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  • Summary: The premise of Endurance is simple: 20 teens will be dropped off in an exotic location, and will compete against eachother in both physical and mental challenges, with hopes of staying in the game. In the end, only one teen team will be left standing, and will take home the grand prize. In the first season, 20 teens competed in the Pacific Islands. During season 2, 20 new teens (and 2 returning competitors from season 1) faced off in Baja, Mexico. Season 3 brought the competition to Hawaii, and Season 4 went inland to the Tehachapi mountains. Season 5 soared to new heights in "High Sierras". Season 6 "Fiji" is now airing on the Discovery Kids network.
    Broadcast History:
    October 5, 2002 - April 8, 2006: Saturday morning NBC (time varied regionally)
    October 14, 2006 - Present: Saturday, 8:30 (EST) Discovery Kids
    The Episode List uses the first time the particular episode was aired on any network. For episodes 1-1 through 4-13 this premiere was on NBC on Saturday mornings. Episodes 4-14 and 4-15 premiered on Saturday night on Discovery Kids and were aired later on NBC. Starting with episode 5-1, the shows premiere Saturday night on Discovery Kids and do not air on NBC at all.
    "Endurance" At a Glance
    "Endurance": Blue Team (Jonna and Aaron) Win "Endurance II": Brown Team (Jenna and Max) Win
    "Endurance III: Hawaii": Gray Team (Lindi and Chris) Win
    "Endurance IV: Tehachapi": Red Team (Franke and Erika) Win
    "Endurance V: High Sierras": Green Team (Alex and Cealy) Win
    "Endurance VI: Fiji": Blue Team (Ben and Jordyn) Win
  • Genre(s): Sports, Sports, Reality, Game Show
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