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Highest review score: 100 The Waiting Room
Lowest review score: 0 Spice World
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7954 movie reviews
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    An electrifying documentary.
  1. What a good movie. Sometimes you get tired of 'splaining and you just want to say: Hey, this one's really very good. That's all, folks. It's a damn good movie.
  2. One truly, madly, deeply satisfying creep-out.
  3. Bringing a tough, astringent wit to a subject too often wrapped in the cozy blanket of sentimentality or cute humor, Tamara Jenkins takes a frank look at the indignities of aging in The Savages, a black comedy that invites viewers to laugh or at least smile ruefully at the dying of the light.
  4. You'll likely come away from this astonishing encounter between the three corners of a lovers' triangle not just amused but enlightened about such not-so-simple issues as fidelity, betrayal, lust, possessiveness, honesty and forgiveness.
  5. United 93 unfolds with the terrible inevitability of a modern-day "Battle of Algiers," with Greengrass exerting superb control of tone, structure and pace...United 93 may be the best movie I ever hated.
  6. It's a deliciously dishy comedy, but like sushi an acquired taste.
  7. Barry Sonnenfeld's irresistibly charming lampoon of Hollywood.
  8. Well told, handsome, stirring and loads of fun.
  9. You realize this is a story about the life beyond this movie, about the great changes in life we never give ourselves time to consider. And for a moviegoing experience, that's a lot of bang for your buck.
  10. Aniston delivers an utterly un-Rachel-like performance. It's neurosis-free and unmannered, by turns funny, sad and profound.
  11. It spins its wheels in a giddy sort of way, then puts the pedal to the mettle, lays rubber and fairly takes wing.
  12. One of the most enjoyable experiences of the year.
  13. A smart cartoon about the life of the mind. It's about the fuzzy border between dreaming and living. It's thoughtful, provocative, liberating and fun.
  14. Spielmann doesn't move his camera much, but he doesn't have to. The uniformly crackerjack cast keeps things electric, yet always believable, even when behaving in ways that are shocking.
  15. One of Martin Scorsese's most brutal but stunning movies, an incredible, relentless experience about the singleminded pursuit of crime.
  16. You can feel the movie's sensibility and its powerful emotions in every aching image, which leaves you so caught up in these ancient times, you're loath to return to present-day normalcy.
  17. Spade and Warburton might not have made The Emperor's New Groove one of the mouse factory's all-time greatest, but they've certainly made it one of the funniest.
  18. An exuberance, a celebration, a hoot, a kick and a half.
  19. To appreciate the movie, you have to be okay with vampire violence. I don't mean subtle little nips at the neck and, ooooh, it's directed by Werner Herzog.
  20. A stylish hoot: entertainingly edgy and ludicrous all at once.
  21. Gripping, troubling and deftly acted.
  22. Apollo 13 is humanized by Hanks's reassuring portrait in courage, by Harris's nicotine-stained fingers and Quinlan's lacquered French twist.
  23. An intriguing yarn.
  24. Ford makes such a dynamic president in Air Force One, you may find yourself favorably weighing his odds in Iowa and New Hampshire.
  25. Brilliantly played by Denzel Washington
  26. Disney's new full-length animated feature, Beauty and the Beast, is more than a return to classic form, it's a delightfully satisfying modern fable, a near-masterpiece that draws on the sublime traditions of the past while remaining completely in sync with the sensibility of its time.
  27. Enormously entertaining.
  28. Watch this film. You may never look at nature indifferently again.
  29. Zemeckis, an undisputed master of film technology, shows off an equal aptitude for vivid storytelling.

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