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  1. An adolescent romance that isn't smart enough to mirror "When Harry Met Sally" or crudely amusing enough to get close to "American Pie."
  2. Here's the lowdown, the q.t., the true gen: The Black Dahlia is a big nowhere.
    • 52 Metascore
    • 40 Critic Score
    Jack Nicholson set out to make himself a Treasure of Sierra Madre, but since he is both the director and star of what he came up with no one apparently told him that Goin' South isn't it. [13 Oct 1978, p.22]
    • Washington Post
  3. The humor works beautifully until Marshall decides to beat the comedy over the head and drum us, once again, with this relentless message: "Mentally challenged people in love say the darndest things!"
  4. The scenes of destruction-apart from being great to watch-provide much-needed relief from these people's unidimensional banalities.
  5. Fighting isn't very good, but it will make you hope that someday, some great director will give Tatum's pecs the star vehicle they deserve.
  6. Certainly handsome, well made and for most of its running time gripping, the film ultimately turns into a $60-odd-million piffle.
  7. It's a warm bath experience, soap-sudsed with sentimentality, improbability and other storytelling misdemeanors.
  8. Sparse and implausible screenplay.
  9. It's like a ferret on crystal meth that belatedly discovers ecstasy, and it's a tiresome trip either way.
  10. Boils down, in the end, to the age-old question: Career or life? That Post Grad draws a stark line between the two, and forces its heroine into an untenable decision, might be the most disappointing thing about a movie that never quite succeeds in capturing a generation adrift.
  11. It can only be said that if you like this sort of thing, then this is the sort of thing you like.
  12. Enough to make any thinking person want to shoot a hole in the screen.
  13. Xanadu cannot possibly be described as a good movie, but it can be recommended to those who can tolerate large amounts of intravenous marzipan. The music is highly enjoyable -- though perhaps more so once one gets the record album home and isn't bothered with the story -- and the film so unerringly airy that it has a beneficent, tranquilizing, bemusing effect.
    • Washington Post
  14. Hardly a real pip (indeed, it has been rendered Pip-less), but then this loosey-goosey adaptation isn't aimed at those of us with library cards.
  15. Demolition Man is a futuristic cop picture with slightly more imagination and wit than the typical example of the slash-and-burn genre.
  16. The occasional big moments are stunning, and kids from the ages of, say, 6 years to 6 years and 3 days will love it. Anyone younger will be scared; anyone older, bored.
    • 45 Metascore
    • 40 Critic Score
    Friday the Thirteenth meets Saturday Night Fever. Good and promising actors -- people who deserve a better film the next time -- are too numerous to name. [16 Aug 1980, p.D2]
    • Washington Post
  17. But for all its passion and topical currency, the movie plays too often like a college colloquium. And it ends on an unsatisfying note, with each character's choice, whether fateful or fatal, hanging in a confounding limbo of indeterminacy.
  18. The film feels inauthentic, a cardboard version of other epics that's cast for distribution to various world markets.
  19. Even with these high-end artists on the team, though, the movie seems thin.
  20. With the exception of Burton's jolting sight gags (I may never recover from the vision of Parker's head grafted on to the body of a chihuahua), the comedy is half-developed, pedestrian material. And the climactic battle between Earthlings and Martians is dull and overextended.
  21. Too bad the plot held no surprises and the acting no revelations. No actor could be said to stand out and the movie never acquires much tension or momentum.
  22. On screen, Reds evolves into an earnestly muddled mishmash of Romance and History. An intriguing, ambitious disappointment, it launches the Christmas movie season on a note of droopy-spirited seriousness...It isn't the running time alone that makes Reds a tough sell and a discouraging endurance test; it's the lack of an emotional payoff strong enough to justify an epic trek down the corridors of history. [4 Dec 1981, p.D1]
    • Washington Post
  23. Like too many Thanksgiving dinners, too much squabbling really wreaks havoc on the digestion. Football, anyone?
  24. Though I don't think giving it a cuddly human personality and the vocals of Rachel Weisz helps much, the thing itself, part dog, part fish, part weasel, part dinosaur, is a terrific illusion, and the technical team manages to really sell the idea of flight. Too bad the acting is so lame, the story so derivative and the thing so long.
  25. Feels more like an overblown TV special than a grand theatrical release.
  26. A movie so bewildering and impenetrable that I believe it siphoned off a good 40 IQ points.
  27. Wastes no time getting very loud and very silly and never really lets up.
    • 36 Metascore
    • 40 Critic Score
    Tries hard to be charming but succeeds only occasionally.

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