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  1. Aug 23, 2011
    I have only watched one episode so my review is based on that show. Deadliest Catch is a great show that I enjoy watching. My condolences to the Harris family, it was painful and sad to watch Capt. Phil pass away. But eventually everyone has to move on; and it's time everyone did including the show. It seem like every episode refers back to Capt. Phil for something or other. Yes it is sad he had passed so young and such a character he was. Get over him already.
    The crew are all great guys and the story of their difficult working conditions and their personal life is interesting and exciting to watch. They have the toughest job in the world and my hats off to them. I could and would not ever try to apply as a greenhorn; you would never pay me enough to try. I hate the cold, wet, heavy loads and dangers they face everyday.

    But, is there a point to After the Catch? I already seen what happened on DC why go over the events again? I don't need more details of what happened on DC that has not already been mentioned or depicted. No one needs to watch this show, in fact if someone does not watch DC and only watches ATC they would probably want to watch DC instead anyways. ATC is coming on tonight and I have my game or something else to do, instead of watching ATC. I did not even concentrate on the show only because I found it totally pointless and boring, so much that I was playing an on-line game while it was on in the background. If I had found it intriguing I would have stopped my game and paid full attention to the program. But as it was, my game came first and once in while I would look up to see what was going on; mostly boring rehash of the great original show itself. ATC is coming on tonight so I better load my game and get to it or find something else to do, anything but watch this. This couchtater is getting off the couch and is a "looking-for-something-else-to-do-tater".

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