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6,700 movie reviews
  1. A brain and a heart, two things that, along with a good story, believable characters and anything resembling style or flair, Pumpkin is fatally missing.
  2. A front-end collision of a romance.
  3. The laughs are few, far between and pretty darn faint in this comedy.
  4. A bad, unimaginative story posing pretentiously as the very opposite.
  5. There's something so familiar and commonplace about this story and its characters...it's hard to get particularly thrilled.
  6. Here, common sense flies out the window, along with the hail of bullets.
  7. The movie is fussy and organized rather than moving. It follows a pattern so precisely, it's as if Lahti thought points would be taken off if she colored outside the lines.
  8. David Gale deserves the chair for its brutal assault on subtlety.
  9. A pocket of infection on the skin of the American body cultural.
  10. Stumbles right out of the gate and never regains its footing. It's sad to see a gifted comedian like Janeane Garofalo trying, but failing, to anchor this mediocre affair.
    • Washington Post
  11. Here's a film that so merrily thumbs its nose at propriety in exchange for visceral thrills, and at probability in exchange for the really cool plot twist, that it checks in as the guiltiest pleasure since "The 13th Warrior."
  12. It's a kind of "Miami Vice" with many more carz and numberz where all the adjectives used 2 go.
  13. Hatched by screenwriters watching "The Sixth Sense" on methamphetamines
  14. Both a snore and utter tripe.
  15. Its important if inflammatory message will bore all but Chomsky's fellow travelers to death.
  16. Full of the kind of obnoxious chitchat that only self-aware neurotics engage in. Christopher and Grace probably deserve each other, but that doesn't mean that any of us do.
  17. A serious been-there-done-that number.
  18. The driving drama of such a desperate situation is lost in the movie's casting silliness.
  19. I can't imagine why anyone would pay money to see this sorry excuse for a film, which plays more like a home movie than something from cinema professionals.
  20. Guys, I'm telling you: Don't go to this movie! It's "Chasing Amy" with guns! You're walking into a trap! This is for fans of the holy couple, but they already know that.
  21. It needs a wooden stake AND a silver bullet through its script.
  22. Lacks that outrageous effrontery that might have socked it to its intended audience.
  23. Overblown, overheated, overdirected, overacted, overlong.
    • 32 Metascore
    • 20 Critic Score
    The premise of the movie deserves better.
  24. Represents such a professional nadir for each of its principals that you wish better for them in the new year.
  25. Luckily, life (just like the SAT) has its multiple-choice options. You don't actually have to watch this.
  26. The movie isn't only boring; it's troubling:
  27. An insipid potboiler set against the far more enticing surf and sand of Oahu's North Shore.
  28. The sort of clumsy undertaking that trips up everyone and everything in it.
  29. Devolves into such utter ludicrousness, the best response (other than avoiding the thing in the first place) is to laugh.

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