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  1. Despite its meandering soapiness, there are passing moments of enjoyable "Downton"-like momentum wherein a viewer can eventually let go of the Cameron version (and "A Night to Remember" and the many, many documentaries in cable rotation) and simply enjoy the tilt.
  2. "Brewster" improves on the original and has the look of a warmhearted winner. ... It's corny, it's old-fashioned, it's predictable, and it works. [1 May 1990]
    • Washington Post
  3. It is mean-spirited, painfully dumb and badly acted.
  4. The script can be remedially hokey, but Saldana turns in a feisty and believable performance as a mother fighting for the life of her unholy spawn.
  5. Navy NCIS may not be ghastly, but it's a mutation, gratuitous and clunky. We don't need another criminal investigation show and we don't need another military justice show, and this series is those two, two, two shows in one.
  6. For all its cribbing from plots gone by, "Vanished" still makes for good, escapist fun.
  7. Once they stop jawin', the competitors in Stars Earn Stripes put on quite a show, and that's the only point of reality television.
  8. This painfully flat American version of a British comedy stars Hank Azaria as Alex, a newly-divorced and depressed PR agent who unwisely beds another agent at the firm (Kathryn Hahn as Helen).
  9. Except for the chance to hear a few country classics, the movie doesn’t offer much else.
  10. Sons of Tucson has an ugly, cheap tenor to it. It seems the writers are hoping against hope that the worse the brothers treat one another and the more the boys mouth off to Labine, the funnier it will get.
  11. This is Cox's best gig since the end of "Friends" and she clearly knows it, attacking the material at full tooth-and-nail.
  12. It’s all good, clean fun that is not quite good, not quite clean and not quite fun.
  13. The crew of the new Starship Enterprise doesn't seem as intriguingly colorful as the original bunch. ... "Star Trek" aims to fill the eye and engage the mind; it has a long way to boldly go at both. But the new beginning is not without its rejuvenating properties, and there's nothing else on the air quite like it. [3 Oct 1987]
    • Washington Post
  14. If you're looking for the deep emotional truths that the creators of ABC's would-be heart-tugger imagine they're after, well, pro wrestling might be a good choice.
  15. Several steps up from "Becker."
    • 50 Metascore
    • 40 Critic Score
    If it had something truly new or provocative to say about such matters, the essential redundancy of Flashpoint could be overlooked--but it doesn't, and so it can't. These good guys are too good for their own good. And ours.
  16. The characters are refreshingly non-hostile and converse in something other than brittle, cold sitcom-speak. But the serialized nature of the stories (subsequent episodes begin with the "previously on" feature usually seen on dramas) is no particular plus. And while the characters are sweet, they stop short of being lovable.
  17. CW's version details the dull, dull doings of the world's clammiest vamps, who may flash fangs and skulk around in dark cemeteries (ever see a bright one?) but who come up fatally flat in terms of mayhem and menace.
  18. A first-rate movie thriller has been turned into a second-rate TV show, but upper-second-rate, not lower. And among this season's new entries, with one or two exceptions, second-rate is about as good as things get. [16 Sept 1995, p.D01]
    • Washington Post
  19. Derivative of sci-fi and superhuman dramas we’ve seen plenty of times before, up to and including the slo-mo 'Matrix' bullets flying out of a gun.
  20. The show has a sincerity about its silliness and light spookiness; for a moment there, it’s almost as if 'True Blood' tried to conceive a demon baby with 'Bunheads.'
  21. Owing more to its overambitious breadth of material than any overt political agenda, The Kennedys necessarily compresses, stretches, distorts and otherwise crams itself into a soap opera that is occasionally elegant and even moving near the end.
  22. It's hard to imagine that viewers will be dying to learn which graduate kicks the bucket on "Reunion," mainly because none of them gives the appearance of being, or ever having been, alive.
  23. The show suffers from the same banal characteristics of most paint-by-numbers network sitcoms.
  24. Accidentally on Purpose doesn't have the smarts to be the salvation of a genre, but neither does it look like the torpedo to sink the ship. Not great, but nothing heinous.
  25. A million-dollar bore.
    • 49 Metascore
    • 30 Critic Score
    The result is rarely funny, often humdrum, surprisingly predictable fare.
  26. I’m immediately impressed with Lucky 7's ensemble cast and how quickly the story drew me in and hinted at some further mysteries.
  27. ABC's feverishly dumb new drama Off the Map takes fans of "Grey's Anatomy" and "Private Practice" on an arduous trip to a tiny village in the tropics, "somewhere in South America." It's echh in the time of cholera.
  28. Even allowing for the lowbrow standards that can paradoxically turn a Lifetime movie into a delectable piece of trash, this Flowers in the Attic is a remarkably weak effort.

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