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7457 movie reviews
  1. Obstreperous, male-bashing pain in the patoot.
  2. Desperation is the project's principal quality, characterizing everything from the misfiring jokes to the surprisingly distinguished cast.
  3. An overwrought gangster fable.
  4. The story is more undead than all of these revenant shufflers. And the orgy of gore and home-engineered special effects doesn't make up for the shortfall.
  5. Big, dull and empty -- nobody associated with this production appears to have thought hard about storytelling.
  6. It's saying something when Tom Arnold's performance is among the movie's highlights.
  7. A film that, in attempting to ridicule the Bush administration, finally just settles for being ridiculous itself.
  8. It's a glossified, cluttered parody of itself. Almodovar is no longer a burlesque auteur. He's a repeat offender.
  9. The title (which translates, essentially, as "burned out") is an apt description of the film itself: a hot and smoldering shell.
  10. Meant to be a sleek, dark, disturbing David Cronenberg-style thriller, Olivier Assayas's film is just an annoying concoction.
  11. It's gotten to the point where Gooding's presence on a marquee practically guarantees we'll be bashing our heads against the seat in front of us. Bonk, bonk, bonk.
  12. Pytka's marginally successful at setting this gambler's fantasy against the Damon Runyonesque aspects of the horsy life.
  13. The stars of First Descent aren't particularly memorable, or even likable. At their worst, they come off as cocky, self-absorbed Peter Pans; at their best, they're sweet but shallow.
  14. Could be filed under "wacky misfire."
  15. A movie marred by a flaccid script, listless pacing, a plethora of cutesy-poo gags and Ray Romano.
  16. There's not enough story in it to fill a shoebox.
    • 62 Metascore
    • 30 Critic Score
    So chock-full of stereotypes as to be a filmic Southern Country Safari.
  17. For all its art-house posturing, for all its exploration of the taboo topic, Birth is anything but good.
  18. Should we really be so moved and uplifted that a horny, ignorant young man begins to join the human race? Not when our voice of conscience is an off-screen filmmaker issuing pseudo-profound, and ultimately banal, pronouncements about the true nature of love and seduction.
  19. Donkey Punch is almost humorless, and there's no wink and nudge behind the mayhem to absolve us of taking its ugly, class-obsessed subtext seriously.
  20. A film so boring, unsexy, styleless, sluggish and physically ugly that its badness seems almost intentional.
  21. Mark Childress, who wrote the screenplay based upon his book of the same name, would have been better off leaving this Southern Gothic between two covers.
  22. Nobody hits the jackpot here, certainly not filmmakers Michael and Mark Polish, whose audacious, empathic first film, "Twin Falls Idaho," showed such promise.
  23. Unfortunately, The Man makes the mistake of assuming casting is all it takes to make a good comedy.
  24. If you're mocking holier-than-thou-ness, you can't very well strike a hipper-than-thou tone.
    • 55 Metascore
    • 30 Critic Score
    Despite Stallone's bantamweight attempts to insert, like, character into the fifth Rocky, it's the same old fight with the same old round of regulars. It seems silly wasting money on actors when the same could be achieved with Muppets. Rocky has little to do except shuffle around and mutter "cute" Rocky t'ings.
  25. A train wreck of a film lying inert where the tracks of the Feel Good Line cross the Path of Good Intentions.
  26. This movie is a predictable, gruesome piece of business.
  27. The story, which features an apparently lobotomized Guy Pearce as an opportunistic explorer and hunter who learns the errors of his ways, is deeply dull.
  28. It's less a children's movie made for contemporary children than a children's movie made for people who still remember, and pine for, how children's movies were made 50 years ago.

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