• Network: NBC
  • Series Premiere Date: Sep 24, 2007
  • Season #: 1 , 2 , 3 , 4 , 5

Generally favorable reviews - based on 14 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 10 out of 14
  2. Negative: 0 out of 14
  1. The show’s formula--particularly the ease in which the villains track down Chuck--is getting creaky.
  2. Reviewed by: Paige Wiser
    Things are looking up for the underdog show.
  3. Reviewed by: Ken Tucker
    The show remains lightweight and occasionally just silly, but it’s also a comedy that's truly tense, a drama with a mythology that rarely gets bogged down.
  4. I worry about Chuck. I see it moldering before my eyes. And it’s nobody’s fault
  5. Though each episode is entertaining, it's difficult to care what happens because nothing much seems to be at stake. Still, amid all the shattered and haunted leading men on TV today, Chuck is a refreshingly simple guy.
  6. There's still a lot to like about Chuck, starting with the characters themselves....The romantic part is not, however, the only excess creeping in. Flashbacks, fantasies and slo-mo scenes seem increasingly prominent and that's not good, because they're much more effective--and funnier--if they're used sparingly.
  7. Because the comedy is so strong, the cast is so likable, and everyone involved so obviously has a passion for making the show as entertaining as it can be, there's a sense of joy around "Chuck" that's infectious.
  8. 63
    Got to kick it up a notch, Chuck. [18 Jan 2010, p.41]
  9. I watched the five new episodes NBC sent and couldn't wait to see more.
  10. Plot contrivances aside, the new season of Chuck gets off to a decent start as friendships rekindle (Chuck and best friend Morgan become roommates) and new parties get involved in subterfuge.
  11. Reviewed by: Kris King
    Despite some tweaking in the main storyline, Chuck's tone remains generally affable.
  12. Reviewed by: James Poniewozik
    The five episodes NBC sent out don't, to my eye, reach the heights Chuck hit toward the end of its season 2 run. But after a major change in the show's premise--rather than being a sad sack nerd dragged into the spy-life, Chuck is now a certified ass-kicker, thanks to getting some superpowered brainwaves--the show successfully changes gears while keeping everything that's best about it.
  13. Reviewed by: Matt Roush
    Chuck is a terrifically appealing, super-slick mix of comedy, action and (often thwarted) romance.
  14. Reviewed by: Brian Lowry
    The whole Chuck-Sarah relationship has been played from so many angles as to have grown a bit tedious--how many longing looks can two characters exchange?--and the actual capers are generally pretty slim. Despite a semi-serialized riff involving a shadowy organization, the stakes never feel particularly steep.
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Universal acclaim- based on 124 Ratings

User score distribution:
  1. Positive: 18 out of 18
  2. Mixed: 0 out of 18
  3. Negative: 0 out of 18
  1. Sep 2, 2010
    One of the best shows on TV with twists and lots of steamy romance. The character connection on screen works well with the show. You will feel a connection with the characters and can relate with them. Full Review »
  2. AvinashS.
    Jan 26, 2010
    This new season is lot more interesting than the previous seasons. Its a perfect balance of comedy, action and romance. this new season will be a real treat to watch. Full Review »
  3. Sep 3, 2010
    The plot twists in this season are just amazing. At times you almost want to yell at the villains on the screen, it pulls you in and takes you for a great ride. Can't wait to see how they pull it together in the next season. Full Review »