• Network: HBO
  • Series Premiere Date: Feb 21, 2003
Season #: 1, 2

Generally favorable reviews - based on 7 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 4 out of 7
  2. Negative: 1 out of 7

Critic Reviews

  1. New York Post
    Reviewed by: Linda Stasi
    Aug 12, 2013
    I laughed so much, I'm sure I hurt something, maybe in my back, or maybe in my front. [16 July 2004, p.121]
  2. Chicago Tribune
    Reviewed by: Steve Johnson
    Aug 12, 2013
    As played and imagined by the comic Sacha Baron Cohen, it's wickedly amusing stuff, whether he's asking Sam Donaldson about Nixon's "Waterworld" scandal, former Los Angeles police chief Daryl Gates about "The Simpsons," or Patrick Buchanan about the time he was president. [16 July 2004, p.C5]
  3. Boston Globe
    Reviewed by: Joanna Weiss
    Aug 12, 2013
    It's one thing to look like you have no sense of reality. It's quite another to look like you have no sense of humor. [17 July 2004, p.C1]
  4. Chicago Sun-Times
    Reviewed by: Phil Rosenthal
    Aug 12, 2013
    The joke remains the same and threatens to wear out, but it's still a kick to see him asking thoroughly ill-informed questions of people who should know enough to walk out on him. [16 July 2004, p.47]
  5. Los Angeles Times
    Reviewed by: Robert Lloyd
    Aug 12, 2013
    Though Baron Cohen is clever and amusing and quick on his feet, his humor boils down to a few endlessly repeated gambits: malapropisms, misunderstandings, and outrageousness in the guise of innocence. [17 July 2004, p.13]
  6. Dallas Morning News
    Reviewed by: Ed Bark
    Aug 12, 2013
    Mr. Cohen is better served - and better disguised - as the suited, shorthaired Borat. He's reminiscent of Peter Sellers' Inspector Clouseau, a painfully sincere bumbler who gets smashed on wine with the Mississippians on Sunday night before addressing an Oklahoma city council meeting next week. [18 July 2004, p.3]
  7. Newark Star-Ledger
    Reviewed by: Steve Hedgpeth
    Aug 12, 2013
    Frankly, Da Ali G Show, which begins its second season this week, is a huge embarrassment. [18 July 2004, p.8]

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