• Network: PBS
  • Series Premiere Date: Jan 1, 1998
Season #: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7
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Summary: "Growing Up is the Greatest Adventure of All" Welcome to the Caillou guide at TV.com! This show is about the life of a young bald boy named Caillou, his family and his friends. It is based on the books by Christine L'Heureux and Helene Despeteaux, which is highly popular in the Quebec area in Canada. There are actually two versions of the show. The first version premiered in late 1997, is only 5 minutes in length, consists of 65 episodes, and is fully animated. The plotline of this version is that a grandmother reads her grandchildren a Caillou book. While this version enjoys success in some countries outside the US, it was never formally aired in the US. The second version, which premiered in late 2000, has the show exended to 30 minutes, and has puppets, music and live action segments thrown in. The animation parts, however, are a mixture of the first version of the show with the "grandma reading to kids" part of the story lopped off and some new stories (the stories are completely original as of the U.S. second season.) You can usually tell when you're watching a story lifted from the first version because in these, Caillou wears a non-descript dull-grey shirt rather than the bright-yellow one he wears in the newer segments. It premiered in the US and is now airing side-by-side with repeats of the old version in Canada. It is also aired around the world, although some parts of the world still air the old version. In 2006, Caillou debuted even more new episodes. These new episodes now feature fantasy segments, but no longer any puppet segments or musical numbers performed by real children. Instead, Caillou performs a song in-between the second and third story segments of each episode. These new episodes have now finished their run, but if you missed any, watch for upcoming repeats on PBS. Both versions of the show are known to be available in 2 languages - French and English. The show is produced by Cookie Jar animation in Canada, known in older seasons as CINAR. It is available in Dolby Surround and with Close Captioning on selected networks. Note 1:The old (5-minute) version is listed in this guide as Season 1 episodes, while the new (30-minute) version are listed as episodes from Season 2 onwards. Also, due to the varying runtimes, the runtime entry is omitted on purpose. Note 2: The network in the information section was formerly Teletoon, as this was the first network to pick up the show. It has been changed to PBS to reflect...

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Network: PBS
Genre(s): Comedy, Animation, Kids
Seasons: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7
Cast Credit
George Morris Caillou's Grandpa (English Language Version)
Jennifer Seguin Caillou's Mom (@ Doris) (English Language Version)
Vanessa Lengies Boy/Girl (Season 1) (English Language Version) (Voice)
Evan Smirnow Cailette Singer
Brigid Tierney Rosie (Season 1), Clementine (English Language Version)
Jonathan Koensgen Leo (English Language Version)
Holly Gauthier-Frankel Julie (English Language Version), Cailette Singer
Tim Gosley Deedee (Sometimes Captioned As "Deidi") (English Language Version)
Bob Stutt Gilbert Felinieus Cat (English Language Version)
Bryn McAuley Caillou (Season 1) (English Language Version)
Nathalie Coupal Maman De Caillou (@ Doris) (French Language Version)
Diane Arcand (I) Grand-Maman De Caillou(Season 2+)
Madeleine Arsenault Narrator (Season 1) (French Language Version)
Charlotte Bernard Dédé (@ Deedee) (French Language Version)
Violette Chauveau Mousseline (@ Rosie), Clémentine (@ Clementine) (French Language Version)
Claudia-Laurie Corbeil Caillou (French Language Version)
Louis Philippe Dandenault Rexy (French Language Version)
Mario Desmarais Grand-Papa De Caillou (French Language Version)
Sophie Faucher Grand-Maman De Caillou (Season 1), Narrator (Season 2+) (French Language Version)
Johanne Garneau Léo (@ Leo) (French Language Version)
Sophie Léger Sarah (French Language Version)
Claudie Verdant Maman De Clementine (French Language Version)
François Sasseville Gilbert (French Language Version)
Pat Fry Caillou's Dad (@ Boris) (English Language Version)
Marlee Shapiro Narrator (English Language Version), Grandma Who Reads The Books To The Kids (Season 1) (English Language Version)
Jaclyn Linetsky Caillou (Season 2+) (English Language Version)
Pier Kohl Rexy (English Language Version)
Matt Ficner Matthew Theodore "Teddy" Bear (English Language Version)
Hugolin Chevrette-Landesque Nounurs (@ Teddy) (French Language Version) (As Hugolin Chevrette)
Rick Jones Rexy (CD-ROMs, Filling In For Pier Kohl) (English Language Version)
Jesse Vinet Rosie (Season 2+) (English Language Version)
Pauline Little Caillou's Grandma (Season 2+) (English Language Version)
Gilbert Lachance Papa De Caillou (@Boris) (French Language Version)