• Network: TV Asahi
  • Series Premiere Date: Jul 6, 2010
  • Season #: 1
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  1. Oct 20, 2010
    Digimon Xros Wars is sooooo AWESOME!!!!!! It's my favorite so far and the characters finally fight in an actual war. They battle armies, conquers zones, help digimon's in need, join forces with other digimons, and fuse among each others to create powerful combinations. As for Taiki,he really has what it takes to become a digidestinate. Not only that but he is a clever and capable general that cares about the well fare of his troops. That is not the case with all the generals in real life. The only thing I don't like about the show is to wait a week from episode to episode. In the other season I used to watch a new episode every day. I hope the directors of the show can accelerate the process.
    I recommend every fan of the previous digimon season to watch this tv show even if you are already grown ups. It might make you remember the good moments of your childhood.
  2. Mar 4, 2013
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. I have to disagree with the previous review, I hated this series with a passion, and for one simple(but long explanation required) reason..."This show is not Digimon!". In any Digimon series it's about saving the digital world, but in this series they are trying to conquer it. That is not how a digidestined team is supposed to work, they are protectors of the digital world, but the end game plan they have is to put an aggressive and short-sighted rookie on the seat as king of the Digital world, A rookie who practically never does anything for himself, leaving all decisions to his 'General' who wont even stick around, they make mention early on of how the bad guys force innocent Digimon to join their ranks and for the rest of the series we see the good guys blasting death rays and committing mass genocide on the bad guys they fight, and this disturbed me a lot. I know they're the bad guys, but really, try and take out the leader and make them surrender or fall back, BUT NO, they just tear apart every.last.one before making it. And really, the level system is crap in this series,early on they take out Mega level digimon like Lucemon! I....maybe toward the last quarter, but no, apparently he's not that powerful, It kinda take's away from the 4th season then, I mean if their big bad get's swatted away early on then it doesn't bode well for them. this series just seemed like it had some good idea's, but weren't Digimon idea's. Early On I was positive that this series was a failed plot for something else and they decided to slap Digimon over the title and make it. The DigiXros was a really neat idea, but they just made an Omnimon ripoff and used the same formula over and over. They focus on One Digidestined and one Evolution for so long it got bland to me, they brought in others eventually, but it took too long. They have hanger on humans that are just there to be extra's, they can be replaced or just removed. And Taiki has no real change in character in the series, he remains a happy go luck optimist who has some pretty clever idea's at times, but there is no transition to or from that. He would have worked well if there was some growth instead of the 'Questioning himself, before believing in himself'.
    I've talked about what I hated, and I really do, but there are some things I like. I like Digicross, it's a shame it wasn't utilized as much and I dislike they just liked to use Shoutmon x1,2,3,4,5,6,7,blah blah blah. they did give him equipment buddies who didn't appear for long periods of time afterwards. but maybe a little nod that they existed in between. I liked the original cast of generals working For O.P-McSit'sAlot(seriously, this guy is is a good example of Dbz style escalation of bad guys, he's the next one up so his power level must dwarf all others before him with no logical reason other then 'he is more evil') But they were an diverse group of bad guys and, while they could have been better, they still did their jobs in the story well. There were things I liked, but ultimately I just felt like 'This' would be the final nail on ever seeing an actual digimon series again. I actually liked the sequel/part 2 of this series though, It toned done the borderline evil goals of the previous season and instead focused on protecting instead of conquering. I was even legitimately hyped when they hinted at a crossover event...only to be disappointed when it was more of a cameo which ended in them giving the new kid a thumbs up before fading into the background for no explanation...off track, I dislike this series, it just isn't digimon, my opinion, but don't force yourself through it if you get turned off at any point in the series. Not saying you 'cannot watch it' but if it get's too much, take a day or so to break it up.

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