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547 tv reviews
  1. There’s a caustic wit to Bad Judge that, with a little help, might still rise above its more shallow laughs.
  2. There is absolutely nothing new about anything seen here and yet Arrow has nice aim.
  3. It’ll take a few more zany diaper changes (you knew there had to be some) before we’ll know if there’s a stronger show here. If not, then Grandfathered is just a more flashy version of “Raising Hope.”
  4. For those many millions of broadcast TV watchers who never saw Broadchurch ... Gracepoint still has plenty of potential to be a real treat; it’s clearly something different from the maxed-capacity morgues of prime time’s many procedural crime dramas. It’s a better quality of murder mystery all around.
  5. It might just do the trick, if its frantic doctors can save the first episode from a deadly case of hammy dialogue.
  6. Creator Moira Walley-Beckett’s eight-episode limited series about the depressing and excessively cruel world of professional ballet has moments that are sublime and engrossing but not always sustainable. Flesh and Bone can also be ham-handed in both narrative and dialogue.
  7. There’s a lack of conviction to Almost Royal’s premise that means the funniest parts are only just mildly funny.
  8. Minor but deftly done.
  9. HBO’s mildly funny yet thematically redundant half-hour series.
  10. The humor is smart-ish and has more bite and suggestive raunch than you’d expect.
  11. The Event is an intentional mess, daring you to go wherever it thinks it's going. Within the first five minutes, potential viewers will have to make their own personal choice: Am I up for this?
  12. Though I do not begrudge Ray Donovan its sense of momentum or tension, I was immediately struck by a desire to simply see more of Ray doing his job for a few episodes rather than seeing him deal with his brothers’ various problems.
  13. The spinoff is stylish, mindless and easily devourable. In other words, "Laguna" fans can safely put out the rallying call: "Run for 'The Hills!' "
  14. If you're a regular viewer of the network -- whose hits include "Stargate: SG-1" and "Battlestar Galactica" -- be glad there's plenty of sci-fi to be found on "Eureka." And if Sci Fi's not on your TiVo, be glad that the show is driven more by characters than special effects (and so-so special effects at that).
  15. The Show With Vinny, a contrived hybrid of a reality series and a talk show, is a surprisingly sweet exercise in hospitality and good cheer.
  16. The premise of this new series seems charmingly assembled from leftover "Magnum P.I." and "Spenser for Hire" polyforms kept in a storage bin somewhere.
  17. Although no expense has been spared, House of Cards appears to suffer from the same ambitious but weighty seriousness that afflicted Starz's "Boss."
  18. Perhaps Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt will eventually find a way to be a show worthy of all this talk and expectation, rather than the B-/C+ attempt at a network show that Fey and Carlock have delivered. There’s not much special about it, so far, except the lucky circumstances of its survival.
  19. The pace is languid and the ambiance laconic. Easy Money isn't the kind of show likely to clean up at Emmy time. But it has the same sort of eccentric, addled charm that marks an increasing number of current television shows.
  20. Benjamin clearly did not sell out with this good-natured, inspirational cartoon.
  21. A sharply-made if slightly off-putting reality series that follows different advertising agencies each week as they compete for new accounts.
  22. There's no question that "Dog Bites Man"... scales heights of hilarity, more than one might have a right to expect. But there's a problem: Virtually all the characters are detestable in one way or another, and partly as a result, the show never seems grounded.
  23. Largely faithful in tone to the BBC series, which concentrates on the maddening banality of workplace-as-microcosm, NBC's Office still fails to score a direct hit, settling instead for an amusing approximation.
  24. It’s hard to believe that Grease was once subversive; what viewers saw on television Sunday night seemed somehow cleaner and more perfunctory and cute. It was a fabulous, well-scrubbed and flawlessly executed show that could have been just a little bit greasier.
  25. Like the homeliest puppy in the pound, there's something lovable about this clanky ode to romantic love; maybe it's just that the cast is so determined to put it over, no matter how foolish even the actors might find the material.
  26. An intriguing but often clumsy new movie about the making of the TV show.
  27. The new episodes push the saga in a few initially intriguing directions, but the cast keeps expanding into an overpopulated mishmash of disparate story threads that no longer weave together as a whole.
  28. But for all the noble collaboration, for all its division of writing and directing duties and its tactical approach to deployment of film crews, The Pacific becomes a very good miniseries that fails to arrive at a coherent, artistic sensibility.
  29. The result is a gentle, respectful and thorough biography that is 100 minutes of no news and no fresh insights.
  30. Maybe it should be considered substitute programming, until more solid and substantial dramas return. On that level, it doesn't totally blow, bro; it's actually quite tolerable.

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