham's original is no masterpiece; it's beach reading, but it deserves credit for addressing its subject with some conviction and integrity.
  2. Pretentious, ponderous and redundant -- You may not need linear narrative to create a great movie, but you do need some original ideas.
  3. It's a kind of "Miami Vice" with many more carz and numberz where all the adjectives used 2 go.
  4. Unromantic, nonsexual and hellaciously dull.
  5. There's little here to offend anyone, and even less here to excite anyone.
  6. The most persistent question asked at When Do We Eat? will probably be "When do we leave?" This abrasive Passover comedy-drama is extremely difficult to sit through, and if its makers weren't all Jewish, it would be considered anti-Semitic.
  7. It's just gunfights strung together, without a whisper of coherence or meaning. The fights are staged so that they all look the same, and the principle is always the same: The gunman's multiple antagonists never hit, and he never misses. John Woo at least had fun with this sort of thing 20 years ago. And Giamatti? What the heck is he doing here?
  8. Here, by its cooperation with the Disney factory, NASCAR says it's also warm 'n' cuddly, and that if you love your magic bug, it'll repay you with victory. Why does it allow itself to be co-opted by a story that diminishes the skills, experience and talent it takes to win?
  9. Shallow Hal makes the case for restricting the Farrellys to mere gross-out movies.
  10. Overblown, overheated, overdirected, overacted, overlong.
  11. The most screamingly obvious reaction to Gerry is: what a load of pseudo-arty you-know-what.
  12. Beginning with an intriguing premise, which it manages to squander in record time, it turns out to be a thinly imagined, thinly acted, silly exercise in car crashes, chases and nasty outbursts of generic violence.
  13. The most misguided, ill-conceived and lamentable film.
  14. So primitive, it must have been written in lizard blood on animal skin.
    • 44 Metascore
    • 20 Critic Score
    Girl 6 is such a mundane, flat comedy.
  15. Murphy has said that he wanted the picture to work both as a comedy and a horror movie, but he has succeeded at neither. Director Craven manages to wedge in some of his signature bits, but can't keep the comic elements in balance with the horror, and as a result there's no tension or dramatic pull.
  16. Relentlessly offensive.
  17. Lethal Weapon 3 is pretty much the same as "Lethal Weapon 2," which was pretty much the same as "Lethal Weapon."
  18. It's trivial and narcissistic and ultimately rather sordid.
  19. The current Bat cycle was already tired when Schumacher replaced Tim Burton behind the camera on "Batman Forever." This chapter -- so action-packed, yet so insufferably dull -- makes it clear that there's nowhere else to go.
  20. Arthur Hiller, who last directed the sour "The Babe" -- not the one about that sweet pig -- finds even less to work with in TV veteran Don Rhymer's stupid screenplay.
  21. Here's a film that so merrily thumbs its nose at propriety in exchange for visceral thrills, and at probability in exchange for the really cool plot twist, that it checks in as the guiltiest pleasure since "The 13th Warrior."
  22. Let's accentuate the positive: Saving Silverman really stinks. No, really. It's bad. Awful.
    • 33 Metascore
    • 20 Critic Score
    Forsyth's script feels uncomfortably improvised, so almost all of the performances are hesitant and unconvincing. [06 May 1994]
    • Washington Post
  23. An intriguing idea for about two seconds.
  24. Some stories are eternal. They will not go away. They are told and retold for generations. Take the story of Jesse James --it is not one of them.
  25. Reprises all the tedium of slasher flicks.
    • 50 Metascore
    • 20 Critic Score
    Hoffa is the emptiest prestige picture of the year.
  26. This movie, written in crayon by James Kearns, is too dumb to come up with a way of defeating the system by using its own rules.
  27. Anyone with a modicum of good sense -- or a weak stomach -- will take it as a warning to stay the heck away from this literally and figuratively deadly "War Zone."

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