• Network: Nickelodeon
  • Series Premiere Date: Apr 14, 2012
  • Season #: 1 , 2
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  1. Mar 8, 2014
    Legend of korra isn't as good as ATLAB but its a nice sequel if you can call it that) for lovers of the first avatar. i like how you get to see how the future shaped up after the end of last airbender and how some of the characters descendants lives turn out. the animations/artwork are gorgeous and well done. acting was good the only thing i have against the show is the story isn't as well done as the first one and the characters are a little more static.but besides that i like follow up and thought season 2 was well done. Expand
  2. Jan 12, 2014
    Firstly, I want to say that this show is NOT bad. The world building is excellent, it has its funny moments and the characters are reasonably interesting, as is the story. However, when watching Korra, you can't help but compare it to the Legend of Aang, and unfortunately almost everything feels worse in comparison.
    The characters in the ATLA were developed, funny and you felt sympathy
    towards some of their tales (especially Zuko). The world was as good as you will see in a tv show and the story, whilst cliche, kept me interested. In contrast, the characters in korra often come across as bratty and spoilt, the relationships they have together are rage inducing at times. However, the world is still fantastic, the show adds to the amazing lore of ATLA superbly, the animation is probably superior to ATLA and the jokes, whilst not as constant as ATLA due to the more adult theme of the show, are still funny.
    That being said, ATLA is one of the best tv shows I have ever seen, so this comparison may be harsh due to the high standards the creators of the show have set for themselves.
    In summary, The Legend of Korra is nowhere near as good as ATLA, but perhaps that is just a testimony to how good the first show is, meaning it is a must watch for fans of the show, and a good tv show for people who haven't seen the Legend of Aang yet.
    PS - watch ATLA whatever you do, it's truly amazing in every aspect.
  3. Dec 17, 2013
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. Enjoyed the beginning of this series, its not perfect but really started to rope me in, however towards the end it bugged the crap out of me.
    The final episode is just terrible, as Korra loses most of her powers, goes off and sulks about it, then magically gets them all back for no good reason. At what point is she supposed to learn anything?
    The defeat of the main villain is equally disappointing, can't help but think that they were expecting the show to be cancelled or something, the end definitely feels rushed.
  4. Dec 17, 2013
    After such an excellent run with ATLA, it's understandable that they have trouble getting their footing. Korra is in many ways the exact opposite of Aang. I'm cool with that. What I'm not cool with are all the temper tantrums and the idiotic decisions that she makes, particularly in Book 2.

    Overall, the cast isn't as charming as the original series, but it's hard to beat the original

    Despite this, the series does a good job of showing what the world is like after Aang, and the struggles that they face. Usually it takes a few episodes to get rolling, but once it is, The Legend of Korra will not disappoint. Although the first season was more of a side story, letting us get introduced to Korra, the second season has much more impact and significance.

    Hopefully, for season 3, Korra won't be such a loose cannon, as there is a lot of promise in series 3.
  5. Dec 6, 2013
    As others have said, if this weren't connected to Last Airbender then I probably wouldn't have bothered to stick with Korra. A lot of the Pro-Bending stuff wasn't really used that well considering the amount of screen time it took up. Amon and Tarrlok gave them a chance to deal with a lot of complex questions and maybe try to propose answers some of them, but they just kinda dropped it all on the floor and did nothing with it.

    Compared to where Last Airbender Season 3 left the series as a whole, Korra s1 is a season of disappointment.
  6. Dec 2, 2013
    Decent cartoon, but I can not get as enthusiastic about this show as I did about the last air-bender. The update is pretty and somewhat original, but the main character is so annoying it tends to overshadow that. It seems that whoever wrote the character was so afraid of getting accused of writing a "weak" female lead that they just made her a brute in a skirt. She's an angry teenager who just wants to punch everything. And infuriatingly, it works out for her. Where ATLA was a story of a young boy searching for enlightenment to overcome his problems (which I thought was an interesting story, and made me want to see more because I wanted to follow his growth) Korra seems to live in a world where might makes right, and while there is some small development, it seems accidental and out of focus. I specifically loved the long-term developments in ATLA, and that is mostly missing in "Korra". Expand
  7. Nov 25, 2013
    LOL RANT TIME... Season Two Episode 14. What happened? (Seriously, She did what?) Are we stealing Ideas From DBZ? (Bryan, Michael) Since the 'motion picture' 'The Avatar' franchise has lost ground with fans. (I hope you are 'really' reading) Nothing beats Book 2 Earth. (Witness the full stop) The layers were there. (Observation) The ending to THIS season IS Garbage. (.)

    The best idea from the bubbling pot that IS but some how LOST the plot in the Korra season 2 finale is the presence of the spirit world in the physical world and its good and bad effect and pressure put on the population, not the views and stand points of main characters.

    Any good fight scenes? (We all witnessed the LOL)


    RE DO The motion picture. Not the parallel smurf action flick.
    ( I hope you were reading )
    Compress trilogy, to comprise of two books per picture.

    Boy trapped in iceberg freed by star crossed love, grows and frees the world. Or just ba-sing se.)

    If you can't get that film approved your a ducebag.
    The Avatar production teams needs a Varrick to spur things on.

    A Blind girl protected from the outside world by her parents in the upper society of ba-sing se, learns to use her earth-bending abilities in her few hours she is outside a day, to sense vibrations of the earth beneath her to see her surroundings.

    Writing like that is what we expect.nothing less.

    What in the last two seasons compares to the scene where Toph was kidnapped and locked in a metal box on the back of a wagon with no sight and no connection to the ground, became the first metal bender.

    The story of the first blood bender imprisoned by the dictators of the fire nation, with nothing but the rats she was imprisoned with learnt to bend the water in blood to secure her freedom.

    The best thing about the transition to the future (Korra Saga) is the politics of the new age, the fact that Aang lived a full life and the presence of his legacy in this new age. The advancements of technology and the adaptations of the world population due to his legacy and the characters of the time.

    I personally really like the pro-bendng championship but the fire ferrets is not a cool name. Chi blockers. Cool.

    The introduction states Earth. Fire. Air. Water.

    My conclusion is Book Air was a lose avatar remake to please fans and push for more motions pictures when a simple motion picture redo is needed.

    Spirits tries to please fans more. Ario. But falls short of the layers of intricacy needed to form a leading character. Even now I doubt the new Team Avatar can, in an opening scene, ride into a fortified ba sing sa military compound, outnumbered and out gunned, fend off the occupying army untill face to face with the president himself.


    Or is it....
  8. Nov 18, 2013
    Absolutely perfect in every way. Pays homage to the fantastic original, introduces awesome characters and features a bad-ass villain with a truly scary voice. The action and plot developments are incredibly fast paced. Creators of the original learnt from their mistakes and now skip filler episodes!
  9. Nov 17, 2013
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. the whole season 2 was good for the avatar mythology story telling about the Avatar Wan and the sprits was really good but the whole story telling about the season was bad and fast. It could be better. and shameful season finale for the Legend and i think it was really poor finale not just for being an episode inside the Avatar franchise and also really bad script for its own and side- characters was not necessary for the whole season I m talking about asami,mako and bolin If they were focus on Tenzen, Bumi, Kya, Jinora and Korra since the beginning ,and they were get the story telling slow down at the first time maybe the spin off has been good but it was a poor story I hope this legend will be good again and has a good story telling just like the old 4 book. There is still hope inside of the story Expand
  10. Nov 3, 2013
    The Legend of Korra expands upon the rich mythology first explored in The Last Airbender in a new and fantastic way, and this first season is a spectacular entry into the ongoing saga of the Avatar. Fans of the The Last Airbender will be impressed as will newcomers. The writing and storytelling is wonderful and matches perfectly with the actors who come across as sounding very genuine and sincere. The art is fantastic; the visuals of the show are simply sublime. The animation is very fluid and intense and the depictions of the vast and inspiring world the show is set in are amazing. The characters are likeable, interesting and 3-dimensional The pacing of the story as well as its overall depth, the dramatic and intense action, stunning and fluid visuals, the very rich setting and atmosphere and its mature sensibilities combine to create a work of art. Expand
  11. Oct 10, 2013
    Only thing keeping it from a 10 is that I hated it the first time through because of all the plot holes but in the last 2 or 3 episodes they were solved... -ish
  12. Sep 29, 2013
    Sequels are always hard. While Korra has pops of humor it seems a very very different world from the original series that and the first season was way too short. I am 4 episodes into season two and am starting to see an bit of where this series is going with its emphasis on spiritual balance, I think it will be worth it just to sit back and let the story unfold and enjoy each episode as it comes.
  13. Sep 6, 2013
    Legend of Korra is not Avatar, there I said it.
    This series should be taken on its own merits and not compared to the original series, it's a wonderfully entertaining first series expansion of the Last Airbender universe, which up to now we've not seen anything else(discounting the comics, which are brilliant btw) it shows what happens after saving the world.
    As of now Season 2 is just
    around the corner, so catch it on DVD or any local available download service, it's worth it. Expand
  14. Jul 22, 2013
    The best TV show to grace Nickelodeon ever since The Last Airbender. Animation is superb and gorgeous with hand drawn backdrops. Can't wait for Book 2.
  15. Jul 22, 2013
    I never thought I'd say this, but Avatar: The Legend of Korra is superior to the original series. Everything about it is just awesome. Korra is a far more interesting character than Aang, the setting is cooler, and the story is shorter and sweeter. It takes everything great about the original series and just amps it up, creating one hell of a show.
  16. Jul 5, 2013
    "The Legend of Korra" is visually stunning, and has almost of the the "elements" from the first series to match its wit and spunk. The first season shows us the next avatar Korra, who is the opposite of Aang, and struggles with the spiritual side of being the avatar. Korra must face Amon, a nonbender who can take a bender's bending away, and he is frightening. With a vicious antagonist and his army, "The Legend of Korra" is full of suspense and has a great plot. When the season closes, the situation though feels closed too fast, and almost everything feels done, but Korra's next season proves otherwise. Expand
  17. Jun 9, 2013
    This was terrible compared to ATLA. I think Nickelodeon made another installment because they think this would be as amazing as ATLA. Think again. It was rushed, and very cliche. Nothing was really good except for the animation, that was it.
  18. Jun 7, 2013
    It didn't have the same magic that The Last Airbender had, but the show was still enjoyable. The characters were likable, although the development was lacking when compared to its predecessor. The ending of the season also felt a bit rushed. The animation itself was top-notch. Some of the characters, namely Tenzin and Lin Bei Fong, were very well done and were given good backstories. I also found the history between the two series to be interesting. I'm still not fully sold on the Avatar herself, but based on the last scenes I am confidant that she will become an even better character. While not as good as the original, it is still better than many cartoons today. Expand
  19. Feb 26, 2013
    This series have made it to the top of my list of favourite shows, right at ATLA's side.
    Once again, the amazing world and atmosphere of ATLA with all its brilliancy, except with new amazing heroes and villains.
    As a huge fan of many shows, such as Dr. Who Torchwood), Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood, Death Note and many more...
    This series is my favourite series of all times (like I
    said, along with ATLA). Expand
  20. Jan 28, 2013
    Comparing it To the first Avatar cartoon while inevitable is I think doing a disservice to both shows. The original show stared out very light and the setting aside it was fairly standard fare for the time. It was only after they stared fleshing out the world and characters that it really came in to its own. I believe that Korra has just as much potential but that it was ill served by the decision to make the first season 12 episodes rather than 22 or even 20 as Avatars first season was. All in all I quite enjoyed it and am looking forward to the second season but it is a very different show than the original, that isn't a bad thing but it is something that needs to be taken in to account when deciding to watch it. Expand
  21. Nov 20, 2012
    It will take a bit of time to get your head around just how.... different everything is. So different it almost doesn't remember Avatar at all, but that is somewhat the point. The more I watched the more I liked the storyline and plot and while it still didn't answer some of the questions left from The Last Airbender, I think it was a wise move to progress things with a different group rather than being stuck in the box of trying to think up of more story and action for the original group that doesn't quite justify itself. Expand
  22. Oct 24, 2012
    Dazzlingly animated, while it is technically based in the same world as its previous series, The Legend of Korra spectacularly separates itself enough to make room for wider plot devices, settings, and character development in order to grasp unconverted viewers, yet it has enough references and similarities to hang onto longtime fans. Its 1920's-esque setting is refreshing, its animation is glossy, its action sequences are glossy, and the drama is darker and deeper than its quirkier predecessor. However, Legend of Korra begins to fall from its spotlight when its finale arrives, where the series' detailed plot devices begin to feel paced and rushed, "deus ex machina" moments are far more than noticeable, and main protagonist Korra is handed almost every solution without properly earning it, unlike the previous series' protagonist Aang, who dealt with far worse. But overall, this series is has more than enough potential to be given a chance by audiences of all ages, whether you admire its anime-esque animation or divine setting. Expand
  23. Oct 19, 2012
    The main problem with this show is that when Avatar had serious moments,awesome fightings and sometimes jokes and characters backstory (that compared to the other things above wasn´t THAT good) tThis show is the exact opposite in almost everything. Dont get me wrong,its a good show but its not like The Last Airbender. The plot isn´t as original as the first one and the villain is not as cool as the ones from the first show. Now the main characters are either cool,shy or simply annoying and that is a downside. Its not bad,but to be fair,compared to The Last Airbender its frustrating. Expand
  24. Aug 4, 2012
    when i first heard of a sequel to one of my all time favorite cartoon series, i wasn't expecting much out of it but wow did it exceed my expectations. On first thought this series does have its flaws, such as the character development, i admit that i did like the new team avatar but it seemed to be formed way too quickly, and at some times in the season korra acted like a stereotypical "icarly" character. other then that i did like the story and the mature themes that were mixed into the show such as political views and amon's back story. Expand
  25. Jul 19, 2012
    PLEASE READ THIS REVIEW FOR LEGEND OF KORRA I was a huge fan of Avatar The Last Airbender and I admit that I was worried about how the creators were going to resurrect the success of the original series with the Legend of Korra, but as I watched the season premiere I was able to have a great sigh of relief. Not only is Legend of Korra a great TV show, it brings back the same excellent story telling, well developed characters, and stylish visuals that fans of The Last Airbender had much desired, while also feeling fresh. The more mature themes and darker tone of the Legend of Korra provides an interesting take on the bending world we've come to know and love, where scum walks the streets and extremists threaten society. A lot of the characters share very similar personality traits to characters from the original series, such as Bolin being an obvious replacement for Sokka, but yet again Legend of Korra is able to cover these things with a new layer of paint, making everything feel new. As was expected, the voice acting, visual quality, and audio quality is top notch allowing for incredible presentation throughout the season. I could go into more details about why Legend of Korra is amazing, but this is supposed to be a short review. I'll just conclude with the fact that the show isn't perfect, but the shear amount of positive things it has going for it almost completely overlaps any negatives and I think that nobody of any age, as it will likely appeal to any age group, should miss out on what could be one of the best animated TV shows of all time (the Avatar series). Also, in response to StoutCarrot's mediocre review... I was extremely suprised by how little you either know or understand about this TV show. Your review is so unexpectedly inaccurate that it angered me. Your review is literally the reason why I registered on this website, and I'm not saying your opinion is wrong because, obviously, anybody could have their own opinion about it (in this case, you dislike Legend of Korra), it's your justification for your reasoning that I found to be completely off. So maybe next time you review something, you shouldn't be so much a hater as a critic. Expand
  26. Jul 14, 2012
    The Legend of Korra is incredible, it's not Aang anymore. With that tight plot, world paradox, could bear uneven parts. Let me tell you this, don't make M. Night Shyamalan ruin this.
  27. Jul 12, 2012
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. Sure The Legend of Korra looks nice, but from a storytelling perspective this show does everything wrong. This spinoff has shallow characters, terrible pacing, and wretched, god-awful dialog. Most importantly, the season finale is the worst conclusion to a story I've ever witnessed, in ANY storytelling medium. If you don't know what I'm taking about, here's how the chapter ends: After losing most of her bending powers, Korra is visited by her past lives, who, in the last MINUTE of the series, restore all of her powers. They also give her the power to give everyone else their bending back. How this is possible is never explained. In fact we're never given a clear explanation of how Amon was able to remove those abilities in the first place.

    It frustrates me that people are happy with this. Is this really all it takes to please a fanbase? Why should the writers even try to improve when their broken story is heralded as one of the greatest animations of all time? I don't care about what you think of the rest of the series, everyone has their own tastes. But the ending is nonsensical and cheap no matter how you look at it. It just doesn't work.

    The fact that this show is getting so much praise is proof that people don't expect enough from what they watch on tv. If this is a masterpiece in storytelling then I don't want any more stories.
  28. Jul 11, 2012
    i know its different from ATLA but i still loved it because in this series there older so there's more complexity to there stories because theirs more to tell and we might actually find out what happened to zukos mom plus the season finale was amazing the best was korras air bending all in all if you havent watched this series i think you should
  29. Jul 10, 2012
    My only complaint is the fact that Nick only ordered a total 26 episodes for the ENTIRE SERIES of The Legend of Korra, only a little over a normal TV season like that of The Last Airbender, but is deciding to cram two whole seasons worth of plot into it. I don't think people realized how much actually happened in the season compared to The Last Airbender. No filler episodes actually happened, which is why I'm only giving the show a 9. "A point off for NO filler episodes? Wouldn't you actually WANT them?" you must be asking yourself. Well, in the case of Avatar, the filler episodes can actually be the best standout ones that fans actually love. The Southern Raiders, Ember Island Players, Tales of Ba Sing Se, and The Puppetmaster are some of my favorites, and they were just filler episodes! So yes, The Lgend of Korra is a fantastic show, but it's incredibly rushed because of the season orders it was given by Nick. Expand
  30. Jul 8, 2012
    The story of season 1 is an interesting exploration of a coming-of-avatar story against the backdrop of a reimagined sino-american progressive era city in the midst of counter-culture insurgency. Korra is certainly as good as the last airbender, possibly better, and I absolutely love this show. The story is wonderful; full of so many lessons for young Korra. The quality of the animation is superb; it's one of the few shining examples of anime made for an American audience. The attention to detail of the fighting scenes is astonishing; for example, it's clear the animators spent a studied many hours choreographing fight scenes with a wing chun artist guiding them- as if Donnie Yen himself were looking over their shoulders while they storyboarded. Expand

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  1. Reviewed by: David Hinckley
    May 22, 2012
    Visually, Korra is striking. It's full of little tricks and nuances that only true fans will notice and savor, but nothing prevents civilians from enjoying it as well. The same holds for the mythology.
  2. Reviewed by: Curt Wagner
    May 22, 2012
    When her Airbender training is postponed, Korra travels to Republic City, where Aang's son Tenzin lives, so he can teach her. And that's when the fun begins.
  3. Reviewed by: Brian Lowry
    May 22, 2012
    Mostly, the intrigue in the half-hour pilot proves a trifle head-scratching, but there's a fair amount of action and an impressive look.