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6,643 movie reviews
  1. Planet 51 is cute, but it's no "Shrek."
  2. In the end, Daybreakers doesn't really want to make anyone think too hard. If that were to happen, they might stop to wonder why all the human survivors out there hiding in fear of their lives don't just become garlic farmers and call it a day.
  3. There's so much pluck and gumption on the screen you can smell it. Flesh and blood? Not so much.
  4. If Shutter Island, a gothic thriller starring Leonardo DiCaprio and Mark Ruffalo, were put to a free association test, the word most likely to come to mind would certainly be "weird."
  5. This "Holmes" is just about as silly as it awesome. At times, Ritchie and company try so hard to make sure this isn't your father's "Sherlock Holmes" that it comes across as, well, cartoonish.
  6. Ten minutes after you leave the movie, all the battles will have blended in your memory into a ceaseless muddle of sliced-off appendages, jets of blood splashing artfully on walls, gurgling screams and flashing swords.
    • 43 Metascore
    • 38 Critic Score
    It's all too predictable and by the book. Even with a few plot twists that aren't in the original, I was hardly shocked or awed. While it's sleeker and more sophisticated than the Chaney version, this new Wolfman isn't any scarier.
  7. Largely relies on stale gender stereotypes and tired comedy routines that don't elicit much laughter.
  8. It's a performance in search of a movie.
  9. In attitude, if not aptitude, Robert Pattinson in Remember Me comes across like a latter-day James Dean.
  10. Michael Caine delivers a stunning performance in Harry Brown, a rancid little revenge fantasy that probably doesn't deserve him.
    • 43 Metascore
    • 38 Critic Score
    For all the wacky, taboo, parodic situations that MacGruber plunges into, the film seems content to simply point at its hero, yell "What a schmuck!" and leave it at that.
  11. Jonah Hex may not be the longest 81 minutes you ever spend, but it might well be the most tedious.
  12. As Balthazar, Cage doesn't disappoint. He's just manic enough to keep the character from becoming too predictable.
  13. Charlie St. Cloud, like its star Zac Efron, is a gorgeous, unblemished thing. Both would be much improved with a tiny flaw or two.
  14. A dog-frequency movie: enjoyable only to those tuned in to its particular register.
  15. Things really slow down during the movie's ill-advised forays into drama.
  16. So light and airy, it almost floats away on its own breeziness.
  17. And the action? It's especially hard to determine who's fighting whom in "Legends," because, well, because they are a bunch of owls.
  18. There's very little that's even kind of funny in It's Kind of a Funny Story, which can't accurately be described as a comedy but isn't a true drama, either.
  19. It's a highbrow romantic farce, without the laughs.
  20. Cinema-as-shoplifting is okay, as long as you still get the feeling it's for a greater good. But that's something The Tourist is sorely missing.
  21. No ordinary horror film. If it were, it might be a bit better than it is. As the movie stands, it's a less-than-compelling relationship drama, with aliens.
  22. In Faster, it's a car, not actors, that drives movie.
  23. A jagged little pill of a movie from baby boomer avatar Edward Zwick.
  24. An uninspired studio product that demands as little from the audience as it did from its writers, directors and actors.
  25. Boasting a plot that's heavy on the magical shenanigans, this pretty and poetic adaptation of Shakespeare's play is a fantasia for the smart set, a literary novelty for anyone who wants to have fun without giving up food for thought. On that score, at least, it delivers, in spades.
  26. Disjointed drama filled with one-dimensional characters and melodrama so Lifetime movie-esque that it careens into unintentional comedy.
  27. Nothing more than an action-packed bagatelle masquerading as history.
  28. If director Michael Dowse took Matt and Tori out of the equation - which is to say, if he took out the main storyline - the whole event could have been a lot more fun.

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