Darker than BLACK : Season 2

  • Network: MBS
  • Series Premiere Date: Apr 5, 2007
Season #: 1, 2
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Summary: 10 years ago an abnormal area appeared in Tokyo and South America. The area in Tokyo was labeled Hell's Gate and the one in South American was labeled Heaven's Gate. The appearance of the areas caused massive devastation to the area and also replaced the stars with false stars. Not long after the appearance of the Gates, many people started popping who had abilities no ordinary human possessed. Known as Contractors, these people could do things that were before, only imaginable. From being able to control gravity to being able to engulf anything in flames. These abilites came at a cost though, for each Contractor there is a different remuneration. Along with the Contractors, Dolls started appearing, emotionless mediums used to do a variety of things. After the appearance of Contractors, many countries started using them as spies and agents. 5 years ago a war was waged involving many Contractors, around the Heavens Gate in South America. The end result of the was the Heaven's Gate and 1500 mile radius around the gate disappearing on the face of the earth. Season 1: At present date a Contractor named Hei has come to Japan, assuming the identity of Li Shunsheng, a student from China. He is actually an agent for the group called "The Syndicate". With a blind Doll named Yin, a Contractor stuck in the body of a cat name Mao, and their human leader named Huang. Hei completes a variety of missions which often include fighting dangerous Contractors, while searching for his sister who disappeared with Heavens Gate. Season 2: 2 years have passed since the events in Tokyo. Misaki Kirihara has quit her job to investigate Hei and the Syndicate and Hei and Yin are still on the run from the Syndicate. Making their way to Russia, the two meet a girl who, along with her family, is caught inbetween the fighting between various intelligence agencies and Contractors.Additional Titles:Darker than BLACK - Kuro no KeiyakushaDarker Than Black: Ryusei no GeminiDarker than Black: Gemini of the Meteor Opening: "HOWLING" by abingdon boys school. (Episodes 1-14) "Kakusei Heroism ~The Hero Without A Name~" by An Cafe (Episodes 15-25)Closing: "Tsukiakari" by Rie fu. (Episodes 1-14)#2: "Dreams" by HIGH and MIGHTY COLOR (Episodes 15-25)

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Network: MBS
Genre(s): Animation, Action & Adventure
Seasons: 1, 2
Cast Credit
Misato Fukuen Yin
Nana Mizuki Misaki Kirihara
Hidenobu Kiuchi Hei
Ikuya Sawaki Mao
Kana Hanazawa Suou Pavlichenko