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Average Game review score: 73
Highest review score: 99 Fight Night Round 2
Lowest review score: 10 Navy SEALs: Weapons of Mass Destruction
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4975 game reviews
    • 71 Metascore
    • 75 Critic Score
    It is beautifully crafted, with only a few noticeable issues. If there were one real flaw to the game, it would be its length – it's too short! It was over somewhat abruptly, and I found myself wanting more.
    • 89 Metascore
    • 89 Critic Score
    Of the videos, the one I found the most useful was the "making of" commentary, where the developers discussed a bit about the maps while showing a presentation of them.
    • 68 Metascore
    • 75 Critic Score
    Crown of Glory is a gem in the modern landscape of first-person shooters and 3D normal-mapped, vertex-shaded graphics. It may not be the prettiest of titles, but it is certainly a deep strategy game that combines both the empire building and turn-based combat styles into a brilliant title based in the era of Napoleon.
    • 57 Metascore
    • 65 Critic Score
    Here it is, Gundam fans: The game you have been waiting for. And, as usual, the rest of us are left with our copies of Virtual On: Oratorio Tangram -- not Marz -- with the sad notion that there will never be another game like it again.
    • 54 Metascore
    • 78 Critic Score
    A good time but ultimately a forgettable time. This is fun for the bus ride, but not much else.
    • 74 Metascore
    • 85 Critic Score
    A wonderful game and recommend it for any RPG fan who needs a game to spend 40-80 hours on.
    • 50 Metascore
    • 55 Critic Score
    A mediocre experience at best. There's a lengthy single player mode that has a lot to offer, but doesn't do anything particularly well. The controls are tedious and the graphics are slow and blocky.
    • 69 Metascore
    • 75 Critic Score
    Though it may lack much of a storyline, and seems a little rushed or even corny at times, King of Fighters still manages to come out swinging.
    • 70 Metascore
    • 79 Critic Score
    Overall, The Bard's Tale is wonderful. Although it does lack in a few areas, the game's memorable characters and terrific sense of humor more than make up for any of these weaknesses.
    • 63 Metascore
    • 60 Critic Score
    There aren't any ridiculously awesome animations or eye-popping visuals that would grab the attention of a casual gamer, and the actual gameplay and content are much more enjoyable if you actually have an appreciation for the special powers and possibilities of the Marvel characters that appear in the game.
    • 74 Metascore
    • 68 Critic Score
    The Final Assessment. Frankly, Midnight Club 3: Dub Edition is a broken game. The loading screens will take up many hours of your life if any substantial play is put into the game – I kid you not, hours.
    • 62 Metascore
    • 72 Critic Score
    While it must have faced enormous pressure during the production and subsequent release of the title, the developers must feel proud knowing they leaped the movie to game barrier and actually created a worthwhile game.
    • 61 Metascore
    • 64 Critic Score
    The highest praise due to Fantastic Four is that it occasionally trades with some success on the universal truth that breaking things is fun.
    • 91 Metascore
    • 92 Critic Score
    It's so well put together that the flaws that do stand out are minor, and while they do add up, they are generally forgotten about once you actually get into the game. It has definitely seized the top spot in its genre.
    • 86 Metascore
    • 91 Critic Score
    A small issue I had with the game is the replayability; while you can go back and clear out all areas, there is no real payoff for doing so. Even with these minor issues, Psychonauts definitely comes strongly recommended.
    • 71 Metascore
    • 40 Critic Score
    R3KX, with its lack of real challenge, story, or presentation values, is just not in any way a memorable game. Koei is capable of much better, as "Dynasty Warriors" and their upcoming PC title "Uncharted Waters" attests to.
    • 75 Metascore
    • 67 Critic Score
    On a console as truly different as the DS is from anything before it, a Bomberman game should feel much more new than this one does. We’ve been here, we’ve done that, and once the 8-player luster wears off -- if you can get that many DS systems in one place to begin with -- the empty steps to nowhere taken by Hudson become very, very clear.
    • 78 Metascore
    • 75 Critic Score
    When all's said and done, all the beer is chugged, all the bottoms goosed and the wind broken, as the cigarette smoke clears, Conker: Live & Reloaded comes out as just a bit more than the simple sum of its parts.
    • 76 Metascore
    • 65 Critic Score
    From a gameplay perspective, Destroy All Humans! is purely inoffensive and average; it proves itself to be somewhat entertaining in small doses. In all other aspects, the game lacks a soul of its own, choosing instead to use what others have already done.
    • 50 Metascore
    • 53 Critic Score
    A lackluster MMO that only does average in most cases, and poorly in most others.
    • 65 Metascore
    • 70 Critic Score
    It has surpassed all expectations and that it is, in fact, a very fun and entertaining title.
    • 68 Metascore
    • 65 Critic Score
    Juiced--as much of a shame as this is because it actually tries out some very good ideas and could have been a contender with some fundamental changes--is more akin to "Street Racing Syndicate: Champion Edition." Take that as you will.
    • 58 Metascore
    • 70 Critic Score
    Shows an incredible amount of promise, but the final product is ultimately flawed in too many ways to get a hearty recommendation.
    • 68 Metascore
    • 80 Critic Score
    As far as racers go, Juiced presents the best culture integration of any game this year, something woefully lacking in the genre.
    • 72 Metascore
    • 82 Critic Score
    Hands and mines aside, In the Groove is much harder than DDR in so many ways. The steps are a whole lot harder, and the DDR song selection is taken from the hip-hop and Japanese pop genres, while ITG's music is from a newer selection of rock and trance tunes.
    • 93 Metascore
    • 97 Critic Score
    Given the wonderful environment design, new RPG elements, and extremely well done "gangsta" theme, Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas comes as close to perfect as anything in the past few years.
    • 58 Metascore
    • 65 Critic Score
    If it sounds stupid, it's probably appropriate.
    • 72 Metascore
    • 88 Critic Score
    European Assault will not take you by the hand and lead you to the finish. You'll have to fight for every inch of ground that you gain, and you'll meet your untimely demise more than a few times. Along the way, you'll experience a gritty, raw, and realistic combat experience that will give you a greater appreciation for what veterans of World War II went through.
    • 93 Metascore
    • 91 Critic Score
    This is the definitive chapter in arguably one of the most popular game series of all time. If you haven't ever played a Grand Theft Auto game… well, first of all, shame on you, but more importantly, this is the one to get you hooked.
    • 71 Metascore
    • 71 Critic Score
    If you need the drama to complete your experience, the bright green medkits might taint the cinematic sweep, but it's perhaps worth a rental if you're a fan of the series or the genre.

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