• Network: TLC
  • Series Premiere Date: Sep 1, 2003
Season #: 1, 2
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Summary: The clutter is out and organized, new rooms are in on TLC's Clean Sweep. Two homeowners are given two days to sort their clutter that has taken over their homes and pitch what they don't need, while two rooms in their home are redesigned by professionals. The two homeowners, who could be anyone from a husband and wife to two friends, sort through their stuff by placing it in piles labeled Keep, Sell and Toss. They're assisted in letting go by either organizer Shelli Alexander (Season 1), or Peter Walsh. The items placed in Sell are then sold in a yard-sale on the second day, with anything not sold going to charity. The rooms are redesigned by either Angelo Surmelis, Molly Luetkemeyer, Kelli Ellis (Season 2), James Saavedra (Season 2), or Valerie Bickford (Season 1), with Eric Stromer the carpenter on-hand to design beautiful new furniture, or modify existing furniture. When the rooms are done, the transformations are usually so amazing that they are hard to believe. Please note the following new organization format for cast and crew: Hosts and Carpenter: Stacey Dutton, Tava Smiley and Eric Stromer appear only in the main cast list and not in inidvidual episode listings. Designers and Organizers: Designers and Organizers are credited for the episodes in which they appear. For Season 2, Peter Walsh is credited as a star, since Shelli Alexander is no longer present. Team Members: Other members of the Clean Sweep team appear in the crew list, under More Crew The attempt has been made to identify their exact positions through IMDb. If a match could not be made, they are simply listed as "Team Member." Homeowners: Homeowners will only be listed in the rare instance that they either already have an entry on TV Tome, or they have previously done substantial work in the area of television or movies. Unfortunately, Clean Sweep has been officially canceled as TLC moves in a "new direction" with their programming. Repeats of the program still air on weekends on TLC. Disappointed at the cancellation of Clean Sweep? The following resources for discussion are available --- TLC's official discussion board and the Yahoo Clean Sweep group. Discussion here at TV.com is also welcome. Would you like to see Clean Sweep on DVD? If so, visit TV Shows on DVD to choose the types of releases you'd like to see. You must registered with the site to vote, but registration is free and only requires a small amount of personal information to prevent people...
Network: TLC
Genre(s): Reality
Seasons: 1, 2
Cast Credit
Tava Smiley Host (Season 2)
Tava Smiley Host (Season 2)
Stacey Dutton Host
Stacey Dutton Host (Season 1)
Eric Stromer Carpenter
Peter Walsh Regular Organizer
Peter Walsh Regular Organizer (Season 2)