• Network: AMC
  • Series Premiere Date: Jan 20, 2008
  • Season #: 1 , 2 , 3 , 4 , 5
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  1. Aug 17, 2010
    Wow, can I say about this great show?

    This is easily the best show on television right now, and season 3 is keeping the pace going. While Vince Gilligan and the crew did have some slower establishing episodes early on, the episode "Mas" blew the doors off the barn. Such great writing, great acting, mind-blowing cinematography, gorgeous audio and painstaking attention to detail go into every single shot. Expand

  2. Oct 15, 2010
    Just keeps getting better as the seasons go on, not many shows can manage that. Tonally it's like No Country for Old Men was turned into a TV show. Not saying anything that hasn't been said before but why can't more shows be shot this well?
  3. Aug 12, 2010
    Absolutely the best show on television. Season 3 kept me on the edge of my seat each Sunday night and kept me counting the days in between. Vince Gilligan has created a brilliant, unique show that keeps me begging for more. Can't wait until season 4...
  4. Sep 11, 2010
    This show has really gotten serious in a flash, making the show **** more awesome than Brian Cranston's first career, on Malcolm in the Middle. Excitement leaving you on your seat, anticipation that can keep you on the couch long enough waiting for the next episode, and humor that makes you laugh your ass off. I would recommend this TV show to someone who loves cliff- hangers, violence, the chemistry of meth, and hilarious characters, with a absolutely perfect storyline. Can't wait for season four!! Expand
  5. Aug 19, 2010
    I've never seen anything like it, refreshingly original and brutally logical. Brilliantly cast and acted all around. It manages to stay unpredictable with absolutely no hint of jumping the shark. Just watch it.
  6. Jan 2, 2012
    This season, has the most deaths compared to the first two. You see some pretty amazing things. There is a lot of good dialogue. Walter get's very dark here, but he is still himself. A great and lengthy season to an unstoppable show!
  7. Apr 12, 2011
    Few shows get stronger with each passing season. A true testament to the strength of the writers and cast. With every new episode they introduce some new plot twist or a character trait that never fails to surprise. Kudos to AMC.
  8. Sep 29, 2011
    How the **** do they continue to better themselves? The only thing that could be worthy of juxtaposition with this would be The Wire. **** all the other TV shows. Breaking Bad is the greatest goddamned show on.
  9. Jan 10, 2014
    Overall season 3 runs triumphant. The show verges on the edge of perfection as emotions run high and lies slowly find some daylight, if a bit muddled. The cast turns superb performances and, with the exception of a slower episode or two, proves to be the best Breaking Bad season so far. This show is on a huge upswing at this point.
  10. Nov 3, 2010
    This season might have had a few slow episodes but it remained high quality and the ending, what an ending. How cruel for them to leave us hanging like that. Season 4 cannot come soon enough.
  11. Mar 24, 2011
    I can't decide which show is better... This one or "Mad Men." They are both basically perfect. There is not much I need to say about the show except for WATCH IT. You will not be disappointed. A brutally human and emotional show. Does anyone else wonder what happened to that guy Walt killed in the first season? Can't wait to find out.
  12. Nov 10, 2010
    Stage a marathon watching if you haven't caught this gem yet. Best show on TV, the best ever produced imho. Season 1 was pretty good, season 2 uneven but good overall, season 3 breathtaking. I'm still counting the days until season 4 premiers. Aaron Paul earned his Emmy!!! I wish I could shake his hand and give him a thank you hug/kiss. I love the writers and directors, they are brilliant.
  13. Jul 20, 2011
    This shows plot flows like the storyline of an enticing book. Not quickly as to miss something, but not slow as to become boring. It's slow, methodical plot is barely seen in any form of media. Its delivery is perfect, and its season finale will have you grasping for more.
  14. Dec 24, 2010
    All I can say is this - Half Measures' final scene.

    For me, this is the scene that wraps up the entire show. This is why Season 4 of Breaking Bad is the only thing that is keeping me alive.
  15. Jan 13, 2011
    Breaking Bad is what great television should be. It doesn't give you the simple satisfaction of conflict and resolution packaged into an episode like so many other television shows do. It is produced as a artistic masterpiece with with each episode being a brushstroke of complex and compelling storyline all amassing to that final episode where everything comes together and you get the magnificent payoff of all of the long hours you have put into the show. Many would be put off by the slow start that each season has, laying the foundation for the series finale, but if one puts in the time it, similar to The Wire gives one of the most rewarding payoffs i have received from a television show. Expand
  16. Jan 19, 2011
    Wow, this show just keeps getting better. Dexter now has a rival for my favorite tv show , Breaking Bad is that good. Mad Men is so boring and overrated that Breaking Bad never really interested me that much, but i downloaded the pilot on itunes and subsequently went out and got the dvds. I watched all 3 seasons in like 2 weeks and can't wait for season 4
  17. Mar 2, 2011
    If there was ever a series that deserved a full 10, this would be it! The script is sharp, the acting is top notch and the story is engaging. I am blown away with how good every single actor in this series is. Clever, fun and moving.
  18. Apr 22, 2011
    I'm not ready to call this the greatest television show ever created, but that's only because it's only been three seasons (and the strike shortened 1st season isn't as good as the 2nd and 3rd). But Season Three included one of the top 5 gun fights ever filmed (from 'One Minute'). That includes movies and television. That scene - and two others (from 'Half Measures' and 'Full Measure' - were three of the most suspenseful scenes ever to appear on television. I hate to quote AMC's self-congratulatory commercials, but this show is changing the way television is filmed. The days of 3 cameras (or a single camera) are quickly coming to an end. The production values and cinematography of this show are better than anything else on television - including shows with budgets that far exceed the fairly heft $3 million per episode that AMC shells out for Breaking Bad.

    The only thing negative that I can say about this show is that it will probably only last 5 or 6 seasons. The ratings are fine, but it seems unlikely that this story can continue credibly for more than that many seasons. Then again - I thought they'd written themselves into a corner after Season 2, but they escaped brilliantly.

    If you don't watch this show because it's "too odd" or "too depressing", then I guess "Criminal Minds" might be more up your alley. Stay safe. Wouldn't want a "drama" to make you feel something! That would be tragic!
  19. Jul 21, 2011
    I just reviewed season 1 and 2 because I discovered this great series later than most. And I will say what I have said twice before. This is the greatest show on tv, period. This season, specifically, is even better than it's previous seasons. I just can't believe how they can keep making this masterpiece of a television series. A movie cannot bring you the feeling you get when you watch this show. There are 33 episodes after season 3's end. each episode is 45 minutes. That is hours of character development, intense scenes, breathtaking action and suspense, and fantastic cinematography. This show is the greatest entertainment I have ever scene. No other movie or show has made me so excited when something crazy happens in the show. No other source of media has made me feel hopeless for a character as much as Breaking Bad. This is one of the best forms of entertainment, period. This show deserves the awards and deserves the praise it has received. In my opinion, this is the best season yet. The episode "One Minute" is hands down my favorite episode in the entire series. I can never explain how much I enjoy this show. I say that if you haven't seen this show yet, do it ASAP! It's a masterpiece. Brilliance. Expand
  20. May 24, 2013
    Anyone thinking of watching this will already know what Breaking Bad is about so I will just say that while the first two seasons were absolutely fantastic this third season is the best yet.

    Everything from the writing to the directing to the acting continues to be spot on and a host of truly unexpected scenes will keep you on the edge of your seat. If you only watch one show this year
    make sure it is Breaking Bad. Expand
  21. Jun 29, 2011
    The pain on Jesse's face when the door opened at the end of this season's finale will always haunt me. As emotional and heartbreaking as virtually anything ive come across in my trek across the TV landscape. The true manifestation of Walters's creation, since he had first laid eyes on that pile of money whilst watching the news during his birthday celebrations back in season one, was there in all its horrific and tragic repugnancy. The fact that it came literally five seconds after what could arguably be described as the coolest 'high five' moment of the show to date, just represents what a masterclass Breaking Bad really is. Season 3 is raw, it's nasty, it's dark, and it's terrifying. Laughs are still there, and aplenty (Saul's 'Kevin Costner' chat up line springs immediately to mind)... but there is no turning back for our two beloved protagonists now. Lines have been crossed, lives have been changed, and people's very souls have been stained forever. The best show on TV keeps getting better, all while the competition sits in its shadow tirelessly trying to figure out how to dethrone a juggernaut of immeasurable proportions. Ten days ago I hadn't seen one single episode of Breaking Bad, and was of the opinion that 'Mad Men' was TV's current finest hour. Ten days later have I changed my opinion? You bet ya a*s I have... yo! Expand
  22. Sep 18, 2012
    One of the best shows ever made. One of the best shows ever made. One of the best shows ever made. One of the best shows ever made. One of the best shows ever made.
  23. Aug 23, 2011
    I agree with metacritic when they give it a 10 out 10.
    I never thought they could of made the show better than season 2, seeing how damn well amazing season 2 was. This season like most of the breaking bad begins off GREAT! There's a small jump in time,
    and begins off with A LOT of guilt, that Jessie and Walt both feel on their shoulders.
    The season like all the others is great throughout
    and builds up to extreme heights and continues to picks up at the end of the season with intense action. Breaking bad is like meth for television viewers.
    I've never seen a bad episode of Breaking Bad.
    The Intro's are original and meaningful and always related, as you will find out later in the season.
  24. Sep 5, 2011
    The most intense and nerve fraying show currently on TV. A great season filled with plenty of surprise twists and turns. The strength of this show is it's storytelling and it's fantastic actors. Both are on full display in season 3
  25. Jul 11, 2012
    This is where the show goes through the roof, the season that MADE this show. Just when you think it couldn't get any crazier or unpredictable without seeming impossible, the 3rd season delivers a more shocking story than the 1st two combined.
  26. Dec 20, 2011
    Just keeps getting better and better. The show is great this season and the addition of Gus finally gives the show an amazing villian that makes you want to watch it even more. Cranston still is the heart of the show though and his performance once again is untouchable.
  27. Jun 8, 2014
  28. Jan 19, 2012
    The best season of Breaking bad so far. Not at all as systematic as season 2 (apparently the writers approached season 3 by deliberately getting themselves into impossible corners and just figuring it out as they went along), but somehow even better. We started to see some of the characters from the first two seasons (especially Walter Jr.) slip away (though Hank provided us with one of the best moments in TV history) but that was sort of the point. Newer characters like Saul, Mike, Gus, and the brothers (though the true literary role of the latter is beyond expression in an online user review) really made this season something. Some of the show's best moments appear in episodes 1 ("no mas"), 6 ("sunset"), 7 ("one minute," and 12 ("Half Measures"). And even though "Fly" seemed a bit anti-climatic when it first aired, looking back it's one of my favorite episodes, and one of the best showcases of acting for both Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul. Expand
  29. Feb 2, 2012
    Pretty much the same things as I said for season 2. The show has its really high points and it has low points. Its sitll a great show and its easily one of the best shows on TV.
  30. Mar 17, 2012
    CHANGE. This show embodies the meaning of the word. The study of chemistry is the study of CHANGE. Walter White's character was designed to CHANGE as time goes on. And the show is not afraid to CHANGE its own status quo. The addition of the three most impacting characters introduced last season was a brilliant move, giving way for new stories, decisions, and events that make Season 3 the best yet in Breaking Bad. Vince Gilligan's unique vision and direction blows Mad Men out of the water, and gives us unsettling drama, nail-biting tension, insane comedy, explosive action, and a world to thrust the viewer into unlike any other. Pure art. Expand
  31. CDQ
    Jun 24, 2012
    Breaking Bad is by far the best show on television right now, and is one of the best TV Dramas of all time. Season 3 was spectacular, from beginning to end. There was not even one misstep. Please do yourself a favor and watch this show if you haven't already. You will not be disappointed.
  32. Jul 16, 2012
    i thought the 2nd season of breaking bad was THE greatest season of tv...i was very nervous for season 3...i didnt think it could be as good as the second season...i thought the first 5 episodes were a bit slow.....but then the next 8 episodes were some of the best ever put on tv....this season exceded my expectations...it was even bettter than the 2nd season. "one minute", "half measures" and "full measure" are all tied for the best episode of tv ever. i cant choose. Expand
  33. Aug 15, 2013
    This season is amazing. The final 10 minutes of every episode always seems to leave you hanging and chomping at the bit for more. Awesome show as a whole and season in particular.
  34. Sep 24, 2012
    Breaking Bad is an excellent series, and I am very sorry that they are only 5 seasons because many will want to continue to enjoy this wonderful series.
  35. Oct 27, 2012
    One word sums season three up... INTENSE!! What a ride and season 4 is even better!! This show just keeps going like the Energizer bunny. Cranston is mind-blowing as Walt (or Heisenberg). Jesse, Gus, Saul, Hank, Mike & Skyler are all the perfect supporting cast. AMC truly has the best shows on TV. Just Break Bad!!!
  36. Nov 9, 2012
    Bracing, urgent, and, at time, even funny. Cranston and Paul are still perfect and play off each other better than any current TV team.
  37. Nov 20, 2012
    Great show, it is very fast and the acting is great. Every season gets better and better. Cranston and Paul's performances are unbelievably good. Best show on television, Better than the sopranos and the wire in my opinion
  38. Dec 1, 2012
    It doesn't get any better than this. Best season by far. The twins were absolutely amazing. The main characters were developed. It was a treat to watch Walt. Gus was awesome in the calm manner in which he deals with things. And what an ending to the season!
  39. Dec 28, 2012
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. This is by far the best tv show on at the moment. nothing comes close. the only reason i give it a 9 is because i only give 10s for the best thing ive seen. (wait till you get to season 4 and 5). i would give it a 9.5 if i could. the acting is still amazing, proven by the emmy wins for cranston and paul for best actor and best supporting actor respectively. the addition of gus fring makes this season even better than the last two. the season finale 'full measure' is simply awesome, especially the scene where gale is shot by jesse, one of the most emotional scenes on television. the show is brilliantly told and the character development of ww is simply mind-blowing. Expand
  40. Oct 28, 2013
    Now this is what IAM talking about! Breaking BAD HAS RETURNED AGAIN BROS. In this season, there was a big suspense that ended season 2. So, this season kicks it off with it! No Spoilers but I am just telling you its badass. This season wraps up with an excellent Half Measures scene which is the charm about it. Cranston is perfect and Paul is epic. BREAKING BAD is still the best show on earth.
  41. Sep 3, 2013
    This season has a rather slow start, however as it progresses, events get increasingly interesting and plot points begin to become fleshed out. It does an awesome job of not only entertaining, but also setting up the next season. It's definitely worth your time.
  42. Nov 12, 2013
    As coisas já começaram a alavancar a partir daqui, a partir desta temporada, Breaking Bad começou a mostrar o porquê de ser considerada uma das melhores série de TV da história.
  43. May 13, 2013
    It´s making addictive, you never really know what´s happening next. You just gotta love all the characters and Bryan Cranston has the role of f his life! Walter is just so badass and watching him getting through all this is very addictive. The only difficulties this series has though is that the third and fourth season are getting a lil bit boring but they still have some real kickass plots. This is one masterpiece of a series, and i really want to suck up the damn final part of season 5, but till then we have to wait for summer 2013. That´s a downside too. You have to wait nearly a whole year for a new season, but at least it´s worth it! WATCH IT! It´s a legendary TV Show you need to watch! Expand
  44. Jun 24, 2014
    Breaking Bad continues to get better as Walter White dramatically changes into a drug kingpin. The show continues to be top notch and the story lines are even better
  45. Apr 18, 2013
    Breaking Bad Continues its great quality, In this third season will see great episodes with excellent conversations, excellent suspense-drama, many epic moments, excellent performances (especially Aaron Paul, Bryan Cranston and Giancarlo Esposito).

    I'm excited with the fourth season, since the end of the third it leaves you with your mouth open.
  46. Jan 4, 2014
    Brilliant acting, writing and directing. The technical aspects also have to be mentioned, like the cinematography or the special effects that make the unique style dazzle. The character study becomes more and more gripping.
  47. Feb 17, 2014
    This season made me hope that Walt would quit the business and straighten is life, although I knew it could not happen for obvious reasons. It was intriguing trying to understand at which point (and why) Walt would decide to go back to the activity that gave him so much rewards, both on the financial and personal way. However, this is also the season when things start to take a turn for the worse and much of the "fun" is gone. Jesse turns into a real pain, Skyler into an ambiguous manipulator, a liar, an accomplice. In this series Walt and Sky relationship is totally dysfunctional and I really hoped they would divorce. A praise to "Tuco's cousins" who played really terrifying thugs. The episode "One minute" was truly the greatest in a great season. Expand
  48. Sep 25, 2013
    I've never seen anything like it, This is easily the best show on television right now Just keeps getting better as the seasons go on, not many shows can manage that
  49. Jun 20, 2013
    Season 3 of Breaking Bad is where the show becomes the best show on television. No debating this. Not one other show is evenly remotely close. The story gets pushed along where it needs to be.
  50. Jul 4, 2013
    Season 3 of Breaking Bad is the worst one of Breaking Bad, because Walter keeps saying things he would probably never say in real life and it keeps it from being believable. However it is still the best TV show you will find to date.
  51. Mar 27, 2014
    Temporada tres fue brillante, la introduccion de los gemelos asesinos, el personaje de Mike, el episodio en el cual Hank estaba a punto de morir, el personaje de Gustavo Fring, una temporada muy superior a las dos primeras.
  52. Sep 6, 2013
    This is how GOD intended TV to be made!!! This has to be one of the, if not, THE best show ever made!!! An absolute thrilling ride from the very first second!!!!
  53. Dec 20, 2013
    Bryan Cranston understands his role as Walter White so well that at times it's easy to forget that we are merely watching an actor portray a character. Additionally, season three of Breaking Bad is so brilliant that your jaw will literally drop several times throughout the show, most notably within the final five minutes or so of One Minute and Full Measure. Cliffhanger after cliffhanger, development after development, frame after frame, word after word, second after second. Breaking Bad is phenomenal television, and this third season helps solidify that claim. Expand
  54. Oct 2, 2013
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. This season is just amazing it sets up two of my favourite characters in any TV Show, Gus Fring who is an experienced business man in the Meth Industry and Mike Ehrmantraut who is working for Gus but not only that he also is the character who tells Walt one of the most notorious breaking bad stories "Half Measures". Just a fantastic season overall but I thought some of the episodes very quite predictable something that isn't very present in the other seasons but none the less it's another season that makes you wonder if TV will be the same after the show is over. Expand
  55. Oct 20, 2013
    Nenhuma outra série de TV atual equilibra sensibilidade e tenacidade como Breaking Bad. Uma das séries de TV mais cinematográfica que eu já vi, uma obra visualmente sofisticado em que cada tiro foi macro-projetado para dar sentindo em um roteiro espetacular.
  56. Nov 29, 2013
    Breaking Bad starts to grow more deep into its characters' lives and emotions, meanwhile affecting its well-toned storytelling through climatic changes, and never sacrifices its trademark humor and suspense. Most of the season has go through events of devastation, suspense, heart-breaks, doubt, and the value of business, which puts our anti-heroes against their own humanity and complexity, even though there are calm moments. But, sadly, throughout the last two seasons, there would be little calm situations, and it decreases lower, lower, and lower, until in the very end. That's what Breaking Bad truly pioneering.

    From where the second season finale left off, protagonist Walter White (Bryan Cranston) tries to cope with the aftermath of the devastating plane crash, which shocks the whole town of Albuquerque. That's not the only problem he has; he also must deal with the friction of his marriage with his wife Skyler (Anna Gunn), who now knows that his own husband is a drug manufacturer, and couldn't talk to their son, Walt Jr, aka "Flynn" (RJ Mitte), about it. With the outcome of his new distributor Gus (Giancarlo Esposito). With the partnership with his recovering drug-addicted protege, Jesse (Aaron Paul), who is depressed after the death of his girlfriend, Jane. With handling with his and Jesse's lawyer, Saul Goodman (Bob Odenkirk), who becomes to become the season's most funniest character. And with hiding his progress from his brother-in-law, Hank Schrader (Dean Norris) who struggles to deal with the menacing trauma of his storyline in the previous season, and his wife Marie (Betsy Brandt) tries to connect with him. Later, Hank goes through more traumatizing events that nearly got him killed, causing him to "step off" for a little while. Walt and Jesse later realizes more about their new boss, growing friction and tension between them three, which continues in the next season, which results in a game of violence, betrayal, deception, and the value of meth, that continued to ravage until in the fourth season finale.

    So far, we have many of the best episodes in the show, so far, and neither any other episode in the show is bad. Meanwhile "One Minute", "Half Measures", and "Full Measures" had an enormous build-up
    of suspense in its final moments, then "Fly" focuses deeply on an ordeal formula on its two leads, as they struggle to cope with each others' feelings and emotions, picking up the path that "Cat's in the Bag..." and "Four Days Out" left off. It looks like Vince Gilligan and his team of talented writers never runs out of ideas.

    As the storytelling was purely well-toned, it was ultimately the performances and the direction that turns it into "gold". As Bryan Cranston's performance as Walt turns himself into a darker figure, Aaron Paul's performance as Jesse starts to grow a bit more mature, organized, and calmer, than the old Jesse,
    meanwhile never giving up his sense of humor, and becomes more "tortured" than anyone in the series. Many performances of the cast starts to turn into darker, mature, or serious figures, as
    Odenkirk's Saul is one of the series' funniest high points, and never lets down. Esposito is yet a standout as Walt's cold-blooded distributor, whose soft-spoken nature often complicates the environment surrounding him and the ones that make contact with him. That's what makes him
    awesome. The acting has actually grown into more of maturity rather than having to be goofy, and that
    is what makes Breaking Bad so pioneering.

    Breaking Bad's 3rd season is like every fan expected it to be. It turns a dark comical series that begins to progress much further into much of its darker and serious content, and not everyone stops to accomplish it. The show has expanded, it is riveting, and it will soon grow upon its title to become one of TV's finest moments, meanwhile embracing its original core much tighter than ever.
  57. Oct 27, 2013
    this was a great season for breaking bad, they have improved quite a few good performances and added new characters, this season had a spectacular Termination.
  58. Oct 18, 2013
    Oh man, if you think it's good now, you have another great 2 (and a half?) seasons to be amazed. This is where viewers begin to see Breaking Bad shedding its skin and displaying its beautifully written story for all to see. This is the season when I started telling my friends to watch Breaking Bad. It was great.
  59. Nov 5, 2013
    It's getting more hard to stop watching. Amazing. Everything from the first 2 seasons just gets better. So intense and original. My intensity level is up to 100 out of 10. It's so amazing.
  60. Dec 7, 2013
    So good that after watching the first episode I was hooked. I couldn't stop watching and now that its over I feel sad. It was the best tv series of all time and a master piece!
  61. Dec 12, 2013
    Breaking Bad simply gets better and better, and season 3 continues to show Walt as a changing man moving on to bigger and better things. Especially towards the end of the season the pace speeds up, creating constant revelations from the characters that build up to an explosive final episode.
  62. Jan 31, 2014
    I feel this is the season where things got real! The whole story became so much darker and intense. The characters have completely changed from the first season. All of the performances excelled in this season. Bryan Cranston well deservingly received his third consecutive Primetime Emmy Award for Best Actor. I especially loved episodes such as, Fly, Half Measures and Full Measure.
  63. Sep 30, 2014
    Сезон, чуть менее интересный, но более эффектный, нежели предыдущий. Серия с мухой для меня до сих пор является одной из лучших.
  64. Jul 10, 2014
    Aquí la serie dio un giro importante. Adquirió un tono mas serio y se acabó el trabajar en la furgoneta. La verdad es que fue la temporada que menos me gustó, aunque es genial por la subtrama de los gemelos calvos. Se mantenía la calidad de los actores y tal pero fue algo menos divertida que las dos anteriores. El secundario Gus me gustó.
  65. Aug 17, 2014
    Bryan Cranston understands his role as Walter White so well that at times it's easy to forget that we are merely watching an actor portray a character. Additionally, season three of Breaking Bad is so brilliant that your jaw will literally drop several times throughout the show, most notably within the final five minutes or so of One Minute and Full Measure. Cliffhanger after cliffhanger, development after development, frame after frame, word after word, second after second. Breaking Bad is phenomenal television, and this third season helps solidify that claim. Expand
  66. Sep 25, 2014
    Why 10 out 10? Keep the story evolving and surprising while showing the effects and consequences of all the decisions made is a really tough challange, but Breaking Bed's 3rd season accomplishes that perfectly, keeping you curious, surprised and ancious to see the series evolve, this is a masterpice TV show, this is a 10/10 season.

Universal acclaim - based on 15 Critics

Critic score distribution:
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  1. 90
    When people ask me to recommend good TV, they never seem to have heard about it. Yup, Breaking Bad is that series.
  2. Reviewed by: Paige Wiser
    The bleakness is a little relentless for my taste, but you have to marvel at the series' dark vision. Odenkirk is working with the best of the best, and he knows it.
  3. Reviewed by: Ken Tucker
    Breaking Bad has, in short, everything you could want from an hour-long show: suspense, laughs, danger, and poignance.