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  • Series Premiere Date: Sep 24, 2004
  • Season #: 1
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  • Starring: Erik Von Detten, Evan Ellingson, Vincent Ventresca
  • Summary: The Savages are not your typical average wholesome family. When you just have a father whose motto is "Anything Goes" and five immature children in one house with just themselves everyday, the odds of them being a normal bunch are one in a million. Complete Savages shows just what happens when you have a household full of average men and no women around to tell them how they should act. The Father Nick Savage (Keith Carradine) is a single father raising his five sons who do nothing but mayhem and stress into his life. He does his best to teach the boys the value of life and how to take responsibility for their own lives. However, no matter how much he teaches them, this firefighter almost always ends up putting out the fire in his own home. The Boys Sam Savage (Andrew Eiden) is the "good one" of the boys. He does well in school; he does not get into any "real" trouble and always takes responsibility for himself. Although these are admirable qualities, they often get him tease and mocked at by his brothers. Jack Savage (Shaun Sipos) is the melodious, laid-back one. While oozing with personality and charm, he is rocking out with his guitar. He enjoys being the leader and making sure is hair is straight. Chris Savage (Erik Von Detten) is the sports jock of the family. He loves to play football and personally believes he is not qualified to know anything else. Even though most of the time his personality proves to be of a mentally challenged kid, he does what he can to stay on his toes. Kyle Savage (Evan Ellingson) is an energetic 14-year old. Whilst having a problem controlling his anger, he is usually doing unhealthy mischievous experiments with his younger brother, T.J. Lastly we have T.J. Savage (Jason Dolley) who is the youngest. Although he doesn't look like he is capable to, he does his share of chaos, especially with Kyle. Even though he is young and has a lot to experience, his brothers look at him as one of their own. Other Family MembersOther members of the family include Jimmy Savage (Vincent Ventresca), Nick's brother/the boys' uncle; and the Savage dog. Jimmy is usually around to give advice to Nick when he needs it but is not to stingy when it comes to sharing about is own problems of the past, present and future. As for the family dog (whose name is unknown as of now), this hysterical animal acts as if it was a human savage. It participates in arguments, helps cause disruption, and is not afraid to ask for food when he wants it. Even though the father is not perfect, the show basically revolves around the boys and the kind of mischievous behavior average teens could get into. From posing as firefighters, to battling with their next door neighbors (and with each other), these five boys definitely put the SAVAGES in Complete Savages. Emmy-winners Julie Thacker-Scully and Mike Scully are the creators/executive producers of the show. Bruce Davey is one of the executive producers and Academy Award-winning Mel Gibson works as a director, producer and executive producer. Broadcast History on ABC
    September 2004-June 2005: Fridays at 8:30 p.m./7:30 p.m. c (Simulcast in HDTV)
  • Genre(s): Comedy
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  1. Apr 3, 2011
    A hilarious show that just because enough people couldn't be bothered to watch got cancelled. It was really funny & received good reviews along with AWARDS!!! Expand