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  • Starring: David Tench, Drew Forsythe
  • Summary: David Tench is a television talk show host in Australia, who is changing the way we view the world's biggest celebrities! Every Thursday night, David Tench will ask the biggest names in film, TV, music, comedy and fashion the questions that we all want to know the answers to. With big names like Nelly Furtado, Pat Rafter, and The Veronicas in the first few weeks, David Tench Tonight is set to be Australia's favourite talk show!David Tench Tonight is the first show in TV history to be seen by the celebrity guests in real time. It uses motion capture technology which means that the guests can see him when filming rather than David Tench being dubbed in later as animation.Like other comedy talk shows, in David Tench Tonight, there are segments of games and recurring sketches:Return Fire
    David will read a letter from a made-up viewer and respond controversially.For Legal Reasons
    David says some controversial things that his Lawyers & A celebrities lawyers tell him to apologise for. Last Burst of Tench
    David finishes the show with a brief, controversial statement.A Tench Thought
    A random thought by David.You Got Me, Dave
    A random prediction if a celebrity came on the show. Most notably, calling a Germaine Greer a revolting old reptile for insulting Steve Irwin.
  • Genre(s): Talk & Interview
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