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  • Summary: In the fantasy town of Marzipan, a very succesful kitchen is run by Mung Daal. But Mung is also a teacher.A young child by the name of Chowder is the well-known chef's apprentice. Chowder believes that one day, he will be a widely respected chef like the one he is working with. However, Chowder has a problem. He cannot stop gorging himself on the culinary delights by which he finds himself surrounded.And when you mix in a rock monster named Shnitzel and a bad-tempered wife, Truffles, then there`s nothing less than absolute chaos to be found in Marzipan.

    Character Bios:

    Chowder - A small, eccentric, and slightly overweight child who wants to become a great chef. The problem is he will eat any culinary concoction he finds himself tempted with. Chowder's pet is Kimchi, who is a cloud of "stink". He's a Cat/Bear/Rabbit thingy

    Mung Daal - A food genius and Chowder's master. He is teaching Schnitzel and Chowder how to be chefs. He knows of rare foods like the "No Fruit". He is like a father to Chowder.

    Truffles - Mung Daal's wife, Truffles is a bit moody,and it doesn`t` take much to get on her bad side. She serves as a mother for Chowder.

    Shnitzel - A professional chef who works at Mung Daal's Catering. All he says is "radda", although the other characters have no problems understanding him.

    Panini - The same species as Chowder, who has a crush on Chowder (who does not return her feelings), who thinks she is Chowder's girlfriend, and lets him know this at every time she can. She is also Ms. Endive's apprentice.

    Ms. Endive - A chef who teaches culinary skill to Panini with strict discipline. She is often unkind, and considers Mung Daal to be her inferior rival. She is tall and pudgy.

    Gazpacho - A wooly mammoth who is a storekeeper, selling strange food to customers.

    Kimchi - A stink cloud that is Chowder's best friend and pet. Most people don't want to be around Kimchi because of his smell. He often just follows the group. Chowder just seems to ignore his smell.

    Theme Song:

    Mung Daal: You take the moon, and you take the sun...
    Chowder: You take everything that seems like fun!
    Truffles: You stir it all up, and when you're done...
    Shnitzel: Rada rada rada ra-ra rada rada!
    All: So come on in, feel free to do some looking
    Stay a while, 'cause something's always cooking
    Come on in, feel free to do some looking
    Stay a while, 'cause something's always cooking
  • Genre(s): Comedy, Animation, Action & Adventure, Fantasy, Kids
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  1. Nov 17, 2010
    I LOVE this show. I don't see it as just s kiddie type show, i love how everything is surrounded around food, all types and etc, it's rather interesting. The show is just really funny. Expand
  2. May 6, 2012
    i Have no idea how people can hate this show!! it is so entertaining. the jokes are funny and will always have my mouth laughing. Overall this is my favorite show for cartoon network!! Expand
  3. Nov 12, 2011
    This show is one of the best Cartoon network shows. One reason is because its all about food and the characters are named after types of food. (ex. Chowder Panini Shnitzel and gorganzola ((im not sure if i spelled that right)) all and all i really like the idea and the entertainment it offers. -HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!- Expand
  4. May 5, 2012
    my all time favorite show for cartoon network, even beating courage the cowardly dog. It is extremely funny it involves food, the main character is silly and goofy what more can you want~~~~ Expand
  5. Aug 30, 2011
    One of Cartoon Network's best shows. Funny and original plots and jokes keeps this show alive and brilliant.