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  • Series Premiere Date: Mar 6, 2011
  • Season #: 1 , 2 , 3
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  • Summary: The comedy series is set around the life on the set of E!'s Chelsea Lately show.
  • Genre(s): Talk & Interview
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  1. Reviewed by: Matthew Gilbert
    Mar 4, 2011
    After Lately isn't a significant addition to her little empire; it's slight and filled with dislikable characters. But for Handler fans, who love to hate everyone famous, that has never been a turnoff.
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  1. Apr 9, 2011
    Her regular show is borderline crap. And does anybody else find the the little Mexican pet she keeps in the corner borderline racist? As if their weren't enough obnoxious women on TV (Nancy Grace, Kathy Griffin, the entire cast of The View). Heres hoping this woman's 15 minutes ends soon. Collapse
  2. JTL
    Apr 4, 2011
    This show had all the potential to be a great comedy show. Instead it's turned into a steady flow of 'wannabe' comedians who can't act and are so full of themselves that it's turned into a half hour of torture. While many people have questioned the racial humor of Chelsea Handler as it seems to be relentless, After Lately takes that racial humor and exaggerates it even more. This show involves all of the writers who aren't talented enough to be comedians making their own way and appear willing to do anything to 'try' to be funny. So they aren't great comedians and now they're using scripted acting which just falls flat. After all, it takes 8 (not including Chelsea) of these comedians to write a 2 minute monologue and create topics to discuss for 15 minutes. As a long time fan of Chelsea Handler, her TV show, her books, and her stand up shows I feel compelled to watch it every week hoping to find some humor. Yet week after week I am left wondering why I wasted that 30 minutes of my life. Chelsea Handler is a very funny lady, but honestly she needs to stick to making fun of famous people instead of making fun of a bunch of losers in her office and going way below the belt with the repeatedly offensive attempts at racial humor and hyperbole. Expand