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471 tv reviews
  1. An agreeable comedic hour that makes no intimidating demands. [18 Sep 1985]
    • Washington Post
  2. "Ocean" follows the reality-show formula perfectly, and it's hard to look away from this piece of pretty puffery, made even more attractive by the slick documentary style that makes "Laguna Beach" so appealing.
  3. Viewers who stuck with Peter Pan Live! for three hours were treated to a technically adequate, charmingly performed night of retro theater-on-television.
    • 63 Metascore
    • 60 Critic Score
    Undercovers is watchable only because of its stars, whose chemistry recalls the fonder days of "Hart to Hart"-style high jinks.
  4. Well, here's "24" again, with a renewed sense of dot-connecting purpose (fictional, yet symbolic) and a two-night premiere, Sunday and Monday -- a rollicking four-hour chunk in which the series seems on track to rediscover some of its original verve.
  5. Circus has no difficulty finding all the usual, romantically enthralling ideals contained within circus life, which unfortunately causes a lot of the series to feel predictable.
  6. Luck is suffused with brilliant acting and amazing scenes, but in a few unfortunate ways, it remains impenetrable almost until its last hour.
  7. The show is best when it busies itself with messy bucolic details--the milking of goats, the shearing of llamas, the wallowing of pigs--instead of wallowing in the dysfunctional mud and frantic entrepreneurism that render Josh and Brent blind to the beauty and love around them.
  8. The results are, of course, compelling but also assiduously sterilized.
  9. The show offers an excess of mildly clever yet sincere goofiness. It’s as if someone set out to make a Spamalot for an audience that can’t quite grok Python, would find Into the Woods too morose and maybe missed half the pop-culture references in the Shrek movies.
  10. There are, in fact, simply too many characters chasing each other up and down the seven hills, and viewers who try to keep track are in for maddening frustration. If only people would address one another by name once in a blue moon, that would help a little. [28 Aug 2005, p.N01]
    • Washington Post
  11. While Web Therapy is certainly clever and occasionally funny, it lacks both the nerve and verve of "The Comeback."
  12. I've seen the first four and, although each was more compelling than the last, the series contains a repellent amount of hipitude, which distracts from its tale.
  13. Very slick and very shiny, full of impassioned confrontations and noble utterances. [17 Sep 1994]
    • Washington Post
  14. I'm slightly more taken with Fox's sweeter absurdedy, Raising Hope, though I still mourn the original title: "Keep Hope Alive."
  15. Demonstrates plenty of marksmanship in the old aim-to-please department. It has a nice convivial camaraderie going for it, and one fail-safe ingredient in reserve: the proverbial cute baby. [22 Sept 1987, p.D1]
    • Washington Post
  16. There is something still lugubrious and overwrought about True Detective, but there’s also a mesmerizing style to it--it’s imperfect, but well made.
    • 58 Metascore
    • 60 Critic Score
    The acting at times is overdone, and some of the pivotal plot moments come across as downright hokey.
  17. For all its shortcomings and flat flourishes, Crusoe has one very significant thing going for it, a virtue that can be summarized in four reassuring words: At Least It's Different.
  18. Having watched the serviceable but flat opening episodes of this new season, I think now is as good a time as any to ask if it’s worth going on with The Walking Dead, when all it does is underline its message of futility over and over and over.
  19. As a drama, The Americans struggles to crack a certain code; the concept is tantalizing, but the follow-through lacks the momentum that gets viewers to commit.
  20. " 'Til Death Do Us Part" would be sort of ultimately ordinary, the very definition of a negligible trifle, if Waters weren't lurking around.
  21. There isn't much in "Supernatural" to engage viewers older than Sam and Dean, but it's certainly not the worst of the new troop of spookers.
  22. Public Speaking often seems to be trying to relaunch the Fran Lebowitz brand, 25 years past its expiration date. It feels like the kind of movie that old friends would make about an old friend. Which is precisely what it is.
  23. The result is a mildly alluring dark comedy. Schwartzman is difficult to like, but he always has been. The show is lifted greatly by "The Hangover's" Zach Galifianakis as Jonathan's strange friend, Ray, a comic-book artist with a complementary set of his own strange-but-cute neuroses.
  24. Detailed, but not terribly illuminating.
  25. Distracting and annoying as some of its bad habits are, "John Doe" is still hauntingly distinctive enough to warrant further investigation. Who knows but that eventually we may even find -- yes, I'm going to say it -- Doe a dear.
  26. Timbaland produces the original songs that give Empire its real oomph, while the actors try to figure out what kind of characters they’ve agreed to play.
  27. Menace so permeates the atmosphere that a certain glum predictability has set in to the scenes. [28 Oct 2003]
    • Washington Post
  28. Stylista is--what is the phrase?--like a little tick that you want to flick off, but it's no worse than other reality games that have come before and will come after.

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