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Summary: In school, some feared this game. Others relished it. But either way you look at it, it's back, and taken to the extreme! Extreme Dodgeball is a national craze sweeping the nation where 6 teams fight it out for the title of greatest dodgeball team in the world. But what makes this dodgeball different than the other brands of dodgeball you played in school? Because it's five-on-five, professional, multiball, split-court extreme dodgeball. Some changes to the game were made from season to season, so here are all the changes made throughout the series.Season ThreeIn season 3, some changes were made to the game format, and after the off-season mayhem, 6 teams remained. The teams are:L.A. Armed Response: The champions from season 2, the guys from Armed Response have been promoted from mall security to a subdivision of the L.A.P.D, and ready to kick some more tail!Lineup: Mario Lopez (captain), David Benedetto, Kel Watrin, Tanya Fenderbosch, Mandy Sommers, Damion Ward, Sebastian SciottiCurrent record: 0-2 Current winnings: $0Detroit Spoilers: They don't have their seatbelts on, and they're ready to run their competition off the road. and off the court. These guys are definitely the most experienced team in the league, since all but 2 of their players have returned from last season.Lineup: Kerri Walsh (captain), Ben Toth, Strati Hovartos, David Rice, Adam Ullberg, Kimberly Estrada, Jason CalizCurrent record: 0-10 Current winnings: $0Philadelphia Benjamins: The Philadelphia Eagles may have lost the last Super Bowl, but their linebacker and his new squad are ready to get their revenge on the Dodgeball court.Lineup: Jeremiah Trotter (captain), Art Spigel, Chris Bullis, Lisa Marshall, Mia Parler, Morgan Hay, Justin HillCurrent record: 1-2 Current winnings: $5,000Denver Hurlers: This team eats yellow snow for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, and they are ready to shred their opponents to bits.Lineup: Tara Dakides (captain), Bobby Roe, Danno Kingman, Gary "Spaz" Davis, Kelly Lovato, Micah Moses, Adrian QuihuisCurrent record: 1-0 Current winnings: $5,000Chicago Hitmen: The mafia is back in town, and they've got an offer you can't refuse.Lineup: Hal Sparks (captain), Marie Philman, Anna Bartsch, Erik "the Breadtruck" Tillmans, Karim "K.J." Phelps, Kenneth Hughes, Rob ClydeCurrent record: 2-0 Current winnings: $10,000New York Bling: What up, G's? They're back in the house, so prepare to be blinded by the new shine of their bling-bling.Lineup: Mia St. John (captain),...


Network: GSN , GSN - Game Show Network
Genre(s): Sports, Game Show
Seasons: 1, 2, 3
Cast Credit
Bil Dwyer Host
Zach Selwyn Host
Michele Merkin Sideline Reporter