Season #: 1, 2, 3
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Summary: The ultimate uncut special edition of Dragon Ball Z, now digitally remastered to high definition from the original Japanese film! Dragon Ball Z is the second series in a trilogy of anime shows. If you are looking for one of the other programs, select a link below.First Series: Dragon Ball Second Series: Dragonball Z (Original English Dub) Third Series: Dragonball GTFeaturing an incredible array of colorful and unusual heroes and villains, Dragon Ball Z follows the exploits of Goku, a powerful Super Saiyan warrior. Teaming together with some of the Earth's greatest fighters, including his own son Gohan and one-time enemy Piccolo, Goku and the Z Warriors protect Earth from an endless string of bloodthirsty villains bent on domination of the universe. The name of the series, Dragon Ball Z, refers to seven mystical objects of incredible power. Along with fighting and training, the Z Warriors spend much of their time keeping the Dragon Balls out of the wrong hands.Season One - Vegeta Saga Summary: The opening shot in the battle for planet Earth was fired when the Saiyan warrior Raditz exploded into an unready world. But the worst is yet to come. Raditz has foretold the coming of his Saiyan brethren, two mercenaries who subjugate entire worlds and sell them to the highest bidder. Earth's only hope lies with Goku, only there's one horrifying factor. Goku is nowhere to be found! Goku's way back to Earth lies along Snake Way, a twisted highway fraught with unbelievable peril. For in one year's time the Saiyans will arrive. Can Goku make it back...or will the planet be lost forever?
Network: Cartoon Network
Genre(s): Animation, Action & Adventure, Fantasy, Kids
Creators: Akira Toriyama
Seasons: 1, 2, 3
Cast Credit
Tiffany Vollmer Bulma
Sean Schemmel Goku/North Kaio
Sean Schemmel Goku/North Kaio
Stephanie Nadolny Son Gohan
Stephanie Nadolny Son Gohan
Sonny Strait Krillin
Cynthia Cranz Chi-Chi
John Burgmeier Tien
Monika Antonelli Chiaotzu
Monika Antonelli Chiatzu
Kyle Hebert Narrator/Ox King/Teen Gohan
Kyle Hebert Narrator/Ox King/Teen Gohan
Mike McFarland Roshi
Mike McFarland Yajirobe
Justin Cook Raditz
Phil Parsons (I) Nappa
Christopher R. Sabat Piccolo/Vegeta/Yamcha/Mr. Popo/Karin/Kami/Nappa/Shenron
Christopher R. Sabat Vegeta, Piccolo
Christopher R. Sabat Vegeta, Piccolo
Bradford Jackson Oolong