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  • Series Premiere Date: Sep 22, 2005
  • Season #: 1 , 2 , 3 , 4 , 5 , 6 , 7 , 8 , 9 , 10
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  • Starring: Shemar Moore, Thomas Gibson, Lola Glaudini
  • Summary: Surprise! It's another police procedural on CBS. This one follows an elite team of FBI psychological profilers who solve grisly crimes with smarts. Or something like that.
  • Genre(s): Drama, Action & Adventure, Suspense
  • Creator: Jeff Davis (I)
  • Show Type: In Season
  • Season 1 premiere date: Sep 22, 2005
  • Episode Length: 60
  • Air Time: 10:00 PM
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Score distribution:
  1. Positive: 3 out of 21
  2. Negative: 8 out of 21
  1. From the evidence of the first few episodes, "Criminal Minds" may be a hit, and deservedly.
  2. Viewers certainly like this sort of thing. CBS has become the No. 1 network with an incessant stream of it, and Criminal Minds is as well-made as any of them.
  3. 40
    It's not a cool-science show, but its crimes blur together with what we already see on the ''CSI" series, and its supporting cast is indistinct.
  4. 40
    The problem with "Criminal Minds" is its many confusing maladies, applied to too many characters. As a result, the cast seems like a spilled trunk of broken toys, with which the audience - and perhaps the creators - may quickly become bored.
  5. Patinkin looks especially unnatural in these scenes — just give that man a song to sing, I say, and let him do what he was born to.
  6. Reviewed by: Diane Werts
    The whole project feels salaciously sleazy, unless you're enjoying the proceedings, in which case it's juicily depraved.

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Score distribution:
  1. Positive: 81 out of 96
  2. Negative: 14 out of 96
  1. Nov 20, 2011
    A crime show with an outstanding cast, well written plot and amazing facts displayed in every episode. Some may be a bit visual, but you love seeing your favorite FBI agents profile those jerks to a tee. They all have such amazing chemistry with each other. Paget Brewster is amazing, with A.J. Cook's likability and with Kristen Vangsness,you just want to take her home! Expand
  2. Sep 9, 2013
    An excellent crime show with a diverse cast played by outstanding actors. The stories are intriguing and the team pulls you in and holds your attention. The characters are so well played that they pull you in and make you care about each one of them. Expand
  3. Jan 3, 2011
    Not since Law and Order has a show been this intelligent and well presented. The actors are absolutely awesome, The stories are captivating and the characters excellently written. This show has renewed my faith on television. CONGRATULATIONS Expand
  4. J_B
    Nov 5, 2011
    My favourite show! It's so interesting! It focuses in on the cases, not the characters, and each show is unique and different. The acting's good as well, especially Matthew Gray Gubler. Expand
  5. Jul 9, 2013
    This is by far the best season of any of the Criminal Minds series. In fact, it is one of the best crime shows in recent years. Maybe it's the fact that it had not yet become so overwhelmingly formulaic that it became trivial. Maybe it's because of the amazing acting of Mandy Patinkin and Matthew Grey Gubler, and the generally good performances of the rest of the supporting cast. It becomes a little annoying that, at the end of EVERY episode they manage to save somebody (this would NEVER happen in real life), but apart from that this is one of the best crime shows on the telly at the moment. Expand
  6. Apr 10, 2013
    This is a very good show, especially the first seasons with Mandy Patinkin, though Joe Mantegna is also great in his role as the senior of the team. This show offers a great insight to the actions of serial killers, and the team hunts down the murderers by profiling them rather than collecting physical evidence. A very good show with great cast, if you are bored with the other hundreds of "CSI" shows watch this. Expand
  7. Mar 5, 2012
    Another exploitation of a modern mania. Paranoia, or rather a unique sort of officially-dependent misanthropy is deliberately proliferated by this program by means of some serious wikipedia copying and pasting (of the 'Big Bang Theory' variety). The majority of the show's content can be categorized into two segments: the first is the 'look on and be amazed by the unlimited abundance of information our characters can flawlessly summon forth!' effect. This effect emphasizes the authority of the characters for the purpose of optimizing the impact of the second segment; the 'judgement'. These implied defamations of basic stereotypical models usually take the form of contemporary slang ('scumbag'). This casual format works to bring the average viewer, who was before somewhat alienated by all that sciency mumbo jumbo, into cahoots with the super-investigators, so that now the viewer feels that he/she is not some ignorant couch accessory, but a respected apprentice whose knowledge and experience is such that one needs not speak down to them. Now that the laymen have been established as empowered (also ego-vested/complacent) passengers of the Mystery Mobile, they are ready to face and demask all those ghouls and goblins of the world. What before was a boogey man hidden beneathe the bed, is now seen to be but a sad little pedaphile who, himself, was molested by his grandfather, oh, and on christmas, oh yeah and in front of his whole family... who were laughing, and, and they all molested him too! And then they all commited suicide, while laughing and molesting him. See, that right there is Criminal Mind GOLD!
    But no need to worry. Our faithful team of government employees is here to help protect us innocent PTA members from that writhing mass of terror scratching constantly at our windows. On a serious note, however, I must say that I believe this show and many other forms of media sharing in its business ethics and philosophy are, even now, proving greatly detrimental to the state of mental health in our society. You think that is a little overboard, but I would encourage you to look at the ratings these shows get. Every bit of stimuli the human mind receives is a drop in the bucket, and modern media has devoted itself to concentrating its drops as much as possible. If ever you are in wonder about the causes of the epidemic of antipathy and contempt we now see manifesting itself via physical violence (in the physically minded) or by suicide (in the introvert), perhaps you might then look into the impact stimuli like these massively broadcast messages can have.

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