• Network: FOX
  • Series Premiere Date: Sep 17, 2013
  • Season #: 1
User Score

Generally unfavorable reviews- based on 98 Ratings

User score distribution:
  1. Positive: 33 out of 98
  2. Negative: 58 out of 98

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  1. Sep 20, 2013
    The actors are good, the writing is terrible. The jokes are lame, the laugh track is lame, the premise is lame. The characters are void of any personality. This show should be studied and examined thoroughly for any aspiring writer as an example of what not to do.
  2. Sep 17, 2013
    I think the potential is there for a solid sitcom but the trailers really ruined the pilot episode for me. They spoiled quite a few funny moments and made the pilot a bit predictable. Still, I'd give be willing to give it a few more episodes because it doesn't seem that bad of a show.
  3. Sep 18, 2013
    God awful. Yet another example of the cast outpacing the writing. If Fox saw fit to cancel Arrested Development, this series has no chance. Why Seth Green, who has spent a good portion of his career lampooning lame shows like this, would sign on to something so bad boggles the mind.
  4. Sep 21, 2013
    I thought it was funny. There was very good chemistry between the actors. There may not be a lot of places the show can go but it was much funnier than the media is saying.
  5. Sep 18, 2013
    I love Family Guy and American Dad and thought this had a good shot since Ted was so enjoyable. But, no. It wasn't funny, was poorly written, and even the very talented cast couldn't make it work.
  6. Sep 19, 2013
    I wound up watching this in passing, mostly because of Seth Green and Martin Mull. The reality is that the trailers really do hit it on the head that most sitcoms don't make it past episode one. My hope is that Green's ability to write comedy and put really good funny into real life situations (racist parents who don't believe they're really THAT racist, kids who more or less have to deal with their own parents' bad decisions and awkwardness, and combine it with a razor-thin edge of a software startup environment) will come out in future episodes.

    That said, for twenty-two minutes of plot exposition, Dads managed to eke out a "yeah, okay" spot on the DVR for me.

    Keeping in mind that most anything with a laugh track or some kind of documentary-style "The Office" show tends to annoy the hell out of me, I'm not rolling too high on the hopes, but I'm definitely thinking if you have no ability to be patient enough for a single episode, you probably just hope Green goes back to doing show after show after show of "Robot Chicken" and fart jokes.
  7. Sep 25, 2013
    Effing awful! I thought for a minute the audience was being pranked. Not one laugh worthy joke and it only got worse as the rest of the cast went through their painful expo. Wow, ridiculously poorly written.
  8. Sep 17, 2013
    Seth MacFarlane was doing great. Ted, Family Guy, American Dad, Cleveland Show. Then Dads came a long, and nearly destroys all that hard work. Thankfully, we'll all forgot about this disappointing show
  9. Sep 21, 2013
    I think this show is hilarious. It was the first episode give it a break. It was funny. I can't wait for the next episode. The concept is different and the actors are good.
  10. Oct 1, 2013
    It has been 3 episodes so far and I have to say that despite some noticeable flaws I am enjoying "Dads". It does have some jokes that fall short or are racist and not funny, a completely awful intro/theme song, and an overall cheap sitcom feel, but so far the number of moments that provide genuine laughs have kept me coming back. Its issues do decrease the overall quality of the show but I still find myself laughing enough to recommend it to the right crowd. So if you're a fan of the fantastic cast and don't mind immature humor than I recommend this show. I know it gets me laughing.

    *Like I said earlier in the review the show has only aired 3 episodes so far, so as more episodes air if I feel like the show is getting better or worse I will update my review and score to reflect that. Until then consider this my definitive review.*
  11. Sep 26, 2013
  12. Oct 8, 2013
    Dads does have a few moments that are actually funny even if some of them are in more of a 'so bad its good' way but overall the misses outnumber the hits. It's not worth staying for the good bits since the ratings are so bad it will probably soon be gone.
  13. Oct 3, 2013
    Well, I don't get why the 2 lead characters are having exactly the same issues with their own dads. The concept could be interesting, but it's something like you already have seen before!
  14. Oct 8, 2013
    Lame, unfunny and kind of racist. I love Seth McFarlane, from Family Guy and Ted. Big fan of Seth Green again in Family Guy, Robot Chicken and other works, bit this....this...??? Seriously? It made me want to pull out my eyeballs and scoop out my brain with a melon baller through the eye socket.
  15. Oct 15, 2013
    I have really enjoyed this show. It started out rough but after four episodes its picked up steam and is hilarious!! I really enjoy the superb cast. Great Show!!!
  16. Oct 24, 2013
    This show is hilarious the differences of the relationships of fathers and sons is comical and true to life i would think and makes you laugh so hard that i don't advise eating while watching it especially if your alone. You are in for a comical treat!
  17. Jan 1, 2014
    I think this show is great. I laugh out loud EVERY episode! Giovani Ribisi is so funny, and if you don't like Seth Green, there's just something wrong with you.
  18. Apr 26, 2014
    This is perfectly watchable. I wondered why they pushed it to 1.50am in the UK on ITV2 so I came here. Turns out either there is a campaign against the show on here and in the press or I enjoy this show and am in the minority. It's pretty good, I mean what kind of rating does 2 and a half men have these days? This is basically that.
  19. Mar 5, 2014
    i'm actually quite enjoying this show, i find the jokes in it to be quite funny and i see potential in its future. I want to be a game developer one day as well so i find the characters to be relatable. I just hope that investors see the show the same way that i do, id love to see more of this show.
  20. Nov 26, 2013
    This show is terrible. It is a shame that these actors have stooped to this level. Jokes are so dumb, and not funny at all. Stupidest show ever. Kill it!
  21. Dec 12, 2013
    Really hard to watch. Funny that the show caused such a stir for "offending" people. Feels like that just feeds the flame and probably tempts the network to pigeon-hole the show for people who see that as a good thing. It's probably capable of more.
  22. Jan 21, 2014
    Love this show, it's crude and rough around the edges BUT what comedy's first season isn't? So many haters on here, it's sad really. Maybe it's hatred towards Ribisi being a scientologist?
  23. Jan 25, 2014
    This show is amazingly funny and perhaps funny for a smaller audience. I think people who dislike the show have issues seeing a show where there are 2 successful male in their 30s. The show is funny and healthy for many males to see a different aspect to comedy around male figures. Much better then everybody loves raymond and kings of queens which both makes men look like complete idiots. So this show is better written and planned to make a better attempt to make a comedy around two succesfull male characters rathern then making stupid fart, drinking and idiot jokes about men. Expand
  24. Feb 5, 2014
    As a dad I love watching this with my kids. The lines are funny and the dads might be goofy but most of what they say is so true! We are hoping this show would be renewed for 2015!
  25. Apr 2, 2014
    yeah dads are a pain in ass i enjoyed the first episode . now its just old . comedy still terrible and its just old i rather watch Seth Greens Robot chicken .
    Grade F
  26. Mar 19, 2014
    I thought this was the funniest show on Television! It was a feel good show without too much smut. I pray it will be renewed. I told everyone I knew to watch and then it was gone.
  27. Apr 19, 2014
    It's very funny. Of course it's not perfect, but it's funny, which is the point. It's like an episode of Family Guy, but has more restrictions since it's not animated.
  28. Apr 25, 2014
    THIS is a show that should stay. YES- it's a little off color at times. But how many years has it been OK to make make White Males- especially Fathers look stupid?? So this show comes along and pokes fun at some other races at times- and OMG- PULL THE PLUG!!!! The writing is sharp- and the acting and cast are SPOT-ON!! How the heck is 2 Broke Girls still on? Or Mike and Molly? The acting on those shows- esp 2 Broke Girls is HORRIBLE! 2 and a Half Men- I cringe when I think of the bumbling idiot of Ashton Kutcher (not much of a stretch as an actor) trying to replace Charlie Sheen. I hope Dads stays!! Expand
  29. May 2, 2014
    This is a fun show that is not for kids or easily offended adults. The shows don't end with a major problem solved or a life lesson that you are supposed to learn from the story. It is just meant to give you some laughs at characters that remind you of people you know in your life. I find it funnier that "critics" are bombing this show with their reviews. Hank Stuever who writes for the Washington Post tanked this show in his review. If you find this show offensive or crude then don't read The Washington Post. I almost bought a bird just so I could put The Post at the bottom of the cage for the bird to crap on. Hopefully the bird would have good aim and give Ole Hank's reviews the reception they deserve. Looking at that guy you would think he would be a tv critic I would imagine he doesn't have much else going on other than TV. Glen Garcin from the Miami Herald blew it out of the water as well. But Glen is from Miami and this isn't the first thing he's blown. Maureen Ryan from the Huffington Post piled on this show also. The Huffington Post.... Yup. Terrific to hear from "Mo"... Her all time favorite show as Battlestar Galactica. That makes me want to punch kittens. I have never met anyone that watched an episode of Battlestar Galactica and we have this as a "critic"? Dads is a funny show that allows you to enjoy selfish adult humor for 30 minutes. Expand
  30. Oct 22, 2014
    At first it was a little bit weak but then it got stronger and stronger and now I love it.
    Martin Mull is my fav (He reminds me a bit of Trigger from Only Fools and Horses from over here in the UK).

Overwhelming dislike - based on 28 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 0 out of 28
  2. Negative: 26 out of 28
  1. Reviewed by: Brian Tallerico
    Sep 26, 2013
    The writing on Dads is so straight-up horrendous that one wouldn’t be surprised to see it in the middle of a “Family Guy” episode as an attempt by MacFarlane to satirize bad sitcom writing.
  2. Reviewed by: Lily Moayeri
    Sep 26, 2013
    With such a superior comedy cast, it's deplorable how far this badly written and directed show has dragged them down.
  3. Reviewed by: Maureen Ryan
    Sep 19, 2013
    Creatively speaking, Dads comes off as if it were a much-resented homework assignment for all involved.