• Network: AMC
  • Series Premiere Date: Jan 20, 2008
  • Season #: 1 , 2 , 3 , 4 , 5
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  1. Jan 3, 2013
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. I really liked season 5, but not as much as season 4. I'll start with the positives. The writing was mostly superb, the acting consistently so. I won't go into much detail, as it has probably already been done so, but I do have to voice my views of Skyler, who gets a LOT of hatred that many times is clearly misogynistic. The Skyler story arc in season 5 has been exceptional and I deeply, deeply sympathise with her.

    Anyway, so why not a 10? A few reasons.

    For one, some arcs didn't seem to go anywhere. The strongest example of this is the kid getting shot. Almost nothing happened from it. It felt cheap and just for the thrills. Walt is possibly becoming a bit too one-dimensional. This season lacked the edge-of-your-seat tension of seasons past; the train heist felt forced, but not very tense. Finally, the cliffhanger, in all honesty, was a tad pathetic. It was obvious Hank would find out, so obvious in fact that I was expecting it to happen a week earlier to give way to a real cliffhanger. It didn't. Then I thought he might find out in the last 20-minutes, to have one of the exceptional breaking bad-style cliffhangers that we had in the past ("run", jesse shooting Gale, Walt turning insane, etc). Instead we got it right at the end. It feels like we've only had a build-up so far, which of course is, true, but I count what we had as season 5 and what we'll get as season 6, and what we had in season 5 was an extremely strong opener to what will be an even stronger conclusion that we just haven't gotten yet.
  2. Oct 29, 2012
    Oh.My.God. I love how Breaking Bad just gets better from episode to episode and season to season! The first half of the fifth season is absolutely outstanding in every way.. there is nothing to say about the acting because Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul lead the series like it's the last thing they are going to do on earth. The best series and the best season ever filmed! Amazing..
    **** Magnets! Expand
  3. Aug 12, 2013
    Breaking Bad is and will remain the best drama series of the last decade. Writing, acting, direction... The show of Vince Gilligan has truly everything you could want. The best way to watch it is to steer clear of spoilers, sit-back, and enjoy it, just as it deserves to be enjoyed.
  4. Nov 1, 2012
    Talk about captivating the imagination, and presenting science (chemistry in this series) as a more interesting subject to the people. I enjoyed the story telling, easy to watch and it was fantastic.
  5. Nov 3, 2012
    Always amazing, my favorite show on television. The writing is consistently solid, developing interesting characters, and always keeping the situation heart-poundingly tense. The acting is always impressive, the cinematography always visually interesting, the music always fitting. My biggest complaint is that I have to wait until next summer for the rest.
  6. Jan 4, 2014
    Fim magnífico de uma das melhores séries já feita
  7. Apr 18, 2014
    Brilliant. Just brilliant. I could sit here all day going into detail about all of the things that make Breaking Bad untouchable, but some things are simply so damn good that you'd rather just remain silent and smile about them in your own mind. It's not just heart-pounding intensity and an addictive, intriguing sequence of events, but also profoundly evocative emotional depth and honest sentiments on the human condition that make this series such an impacting experience. The acting, the directing, the writing, the pacing (dear God the impeccable PACING!)...all damn near perfect. Bryan Cranston is beyond captivating and his performance is so frickin' great that you can watch scenes over and over again, already knowing what happens, and still find yourself enjoying them immensely just by virtue of his presence. The Walter White story truly plays out like a Shakespearean tragedy. It's more than just cool. It's operatic. And it stays with you for a long time. Probably the only television show to date that I would call a masterpiece. Just brilliant. Expand
  8. Nov 20, 2012
    Great show, it is very fast and the acting is great. Every season gets better and better. Cranston and Paul's performances are unbelievably good. Best show on television, Better than the sopranos and the wire in my opinion
  9. Oct 28, 2013
    If there WOULD be a reason to buy a tv, it's to watch Breaking Bad. The last season is a perfect ending for a show that has been building gradually to a certain end, like Mr. White. Our baby blue is gone, but we'll love her forever.
  10. Nov 25, 2012
    HANDS DOWN the best show on television. Season 5 stands to up the ante more than any one prior, with fantastic twists, incredibly tense moments, more great standout music to fit the scenes properly, and acting that can't be beat. I personally came out of season 4 saying that there was no way to top the amazing conclusion to one of the greatest television seasons ever, but they have seemed to manage just that. Without giving too much away, relationships are tested, characters die, new bonds form, and more meth is cooked (WHOOPS! SPOILERS!!). I think it should be a crime to not watch this show, maybe equal to cooking meth with the intent to distribute. If you are reading this, and do not watch Breaking Bad already, do yourself and AMC a service, and buy the show's four seasons and catch up on this Goliath of a program. Expand
  11. Sep 28, 2013
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  12. Nov 29, 2012
    In season 5 the show stays true to its "keep-them-guessing" format. Walt is coming to grips with his decisions and has fully accepted the consequences of his decisions and this is mirrored in his behavior. He is more comfortable with who he has become and is sure in what he must do to earn his new drug lord title. The series continues to get more intense as it reaches its culmination. The writer's uncanny ability to keep the viewer highly invested in this thrilling adventure never ceases to amaze. 5 Thumbs way up! Expand
  13. Sep 30, 2013
    This season went in a completely different direction. Without the villains that started to line up one after the other, for revenge or for various other reasons, Walt was allowed some breathing space. His character was explored independent of his interactions with any primary antagonists. He himself becomes the main villain in a way, which I thought was done pretty decently by the show's creative team. The first half of the season was a fast-paced, tightly plotted set-up for the second half. The second half doesn't relent for a moment, for there is not a moment to lose as the end of the season is fast approaching. Various story lines are tied up. Jesse goes berserk. Hank closes in on Heisenberg. And Walt shows his cunning time and again to get out of tight spots. I couldn't have hoped for a better last season. This is what happens when the control over a lucrative series is still in control of the creator and not the executives. If they had made some more seasons, the story would have stretched beyond reason and the charm lost. Expand
  14. Dec 4, 2012
    Absolutely unreal how they are able to improve this show with every successive season. While the first episode or two might start out a bit slow, episodes 3-8 are OUT OF THIS WORLD. Can't wait for the final 8 episodes next summer!
  15. Dec 12, 2012
    I cannot believe the run, but it has been a hell of one. Thank you everyone on the show. I cannot wait for the season premiere, yet I am scared of it because I think I know what will happen... Also, it is ending; so, that is really depressing when I think about it because this show has provided me with entertainment beyond my wildest dreams. The acting in this show is just unbelievable. If you have seen Walt in season 1 and Walt in season 5, you will notice the HUGE change. This is all believable by one of the best actors I have ever had the privilege to watch on TV. Honestly, maybe the best actor ever. Also, you must recognize Aron Paul for his amazing portrayal of Jesse. Actually, anyone in the show is a great actor. Some great actors have come onto this show and left a huge imprint on it. You must watch this show, if you are reading this. This show is even better than my favorite movies combined: The Godfather 1 and Part 2 in that order. I give it this title because The Godfathers lasted 6 hours accumulative, but Breaking Bad provides around 50 hours of non-stop, high quality, entertainment. Thank you Vince Gilligan. Expand
  16. Sep 30, 2013
    There is nothing better than to see such a great season, a final season, to masterfully wrap up the ending of one of the greatest stories ever told. After the finale of season 4 the entire crew of the production has learned a lot, and is very noticed throughout the series. Bryan Cranston, Aaron Paul, Michelle Maclaren, Vince Gilligan, everyone has pushed the bar even higher in the aspects of quality, bringing their best on the series finale.

    The direction and the writing never felt so cohesive and beautifully done, and in terms of acting, each and every actor has reached the top os their performances, extracting the best out of the great story tha Vince has to tell. In the end, with the best working with the best, nothing else there is to expect than the perfect and completely orchestrated work of art that the TV shows have to offer
  17. Dec 23, 2012
    There are two types of people in the world: Those who love Breaking Bad, and those who have never seen it.

    Although I am sad that the brilliant show is coming to an end, I feel it is for the best. Breaking Bad is a masterpiece, and if they tried to drag it out until the ratings disappeared, it would be ruining everything it's been so far. Season 5 is acting as a wrap-up to the rest of
    the season, bringing the story of each character to an end while maintaining the legendary writing, acting, and cinematography it is famous for. I, like most people, am extremely excited for the second half of this closing season, and the opening to the first episode of the season proves that Season 5's ending is going to once again blow everybody's mind. Vince Gilligan manages to leave viewers speechless at the end of every single episode, so you can only imagine what he will be able to do with the end of a franchise. The bottom line is that Breaking Bad is a show that will go down in history. Expand
  18. Oct 31, 2013
    This is perfection in television. With threads from all the way back in Season 1 coming in to play in an epic ending that will give even the greatest TV shows in history a reason to be ashamed, Vince Gilligan and his cast have created what is, for good reason, the best final season to the best TV show of all time. Period.
  19. Aug 3, 2013
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. The progression throughout Breaking bad is amazing! Season 1: you sympathize him; he's man with cancer doing something bad for the right reasons-anyone would do the same. But then in season 2 he begins to become greedy: his avarice empowers him, which is particularly highlighted when he lets Jane die, 'till finally the symbolic plain crash is caused. Then, even with this greedy nature of Walt's, we still sympathize him in season's 3 and 4 since he is being forced, and he is now an "anti-hero" we enjoy watching a complicated bad guy. But now season 5 is the most complicated season of all: Walt's a villain!!! He's killed gus and is Heisenberg. As he strives for his empire every other character is destroyed and become miserable, and then right when he repairs the situation Hank, who has been traumatized by all his experiences that were caused by Walt, has his realization. Never in my life have I seen a better array of complex, sophisticated characters. Expand
  20. Sep 8, 2013
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. Over five years, Breaking Bad has indeed become the single greatest television show in creation.

    Just for a second, forget all aspects but one. Forget the dark, risky premise. Forget the affecting, mesmerizing performances. Forget the gritty, cinematic, oddly hallucinatory way that the show is shot. Forget the ingenious writing. Besides all of these, what makes Breaking Bad surpass the likes of The Wire, The Sopranos, and all of the other shows with which it's constantly mentioned in the same sentence?

    Shortly put: its ability to shock, amaze, and affect.

    From the very beginning, Breaking Bad has taken audience expectations and trounced them with a gleeful cruelty, taking a run-down schmuck and turning him into a cold-hearted bad-ass and showing unflinchingly how this transformation has ruined the lives of countless people.

    It's not enough to show that, however. Even with shows like The Wire or The Sopranos, you could sometimes predict where the action would go. With Breaking Bad, your expectations are constantly built up and trounced. You prepare yourself for the emotional roller coaster by trying to convince yourself that this show can't possibly get away with doing what you think is going to happen, and it doesn't: it does something ten times worse, and your emotions are affected ten times as much; and you love every single second of it.

    To see Walter White go from "Mr. Chips to Scarface" is fascinating to watch because from the first episode we are sympathetic to the character. Over the show's run, Walt has become completely reprehensible, lying to others and himself with no apparent qualms, and the audience still roots for him at some level. Vince Gilligan reportedly cast Bryan Cranston based on his performance as a somewhat sympathetic anti-Semite in the X-Files episode, "Drive," saying that only Cranston can make a completely disgusting human being sympathetic. Mr. Gilligan, when you're right, boy are you ever right...

    Aaron Paul, relatively unknown at the beginning of the series, has proved himself a master of his craft. At the beginning of the series, Jesse Pinkman is an irritating, unintelligent sleaze whom you're sure will die within episodes. Over the last five seasons, completely against anyone's expectations, Jesse has become the one truly sympathetic character in the entire show. He has slowly become aware of his own intelligence and ingenuity, and his futile attempts to save lives is constantly heart-breaking. Aaron Paul, like Bryan Cranston, has never made a misstep in portraying his character's evolution.

    I only have 5000 characters, so sadly I won't be able to go into the countless supporting roles that make this show even better than it would've been otherwise. Anna Gunn's put-upon, long-suffering Skyler White; Dean Norris's more-than-able DEA agent brimming with machismo; Jonathan Banks's dead-eyed, honor-bound former cop; Giancarlo Esposito's machine-like drug kingpin.... the list just goes on and on. The supporting characters are a collective who's-who of well-developed cogs in the machine that is Breaking Bad.

    It's hard to believe that this show was made into what it became, in part, by a writer's strike. Originally, Jesse was to be killed near the end of the first season and Walt's descent into evil was much faster. The writer's strike of 2007-08 forced Gilligan and the other writers to reconsider, helping to change this show from a dark drama to a compelling human epic. We become more invested in the story of Walt's decent because he is sympathetic for a longer period of time, and the relationship between Walt and Jesse has become the heart of the show. Vince Gilligan and his team of true geniuses prove that television can be written like the greatest of the great plays or films. I haven't even scratched the surface regarding the symbolism, the color-coding, and the recurring motifs within the series.

    I've barely scratched the surface of what makes this show the greatest in television history. I've hardly said anything that hasn't been said before.

    What else can I say except that to know what everyone is raving about, you need to experience it for yourself. And it IS an experience. The likes of which probably won't be met for quite some time.
  21. Jan 26, 2013
    Having watched the first half of Breaking Bad season 5, I can honestly say its my favorite season so far in this series. Every single episode delivers. The character progression for Walt, Jesse, and Mike are perfect, and this is the only season that has really pulled at my heartstrings. Best show on TV. Bring on the second half!
  22. Jan 27, 2013
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. Small Spoilers!
    Walt and Jesse is back! You will not be disappointed, The series was amazing in season 1, and it just keeps getting better and better! More awesome and exciting for every episode, and the script in this season, AHHH, it's so good! The acting performances are also spotless, the development of all the characters are so interesting, and since the actors are doing such a great job, that I wasn't thinking about that it was a tv-show. 10/10 no doubt!
  23. Feb 6, 2013
    I try to dismiss the idea of a show that keeps getting better and better, one that continues to be hailed as one of the greatest shows of all time. However, after the incredible 13 hours of television I witnessed in the year 2011 called 'Breaking Bad: season 4', I simply had to put this at the top of the list. Then 2012 came, I sat on my couch and eagerly awaiting the first episode of season 5. Three months passed, and I was left with the final episode of 2012. After those three months, I told myself: 'This is the greatest season of television ever to be produced.' I try incredibly hard to avoid calling something the best but gosh darn, this show did it. Even without standout actor Giancarlo Esposito in his groundbreaking role as Gustavo Fring, this show managed to top its 2011 counterpart. In the pilot of Breaking Bad, we hear Walter give his class a quick summary of what chemistry is. growth, decay then transformation!" he says. Well, in season 5, we witnessed that transformation. Every other television show on the planet, current and past needs to hold their hands up in a surrendering fashion and say "Dear Breaking Bad, we give up. Sincerely, the rest of television" Expand
  24. Nov 10, 2013
    Breaking Bad... what can I say about this piece of art ?And what about the characters? Walter White, Heisenberg, Pinkman, Hank, Skyler? Everyone of them are so well written, and the real actors? I have nothing to say about them, they are amazing! I'm glad I saw this series, and the way it ended was perfect.
  25. Sep 29, 2013
    You will never find a show as interesting as Breaking Bad. The character development throughout the series is just amazing. The actors and writing were phenomenal. It is sad seeing this show finish and I can say without a doubt that the was the best TV series I have ever watched. Breaking Bad takes you on a roller coaster ride of emotion, action, and morale dilemma. If you don't watch this show, you are truly missing out! Expand
  26. Oct 28, 2013
    THE END. I will desperately miss you my friend. BREAKING BAD HAS ENDED. This season was one of the best seasons out of this show in a whole. This show ended with such a good bang that it was amazing to just watch and cry. THE BEST SHOW EVER MADE. EVERR MADE IN HISTORY. Breaking Bad may have ended on AMC but not in my heart. LOVE THIS SHOW SO MUCH BROS. REALLY NOT KIDDING. Vince Gilligan is GOD to me for this creation. Bryan Cranston is the best tv show actors ever. Aaron Paul, love ya man. Bye. Bye. Expand
  27. Nov 8, 2013
    Breaking Bad is for the 21st century what Mozart is for the 18th century. What Van Gogh is for the 19th. This is what the human species has best to offer. It belongs in a museum.. This is the TV Series that acquitted humans for all the genocides of the past centuries. Perfection/10
  28. Mar 6, 2013
    Superb acting. Immersing story. Awesome Direction.
    "The metamorphosis of Walter White from a High School chemistry teacher to a drug kingpin"
    This is one of the best TV shows ever made in history. The development of the plot after the end of Season 4 is commendable. It keeps you wanting for more. The end of the Half season just blows you away.
  29. Nov 5, 2013
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. Through the many seasons of Breaking Bad there have been some heart pumping moments, also times when you thought something bad was about to happen. However in Season 5 all of these feelings and moments are repeated time and time again keeping the viewer constantly in excitement. There was a moment in the first part of season 5 when Walt and the gang succeed robbing a train. They are happy and laughing and the viewer starts to feel excited as well. Then a kid shows up and everything just stops, Todd then shoots the kid leaving the viewer in a sort of "oh god" sort of feel. However nothing else in Season 5 will compare to the episode To'hajiilee where the fate of Hank starts to come into play. At the end of the episode my Breathing was getting louder and my thoughts were all mixed up "Can they really do this? What is happening?" then the moment Hank is killed all of my feelings just died. I felt what Walt was feeling, he just lost a person so very close to him and it was all his fault. As for the finale which people seem to be mixed about, I personally was glad with the way the show ended. It had the perfect closure that also left speculation and interpretation open to the audience. Such as "I wonder what happened to Jessie" and people begin to have their own opinions as to what happened during and after the finale. I believe that Walt was going to just go in guns blazing against Jack and his gang, that was until he saw his old partner in a terrible state, Walt believed he needed another chance after all he wasn't the one making the meth because he wanted, he was being held captive, a prisoner to the brutal red-neck gang. So in his darkest hour Walt had a brief moment when the old chemistry teacher came back to save his old partner. The Character of Walt/Heisenberg in the season is great to watch as you see him have a new look towards meth making. He is on top, he is the king of meth, he is the great Heisenberg. This was my favourite season of the show and I thank Vince Gilligan for the best TV I have ever seen. Expand
  30. Oct 2, 2013
    Easily in my top 3 shows of all time and it maybe the best written show. Season 5 just continues the greatness from the previous seasons. Vince Gilligan I bow before you.

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  1. Reviewed by: Emily Nussbaum
    Aug 22, 2012
    Breaking Bad [is] a radical type of television, and also a very strange kind of must-watch: a show that you dread and crave at the same time.
  2. Reviewed by: Laura Emerick
    Jul 16, 2012
    The season five pre­miere "Live Free or Die", more than maintains the series' record of excellence.
  3. Reviewed by: Ken Tucker
    Jul 16, 2012
    The arc of this character--series creator Vince Gilligan's invention of Walter White as a sick soul--is, it's clear now. one of the great narratives in Television histpory. [13 Jul 2012, p.62]