Bubblegum Crisis Tokyo 2040 : Season 1

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  • Series Premiere Date: Oct 8, 1998
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  • Summary: In the 2030's, an earthquake hit Tokyo, killing millions and devastating the city. In order to speed up the rebuilding after this castrophe, the powerful Genom corporation mass produced boomers- smart robots that can be designed and programmed to take on almost any task.

    Now, seven years
    In the 2030's, an earthquake hit Tokyo, killing millions and devastating the city. In order to speed up the rebuilding after this castrophe, the powerful Genom corporation mass produced boomers- smart robots that can be designed and programmed to take on almost any task.

    Now, seven years later, and some of the boomers have started going rogue- mutating horribly and destroying everything in their path. Even the special AD Police department set up to deal with this threat can't handle the job. Instead, the citizens of Tokyo must rely on the services of the vigilante group of women known as the Knight Sabers. Encased in their armoured hardsuits, Linna, Priss, Nene and Sylia are ready for action- but can they even imagine the nightmares awaiting them?

    Bubblegum Crisis Tokyo 2040 is a remake of the original Bubblegum Crisis and its follow-up Bubblegum Crash. Other spin-offs include AD Police and Parasite Dolls. There is also an upcoming sequel, Bubblegum Crisis Tokyo 2041, but so far nothing has been released about this (ADV say there is no information at this time).
    Knight Sabers
    Priss Asagiri: Priss seems to epitomise the typical "rock chick" stereotype. When she isn't performing with her band down at the Hot Legs club, she can usually be found riding her bike through town. A woman of few words, Priss claims that her only reason for being a Knight Saber is the money. However, no matter how much she tries to hide it, there is no denying the bond of friendship between her and the other Knight Sabers.

    In battle, Priss and her blue hardsuit are never far from the action. Her excellent fighting skills, bold strategies and readiness to accept personal risk makes her the natural leader of most field operations- although the last thing she wants is for anyone else to get hurt on her watch.

    Linna Yamazaki: It is easy to dismiss Linna as a naïve country hick, but underneath her quiet exterior lurks a fiery core. Linna isn't afraid to stand up for herself, and her strong sense of justice shows through in everything she does.. Although she feels that she doesn't quite fit in back home, Linna finds acceptance and a purpose with the Knight Sabers in Tokyo.

    As the newest member of the Knight Sabers, Linna's goal is to master her green hardsuit and outdo even Priss. A former track-and-field star, Linna has a natural ability for battle, and soon proves herself invaluable to the team.

    Nene Romanova: The youngest Knight Saber is also the most hot-headed, but no one can deny Nene's usefulness to the team. Her position as a communications officer in the ADP, coupled with her genius for hacking computer systems, helps keep the Knight Sabers one step ahead of the rest. Just make sure never to underestimate her or call her "kid"!

    In her red hardsuit, Nene may not be the best fighter on the team, but she has more than her fair share of enthusiasm- although that can be as much of a liability as an asset! Nene is often found hacking into various control rooms to give the team an advantage on their missions.

    Sylia Stingray: to any of her customers at the Silky Doll boutique, Sylia seems like nothing more than a cheerful shop owner, always encouraging them to buy a dress that's a bit sexier and more revealing than the one they intended to purchase. Naturally, the truth is far more complex than that. Founder of the Knight Sabers, Sylia is prone to wild mood swings, her cool professionalism taken over by violent outbursts caused by her hatred of boomers. Are there secrets in Sylia's past that make her act this way?

    Sylia is officially retired from active duty, but when the need arises, she dons her silver hardsuit. As the founder of the Knight Sabers, she is completely familiar with her hardsuit and her skill in battle cannot be denied.

    Friends and Allies
    Meisio Henderson: Sylia's butler, he cares deeply for his mistress and spends many hours worrying about her.

    Nigel Kirkland: A former employee of Sylia's father, Nigel and Sylia are old friends, and it is he who builds and maintains the hardsuits for her. It is clear that their relationship is more intimate than that, however, although there is little romance to their liaisons. A man of few words, Nigel finds a kindred spirit in Priss, although his prior commitment to Sylia prevents Priss from getting as close as she would like.

    Mackey Stingray: Sylia's younger brother, his love of machines draws him into the routine of the Knight Sabers. He can often be found helping Nigel with repairs, or learning about computers from Nene. But Mackey may not be the normal teenager he appears to be – the secrets in his family's past seem to affect him as well.

    AD Police
    Set up to investigate rogue boomer incidents, the ADP is financed by Genom, which makes them subject to the company's whim. Seen as a joke for their incompetent gung-ho attitude, their main purpose is to prevent the real police from having the authority to sniff out secrets Genom wants safely hidden.

    Nick Roland: Chief of the ADP, Nick is often torn between following up on a case or backing off when the higher-ups don't want his people snooping around. Essentially a good man, Nick will disregard orders if it means he can save innocent lives.

    Leon McNichol: Leon may be hot-headed and a bit too quick to act before he thinks, but he is a committed officer, and more competent than the average ADP cop. Determined to prove that the ADP are more than a joke, Leon applies himself to every case that comes his way- but is all too often frustrated when the Knight Sabers or Genom get in his way.

    Daley Wong: Leon's partner in the ADP, Daley complements Leon with his cool thinking and logical attitude. Although he loves to tease his partner, Daley is just as ready for action as Leon is, and never shrinks from following through on a case, even if ordered to drop it.

    Not only are Genom in charge of the manufacturing and development of boomers, they also have a tight handle on the media. Whilst the Chairman and Vice Chairman pursue their own agendas, they make sure that the public never hears about things like rogue boomers and vigilantes.

    Quincy Rosencroitz: Chairman of Genom, Quincy is so old and frail that he has to be permanently hooked into a life support apparatus. His mind is still as sharp as ever, though, and he constantly plots to make people accept his boomers in all walks of life.

    Brian J. Mason: Although he pays lip service to Quincy, Vice-Chairman Mason has little respect for his boss, and only wants him to hurry up and die! The dark agendas that Mason pursues spread beyond the corporate world, however, and threaten to endanger all of Tokyo.
  • Genre(s): Animation, Science Fiction


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