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  1. Gotham respectfully riffs on the DC canon, but it’s a whole lot better when it experiments with--and even subverts--the oft-trod territory of Batworld.
  2. Bartha and Rannells's characters display yin/yang neuroses that keep their characters interesting, but as Goldie, the would-be surrogate, Georgia King is unfortunately bland.
  3. Depending on how far it’s willing to press and poke at the issues it raises, Black-ish displays a welcoming sense of humor that might be illuminating in the present context.
  4. The cast is a sturdy gang of seasoned pros (it’s particularly pleasing to see Wiest in a comedy). And though they’ve probably got nothing new under the sun to tell us about family dynamics, sentimental moments and delicate rites of passage, they seem like nice people to have around for a few laughs.
  5. Something about this show just works from the crisply polished start, using a premise that is squarely within one of CBS’s favorite wheelhouses--the edgy hero who is gifted with extraordinary mental powers that he or she directs to the purpose of solving crime.
  6. Cristela resembles past attempts to graft multiculturalism onto the vanilla-fied vapidness of the American sitcom format. But Cristela wins the day with its easygoing attitude and superbly smooth cast. Alonzo has a bite to her wit that is reminiscent of the earliest, best days of “Roseanne.”
  7. “House” comparisons will surely abound, but Rake is easily one of the more confident network dramas to come our way of late.
  8. Bring your 80-cents-on-the-dollar outrage here, for an entertainingly upright tale of the fight for equality.
  9. The cast is terrific, and some of the lines are screamingly funny, but there’s also an empathetic, moral undercurrent to the story--the usual cautionary tale about having all your dreams come true.
  10. The writing is breezy and the cast seems to be having fun.
  11. Home Fires is noticeably cheesy in parts (feel free to enhance your fun by supplying arch commentary to the dialogue), but it’s also easily absorbing. Also, for those paying close attention, the series is a contextually and satisfyingly feminist take on war.
  12. Although the writing and storytelling in first episode (which Amazon first shared with its Prime customers earlier this year) come off a little clumsily, overall it’s a fascinating launch for an espionage series. The Man in the High Castle is also expertly and realistically imagined.
  13. The pilot (the only episode made available to critics at press time) has some difficult scenes, including an act of marital rape (or something like it), yet the acting is strong and the story is compulsively intriguing. The first thing you want from The Affair is to see where it leads.
  14. Although Jane the Virgin could easily devolve into a frenetic sendup of telenovela cheesiness, it is a remarkably sure-footed, enjoyable dramedy full of strong performances, particularly from Rodriguez.
  15. It's a beautiful downer of a show that becomes more revealing and absorbing as it moves along.
  16. Overdoing things is one of Murphy's trademark flaws, but this show has a captivating style and giddy gross-outs.
  17. "The Knights of Prosperity" is knee-slappingly and side-splittingly funny stuff, or as close to that as TV gets these days.
  18. It is a happy, sweet surprise, much more humane than almost any of the teen-age comedies that have broken out like acne on the movie screens of the nation during what seems like an interminable cinematic puberty. [5 Mar 1986, p.D1]
    • Washington Post
  19. The show delivers on an exceedingly intriguing premise, with some of the most beguilingly morose performances delivered this year. It’s a strange but good wallow.
  20. A new limited-run series from HBO that is engaging, charming and intoxicating entirely on its own.
  21. The film is made skillfully enough that it could conceivably captivate both the most obsessive baseball fan and somebody who doesn't give a hoot but has a healthy curiosity--and the gratuitous extra minutes aren't by any means intolerable.
  22. Review is one of Comedy Central’s most effortless and truly funny new shows in a while.
  23. An engaging, hour-long documentary.
  24. The Walking Dead can still surprise us that way. And that's one of the reasons why we must keep watching.
  25. The casting, like the writing and direction, is impeccable, and includes Eve Best as Jackie's doctor friend Eleanor; Peter Facinelli as cute but semi-competent ER physician Fitch "Coop" Cooper; Merritt Wever as a bleeding-heart novice; and Haaz Sleiman as a gay Muslim orderly.
  26. Our Nixon is mainly a collage of images and sounds that tell a familiar story in an entirely new and mesmerizing way.
  27. You’re the Worst immediately finds what all comedies hope for: character chemistry and a certain zing to the writing, transcending its naughtiest nature with a disarming taste of sweetness.
  28. It isn't high literature nor even perhaps high television, but In Treatment does have a welcome, and occasionally riveting, pulpy streak, perhaps inevitable with its promise of peeks behind doors that usually remain closed.
  29. Nothing if not serious, and nothing if not good, NBC's Law & Order nevertheless seems a victim of one particular TV tyranny. Its stories are too long for the one-hour format into which they are stuffed. Otherwise the series... has all the ingredients associated with quality television: strong scripts, relevant themes and a cast that qualifies as first-rate-plus. [13 Sept 1990, p.D1]
    • Washington Post
  30. We have to take the good things about Boardwalk Empire (the acting, the authenticity in its exquisite details and most of the writing) along with the bad (the repetitiveness, the plodding).

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