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  1. They carry on like mischievous scamps, and while they are fun to watch up to a point, the point is reached well before the shenanigans peter out.
  2. The new series seems to share a perhaps fatal flaw of that now-canceled show, which is that the premise becomes so byzantine and the complications so arcane that eventually people just give up on trying to make sense of the darn thing.
  3. Packed with appealing actors (Peter Krause in the Martin role; Craig T. Nelson in Robards's paterfamilias role), this new Parenthood is boring, disorganized and weirdly missing the tender texture of its original source.
  4. Although Justified qualifies as cryptic, and its mouth is plenty potty, it definitely lacks edge, the most important quality of the three. In fact, it can get downright sleepy between killings. It moseys. It meanders.
  5. I just don't root for any of them, nor can I seem to work up the froth required to root against them. It's never been about how well they cook; it's about how well they cook with cameras around.
  6. Every setback endured by Vince and his entourage (box-office bombs; girl trouble) is smoothed over by the arrival of six-figure paychecks and the bromantic ideal. It's pretty to look at, but stagnant all the same.
  7. If you can tolerate one more word on the beaten-senseless subject of weight loss, then, and you don't mind hearing generic cliches yet again, you could conceivably become a Huge fan before the summer is over.
  8. The network has brought back Hart and Lawrence, who are both 34 (whoa!), in a sitcom called Melissa & Joey, premiering Tuesday night, which isn't half-bad. You could do worse--say, "Hot in Cleveland."
  9. There's something blandly nutrition-less and sugary about Mike & Molly, CBS's new Hostess Twinkie of a Monday night sitcom.
  10. Every scene in School Pride feels like the seventh or 10th take and too contrived, even by the low standards of reality TV....I will say that School Pride seems less manipulative and showy than its forebears.
  11. It's still pretty blah and rarely rises above a relative's chatty slide show of vacation pictures.
  12. Skins is so determined to relate to hardened kids--without sermon, theme or context--that it accidentally discovers a new frontier in phoniness and filth. Even if I could warp time and watch it as my teenaged self, I'm pretty sure I would have been bored by it back then, too--even with all the sex.
  13. Morgan's first show turned out to be a fawning and completely unnecessary interview with a successful businesswoman named Oprah Winfrey.
  14. Even when the pacing and writing and performances seem to line up, some intangible quality fails to quite hit the spot.
  15. There's a bit of banter well-delivered and some artful action, yet Breakout Kings lacks a certain vim and chemistry required for a real breakout series.
  16. Both Restaurant and "Millionaire" stir similar pots of self-pride, entrepreneurship and the psychic reward of sharing one's good fortune. But because the medium is television--reality television--each show collapses under the pressure of showing off its sense of nobility and higher purpose.
  17. Both "Restaurant" and Millionaire stir similar pots of self-pride, entrepreneurship and the psychic reward of sharing one's good fortune. But because the medium is television--reality television--each show collapses under the pressure of showing off its sense of nobility and higher purpose.
  18. Although it is 90 minutes long, it feels much longer, and the truly smart laughs are few.
  19. The always-appreciable Dana Delany does her level best to lift Body of Proof, a paint-by-numbers morgue drama premiering Tuesday night on ABC, from its stale premise and up to the level of a beautifully-flawed-character study, something more akin to Julianna Margulies's legal procedural, "The Good Wife."
  20. In the first four episodes, there isn't anyone or anything to root for, other than history's corrective hand.
  21. Teen Wolf bounds so wildly between its main plot points that I began to wonder if my press copy of the show had skipped some scenes or if they'd been assembled out of order.
  22. It is filled with weak attempts at sketch comedy, resulting in a few funny moments here and there, but not enough.
  23. Yet another dystopian vision with Steven Spielberg's brand name affixed to it (as executive producer), this time as a cheap-looking but occasionally intriguing sci-fi social study called Falling Skies.
  24. Countdown has transported itself from MSNBC to Current without major incident or much innovation.
  25. Same Name prefers the usual bunk of the genre, smoothing over significant matters of a class chasm that is an everyday reality for all Americans with dreamy ideas of how we're all not really so different from one another.
  26. There's no time for anthropology, psychology or cultural criticism. Whisker Wars, it seems, is no different from those shows about extreme couponers or the woman who eats the stuffing out of sofa cushions.
  27. Though handsomely assembled from the spare parts of a dozen other evil-twin stories that came before it, Ringer quickly downgrades itself to a fairly ho-hum night soap.
  28. Whatever triumphant feeling it initially evokes, Weed Wars drags as the lackadaisical attitudes of both the suppliers and the customers begin to grate on a viewer's nerves.
  29. The old clips are still a hoot, but there's a limit to how much compressed air a viewer can take, listening to a bunch of old men talk about how funny their friend was.
  30. Unsupervised doesn't explore emotional story threads. It's mainly a Beavis and Butt-head echo.

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