Dexter's Laboratory : Season 3

Season #: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5
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Summary: Dexter's Laboratory is the story of a young boy prodigy. Born with an extraordinary mind, Dexter has built his very own extremely high-tech and expansive laboratory in his room that NASA could only dream of. But Dexter has to keep his lab a secret for fear others will exploit it. Through out the years, Dexter has had to hide his lab from his parents and others but it is no easy task. All Dexter wants is to spend all the time he can inventing new things in his lab, but between his stupid and annoying older sister Dee Dee constantly barging into his lab and tearing up the place and his arch enemy and rival genius Mandark constantly tiring to take over his lab, Dexter's life is anything but easy. Dexter's Laboratory was originally premiered on Cartoon Network as part of the inaugural, Space Ghost hosted, "World Premiere Toons" before becoming a feature with two full shorts on the regular series, a.k.a. the What a Cartoon Show, it eventually became a series itself. Characters: Dexter - Dexter is the big guy here to spite his short size. Dexter's IQ is enough to rival his role model, Albert Einstein. Dexter is an impressionable little boy who loves action. He is always looking for a fight in his giant Robo-Dexter or against his rival, Mandark and when he isn't doing that or working in his lab, he is playing with his action figures or watching TV. You would be hard pressed to see Dexter outside unless he is doing some sort of experiment or fighting some sort of evil. But other than all that, Dexter spends all his time in his lab. Dexter is constantly working on something new and building on to the lab. So much in fact that he has some inventions he can't even remember making and there are parts of the lab he doesn't know anything about. Naturally, Dexter is the head of his class much to the dismay of his fellow students. Dexter is pretty much devoid of friends but he isn't really bothered by it. As long as he can work in his lab, Dexter lives on. Dee Dee - Dexter's older sister is a very happy and delightful girl. Being taller and older than Dexter gives her a sisterly edge. Dee Dee is one of the few who knows about Dexter's lab as she stumbled upon in when the both were younger. But Dexter does not need to worry about her spilling the secret as no one would believe her even if she did. Dee Dee lives in her own little world complete with unicorns, imaginary dragons, and talking ponies. Her room is a pink nightmare of stuffed animals and dolls...

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Network: Cartoon Network
Genre(s): Animation, Fantasy, Science Fiction, Kids
Seasons: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5
Cast Credit
Frank Welker Voice Of Monkey/Krunk/Mr. Levinski
Frank Welker Voice Of Monkey/Krunk/Mr. Levinski
Maurice LaMarche Various Voices
Tom Kenny Douglas E. Mordechai
Kath Soucie Mom
Kath Soucie Mom
Eddie Deezen Voice Of Mandark
Christine Cavanaugh Dexter
Christine Cavanaugh Voice Of Dexter (Seasons 1 & 2)
Jeff Bennett WindBear
Jeff Bennett WindBear
Allison Moore Voice Of Dee Dee (Seasons 1 And 3)
Rob Paulsen Voice Of Major Glory
Kat Cressida Dee Dee (Seasons 2 And 4)
Candi Milo Dexter [Uncredited]
Mako Main Title Narrator
Michael Armstrong Action Hank Singer