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  • Series Premiere Date: Apr 8, 2006
  • Season #: 1 , 2 , 3
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  • Starring: Mami Koyama, Tsutomu Isobe, Daisuke Namikawa
  • Summary: On an unusual but routine business trip in South East Asia, fate turns business man Rokuro Okajima's life around when pirates hijack his ship and take him hostage. In a strange turn of events Rokuro joins the Russian mafia-employed motley crew and adopts the moniker 'Rock.'The second season is also known under the title: Black Lagoon: The Second Barrage

    In July 2008, a third season was announced.

    The third season, also known as Black Lagoon: Roberta`s Blood Trail airs mid-2010.
  • Genre(s): Animation, Action & Adventure
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  1. Jul 11, 2013
    Black Lagoon an amazing anime I truly would give this an infinite number out of 10 (obviously not on the scale) because it has no comparison etc. It is truly a masterpiece a one of a kind comic/manga, Anime etc. Because of it's story, visuals, cast, and everything else. What makes this so different to other classics in the history of Anime, etc. forms of visual media is the animation/drawings, the plot, and concept in general a group of 4 Pirates the anime is centered on the main characters/anitheroes, Rock, which is a bit like the character Yuiji from Blue Gender a naive, very moral young man who is taken at first as a hostage by the female lead which most believe is his future wife or something "Revy" a tough, young, beautiful, and one of the most badass characters ever she is like the Arnold of the show in other words she is the dark action girl while Rock who is extremly intelligent and civilized is a bad ass in training as he learns to live as an outlaw but with good morals if that were possible anyways the show has a lot very in depth moments of how a criminal would think, a very thoughtful and possibly inspiring story to those who are possibly in a situation somewhat like one of the episodes displayed. Rock is truly a cool character who is trying to make a relationship with Revy and she is doing the same as Rock trying to be his girl or whatever now the Anime/Manga is not at all romance genre oriented it is really a seinen but the anime/manga does display romance so it is like a non-stop thriller/action/drama/aventure anime with romance blended in that is barely visible so I guess it is sort of romance but that is definitely not what the story is about the author of the manga also uses real guns for each character which makes is all the more better with realistic elements tied in to it. This is an anime/manga I recommend to anyone that is mature enough to handle it because it does have a lot of anti-child friendly things in it. THis is not a child's show unless they can truly handle it I would say for 15-any age after are the usual audience to want to watch this non-stop Tarantino like ride. This is truly a great anime/manga and one of the best pieces of art I have ever seen/read etc. Expand
  2. May 7, 2014
    ''Black Lagoon: Season 1'' is just a deeply complicated anime full of interesting characters with different personalities you're yet to understand, Black lagoon's drawings are pretty good, they're a good example of how a smooth anime should be, just like ''Attack on Titan'', that was pretty well produced and very smooth, if you're looking for something deep to watch, then this is for you. Expand
  3. Jul 31, 2014
    A beyond awesome anime and a wonderful dub. This show is filled with tons of colorful characters and and stories that will keep you entertained for a very long time. The dub is also very well done and it's easily up there with Fullmetal Alchemist as one of the best dubs I've ever seen. Both seasons plus Roberta's Blood Trail, the final 5 episodes made into one long OVA, are some of the best T.V. I've seen in awhile. Can't recommend it enough. Expand
  4. Jul 1, 2013
    If you want a deep and complicated story line full of interesting and deep characters with plenty of sincere and touching moments, look elsewhere. Black Lagoon is an ass kicking actions anime full of guns, blades, and violence. And really, that's all it has to be. As the show progresses, the action gets more intense and the situations become more absurd. And really, it's quite awesome. Expand