• Network: TV Tokyo
  • Series Premiere Date: Apr 1, 2001
  • Season #: 1
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Summary: "The world is progressing day by day. Within it, the thing that continues to progress the most is electronic technology, and in that- its connection to toys. Now, the number one thing this is leading to is a 'World of Toys.' The first of these toys is the egg that came from a dream, 'Angel Egg.' If one with an egg shows wisdom, love, and courage, they can raise it into an 'angel.' That's Angelic Layer." - CLAMP Official Battle 1 Introduction Angelic Layer follows the adventures of a middle school student named Misaki Suzuhara. After discovering an interest in a battle game called Angelic Layer, Misaki purchases and creates her own doll, Hikaru, and with her, she is able to participate (and win) in Angelic Layer Tournaments. Along the way we meet the friends, rivals, and family of Misaki, some of whom have deep secrets. Angelic Layer comes from CLAMP, a group of women writers best known for relationship and shojo animes such as Magic Knight Rayearth, Card Captor Sakura, X/1999, and most recently Tsubasa Chronicle. Also known as: Battle Doll Angelic Layer, Kidou Tenshi Angelic Layer, Mobile Angel Number of episodes: 26 Airdates: Spring-Summer 2001 in Japan. No airdates in the US, except maybe on pay-sites like ADV's The Anime Network. License Status: This series has been dubbed into English by AD Vision (ADV) in the year 2003. DVD's are now available for all episodes. Do not ask about fansubs! Manga/Graphic Novels: Only five graphic novels have been written in the English version. Opening Song: Be My Angel sung by Atsuko Enomoto. Closing Song: * the Starry sky * lyrics and singing by H"L. Spinoffs and Related Series Chobits - this futuristic series is set a few years after Angelic Layer in the same world. The characters Kaede and Icchan have important roles in Chobits and this is described in detail in the graphic novels (US volume 7 and 8), while the anime barely references it. Tsubasa Chronicle is Clamp's latest release that combines many of their characters in different roles. There's a good chance some of the characters from Angelic Layer might end up in some of the episodes!
Network: TV Tokyo
Genre(s): Animation, Drama, Action & Adventure
Creators: CLAMP
Seasons: 1
Cast Credit
Atsuko Enomoto Misaki Suzuhara
Christine Auten Shuko
Kelly Manison Shoko Asami
Chris Patton Ohjiro
Satsuki Yukino Tamayo
Andy McAvin Icchan
Tiffany Grant Sai Jounouichi
Houko Kuwashima Jounouichi Sai
Jun Fukuyama Kotaro
Kevin Corn Kotaro
Yuri Shiratori Hatoko
Souichiro Hoshi Ohjiro Mihara
Tomokazu Seki Ogata Masaharu
Mark Laskowski Ogata Masaharu
Kotono Mitsuishi Shouko Asami
Masaya Onosaka Icchan
Monica Rial Tamayo Kizaki
Sasha Paysinger Hatoko Kobayashi
Jessica Boone Misaki Suzuhara
Ayako Kawasumi Saito Kaede
Tiffany Terrell Kaede Saito
Kikuko Inoue Shuko