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  1. Overblown and idiotic, this new "erotic thriller" is neither erotic nor thrilling; it's long, boring and self-indulgent.
  2. Never gels into the smart, tightly orchestrated cat-and-mouse game that it promises to be.
  3. You'd never know it from the innocuous-looking trailers, but Home Fries is really "When Dorian Met Sally" meets "Psycho."
  4. Not only dense, dark and deeply introspective, it's also as remote as it's chilly.
  5. It's hard to believe the creative mind that gave us "Almost Famous," "Jerry Maguire," "Say Anything" and "Fast Times at Ridgemont High" looked up with satisfaction after typing 117 pages of this.
  6. Though Philip Haas's digitally shot film has the firsthand immediacy of such nonfictional docs as "Iraq in Fragments" and "Gunner Palace," its dramatic template feels disappointingly secondhand.
  7. With strong performances, plenty of chemistry between the leads and pithy dialogue, the movie is fun until things get serious — which is to say, until things get unbelievable.
  8. Pride and Prejudice and Zombies delivers what its title promises: a little romance and some undead villains, plus a bit of comedy. But this overly busy riff on Austen’s winning formula doesn’t justify all the tinkering.
  9. Surrogates takes an interesting idea -- the triumph of technological convenience over grimy, workaday life -- and buries it under clumsy exposition, unconvincing action sequences and a by-the-numbers conspiracy plot.
  10. You want to know if The Running Man is a good-time macho show, right? Stay at home and watch professional wrestling. Or Miami Vice (same director -- Paul Michael Glaser). Sure there's blood spattering and bullets riddling and Big Boys Banging Biceps. But through the dry-ice haze, Running Man is surprisingly boring.
    • 45 Metascore
    • 70 Critic Score
    Evita is a busy movie with an often noisy soundtrack that can get tedious and monotonous (particularly in the second half), but it's just as likely to sweep one away with its musical, emotional and historical momentum.
    • 45 Metascore
    • 40 Critic Score
    The result has a cobbled-together feeling. The Force is not strong with this one.
  11. No one will ever credit Snatched with discovering new comic territory. But it earns its share of laughs by covering some well-trod ground.
  12. A parody of B-movies stupid enough -- and yet with just enough brains -- to appeal to the most discriminating fans of the genre.
  13. The only way a self-absorbed treatise like this can get any kind of audience (not to mention distribution) is to cast famous people in it.
  14. A coarse, witless and stunningly violent black comedy.
  15. If you're going to make a gross-out comedy you can't just be gross. You've got to be to be funny as well, or the movie will be DOA. Which is why Eurotrip should be toe-tagged and shoved into the deepest and coldest of video vaults.
  16. Even the staunchest of golfheads must know they're watching a cut-and-trite accounting.
  17. In the end, Davis ends up a wasted resource. She does her best to elevate the material, but the story fails to live up to her considerable talents.
  18. If its made-for-TV sensibility explains its chaotically blobby shooting style, it doesn't clarify a plot so painfully padded that it looks for laughs in strange digressive asides regarding bratwurst and coffee.
  19. Bad role models sometimes make the most interesting movie characters. The ill-mannered, unkempt, foulmouthed and hot-tempered title character of Hesher is just such a walking contradiction.
  20. Though it lacks the gloss, twists and star power of earlier Grisham movies, The Chamber does possess Gene Hackman's most cantankerous turn since the lowdown lawman he created in "Unforgiven."
  21. It's kind of like a hit man's Olympics. Isn't this grown-up? In a word, no, and that's what's so much fun about it.
  22. I found it a rough night at the flickers.
  23. There's more waiting than lightning in Waiting for Lightning, a nonetheless watchable-enough documentary about the preparations leading up to professional skateboarder Danny Way's historic 2005 attempt to sail over the Great Wall of China on a skateboard.
  24. Before it veers off course, The Rooftop is lively, funny and colorful... Too bad Chou decided to shoehorn the gangster genre into a movie that would have worked just fine as a mere comedy-romance-fantasy musical.
  25. As the movie wears on, the plot points become increasingly far-fetched, and what started out as a moody if by-the-book thriller becomes increasingly silly. All the while, Roberts gives her all.
  26. In short, Carrey's got nothing to bounce all that energy off of, not even a solid story line.
  27. Disjointed drama filled with one-dimensional characters and melodrama so Lifetime movie-esque that it careens into unintentional comedy.
  28. A super-stoked action thriller

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