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  1. Mar 18, 2013
    Part 1: Showdown was if you saw the promo then the summer run you'd think the promo would be better to watch for 16 hours then the actual season. Only good episodes were Rusty Cage 10, Never Ever 9, Walking on Broken Glass 6. Come As You Are 7. Showdown was more of a letdown. 6
    Fall Block: If you like Maya you'd like Doll Parts. Building a Mystery eh. Tonight, Tonight more of less. I
    Want It That Way was great. Las Vegas was good short for a Degrassi Movie but entertaining. Fall Block 4/10.
    Anything Could Happen: We are here right now I must say the best premier with Spring Fever, Jan Says, Standing in the Dark, and thats it. Bitterweet Symphony was I tell you by far one of the best Degrassi episode ever including over The Kids of, Degrassi High, Junior High, Generation. Ray of Light part two was way better then part one. Karma Police good so far hope part two wont be a let down. But from the promo this looks very promising. So far 8 1/2/10 would've been a ten but Ray of Light (1) was bad.

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