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  1. Jan 13, 2012
    Though i thought the first season was good,i never thought it was gonna be anything spectacular however i was very wrong! Not only is season 2 the best season in the series but its one of the greatest things to ever come out in the current media of cartoons and anime's!
  2. Mar 12, 2011
    After a whole season of thoroughly charming, but undesirable melodrama, the second season of Avatar: The Last Airbender finally gathers itself enough "action", "drama", and characterization to attract more than Nickelodeon's kiddie fare.
  3. Feb 29, 2012
    I really enjoyed the first season of "Avatar: the last airbender", but season 2 really takes the show to a whole new level. The season follows Aang and his friends, as they travel through the Earth Kingdom in search of an earthbending teacher. After finding a teacher (who's a brilliant character, by the way) they continue their journey. As the season continues, the main characters face great threats and some surprisingly heavy political drama. But there's also a lot of humor, so both kids and adults can enjoy it.
    With more character development, even better story arcs, and some pretty amazing animation, season 2 definitely surpasses the also brilliant season 1. And it makes "Avatar" one of the finest animated series of the 2000s.
  4. Jun 23, 2012
    A show with a genuinely interesting and riveting plot line, deep characters beautiful art design and fantastic music. This show is my childhood. Simply incredible.
  5. Apr 1, 2012
    This is literally one of the best shows you will ever watch. I guarantee it. The character development is better than any show I've seen. It is definitely a show for all-ages.

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