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  1. Dec 24, 2012
    Quite frankly, Code Geass may very well be (in my opinion) the greatest anime to date. It's exceptional storytelling, theme-plot structure, voice acting, action, art style, and... robots, always for good measure. The main protagonist, Lelouch, vascillates between the great hero and anti-hero roles with ease (particularly in R2), playing on both Western and Eastern structure of a cartoon hero. The mechs, Knightmare Frames, are essentially below-atmosphere Gundams minus the incredible agility - so if the robots are your thing, you might not lose TOO much interest - though they're design, specifically the more advanced models, are much better. The power of Geass is the most enticing aspect of the fictional aspects, the highlight of the story aside from Lelouch's journey. I'd definitely recommend. Collapse
  2. Nov 27, 2012
    Code Geass is an anime unlike any other which definitely enthralled me from beginning to end. The characters have back-stories representing their motivations and stay interesting as you learn more about them. The great writing keeps everything alive and constantly shifting, such as plot twists that can drastically change the story and the characters' perspectives. The visuals persist with pure excellence and never disappoint. It is very difficult for me to think of any flaws in this anime so even If you are unsure about it, I highly recommend watching an episode or two. Expand
  3. Jan 8, 2012
    This production is simply perfect, Code Geass is an action and drama anime series that circles around the themes of politics, war, loyalty and love. The plot is excellent, very massive and breathtaking throughout all the chapters, with a full-size setting involving all types of characters and conflicts. It has a very intriguing trama designed to keep you interested and exited with jaw-dropping moments that give the story radical twists. The main storyline about the futuristic warfare going on is totally magnificent, complemented by the more romantic facet with the affection seen among the characters. These characters are very well thought, with a vast variety of different traits among them to give a wide view from all their perspectives of the chain of events that takes place. One of the principal and most attractive things of this production is its dynamic; the action combined with the thinking alongside the unexpected situations create an irresistible tension to the audience. This series is deeply sentimental and takes all of your emotions to the edge, creating character-viewer bonds that will not break. The excitement will drag you to watching this anime non-stop until you get to the end, with amazing surprises all the way. Expand
  4. Jun 4, 2013
    Death Note style plot and characters with amazing strategic action scenes, 10,10 absolutely my favorite giant robot anime of all time.
  5. Sep 12, 2013
    Absolutely fantastic series. Great writing, great characters. Fantastic twists. Beautiful animation. Great dubbing. While it isn't as clever as Death Note, it does deliver more action and that creates a perfect balance. If I have one gripe it is that I felt that some of the side characters weren't given enough attention, but they are given enough for this to be only a very minor point.

    This has got to be my favorite anime series to date. A must watch to any anime fan.

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